Business with Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft Corporation and an American business mogul is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution. Right from the time of establishment in 1975, Gates has spearheaded the functioning and growth of Microsoft and has changed the lifestyle of the masses.

At the time of the dotcom bubble in 1990s, Microsoft ruled the software industry and served as an inspiration for many beginners in this domain. But at the same time, these companies feared to take on Microsoft and preferred to work in synchronization with its policies and approach. Such was the supremacy and strength of this enormous organization working at its peak.

At an age where software engineers are being drafted out at an alarming pace, he still manages to demonstrate, that quality always precedes the need for quantity. He has been a dedicated individual, an out-of-the box thinker and a great technological innovator. He was fascinated by the efficiency with which computer programs could be executed repeatedly and this interest led him to a software venture in partnership with Paul Allen with whom he met in his college days at Harvard. They formed an alliance with MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems) to develop an interpreter in BASIC for their ‘Altair’ platform.

This is where the term ‘Microsoft’ germinated, as a view to define the small start-up initiated by Gates and Allen. This is when this giant organization put forth its first step in the software world and since then, it has mastered the arena with its diverse team of budding software developers, system administrators, code breakers and network engineers. The recent buzz hitting the headlines about Microsoft acquiring Yahoo proves that the firm is pushing itself to furnish its supreme authority in the IT industry.

On the flip side, Gates has to his credit some of the most thought-provoking publications such as The Road Ahead, Inside Out, and Business @ the Speed of Thought. The latter being the one that I had the opportunity to read, proves how business and technology are now inextricably linked and the need to adapt to the fast changing business demands so as to prosper in the digital economy. Though this book is a bit slow-paced and repetitive at times, but successfully conveys the essence of the concept of digital nervous system. It projects this idea as a powerful tool to streamline the flow of information to the right parts of the corporation for processing and hence maximize the efficiency of the processes.

Bill Gates, with an enormous fortune that he has built for himself is now ranked third in the list of billionaires as released in year 2008. He led from the front, conceived many strategies while contributed in still more, conceptualized wide range of products, and never failed to take responsibility of his actions no matter what they fetched him in return. Now taking leave from work and passing on the leadership to his next-in-line, Gates has decided to spend some time with his charity trust, Bill and Melinda Foundation. Standing on the verge of his retirement, he has managed to prove the fact that a well-directed vision of a few often becomes the dream of the rest.

Ishant Arora


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