7 Myths About Feminism Busted


Feminism came into existence at the time of the 1st World War. Decades later, we are still struggling to figure out what feminism really means.

Perhaps this is because we have always been asking the wrong question i.e. what is feminism?  This Women’s Day, let’s ask another question. Instead of asking what feminism is, let’s attempt to answer what feminism is not.

Here are 7 myths about feminism, that are, well, just “myths”!

  1. Feminism stands for hating men:
    This is one of the most juvenile explanations of feminism for which one can only feel sorry. Feminism is about asserting women’s rights and freedoms. It simply challenges the mindless assumption of men’s supremacy over women. Feminism is an ideology of equality and freedom, not of hatred. Embracing it leads to liberation, for women and men alike. And as far as I’m concerned liberation is not synonymous to hatred, is it?
  2.  Women are better than men:
    Feminism doesn’t preach that women are superior to men. Feminism only imparts the ideals such as equality and liberty to all, irrespective of gender. Feminists believe that a person’s intelligence or virtues have nothing to do with their gender. For example, if one cannot fathom this simple logic behind feminism, they’d be stupid irrespective of their gender.
  3. Want to establish matriarchy:
    Feminists do hate patriarchy and all its aspects but are not busy conspiring against all the men in the world or strategizing how to bring about a matriarchal order. Believe me we’re cooler than that.  For feminists any order that subordinates one group or community of human beings to another is in fact, oppressive. We are votaries of liberation and freedom, not just liberation and freedom for women.
  4. Only women can be feminists:
    Feminism is an ideology which supports equality and freedom for all the sexes. Any person who believes that the ingenuity of human beings lies in their brain and not genitals, can be a feminist, irrespective of their own genitals!
  5. Women want to destroy men:
    Feminists do not want to eliminate men. Partially because we are smarter than patriarchs who love killing female fetuses in free time, and partially because we love men! We want equality, but we are smart enough to realize that equality cannot come into being through oppression and subjugation of half the human population!
  6. Feminist are Attention seekers:
    You are free to call feminists attention seekers because you have a fundamental right to speech, and unlike you, we respect that. But for the sake of reason and logic, try backing it up with facts. If you term us attention seekers, let us know why. Is it because we stand for equality? Is it because we reject subordination, violence and abuse in the name of tradition? Is it because we are radical enough to believe that women are as much human as men? Just let us know why.
  7. Feminists are arrogant, snobbish creatures:
    Feminists are often considered snobbish. Women get more unhappy the more they try to liberate themselves, they say. We rarely laugh, are not social, and worst of all do not think that marriage is the be all and end all of our lives! Oh, what disgusting creatures we are, aren’t we? If we do not laugh at your explicit sexism in the name of humour, it is your fault, not ours. If the social order created by you considers women inferior to men without any attention to merit, it is your fault, not ours. If marriage has come to be a deeply oppressive institution that sanctifies rape, violence and discrimination, it is not our fault.
    Oops, I do sound snobbish, don’t I? Well, it’s your fault!

Shweta Lohia

Image Source: The Viewspaper