Cab Services In India: To Or Not To Enjoy This Ride?

cab services

They’re on the roads, on our mobile phones, they’ve come transcending international borders- they are our glorious CAB services. Uber, Ola, Taxi For Sure and many more in the same business. Here, we present to you the two sides of this coin and why we think they’re great or not-so-great!



Affordability: The fares for these taxis are reasonable and people belonging to various economic backgrounds can utilize these services. Private auto rickshaw services have recently been started under the hold of these cab companies. The rates of these are cheaper than the four wheelers. All the more reason to like these services.

Apart from this, the rates remain fixes whether it’s day or night. So you don’t have to worry about the cash, no matter what time of the day you’re travelling.

Transparency and Reliability: Chances of getting cheated on are very less, actually next to none. The fares depend on the distance (kilometres) as well as on company policies. The drivers don’t have any control on the fares. Also, with all those apps out there which help you compare the fares of various cab services, you can get the best suited deals.

Customer Care Guidelines: More often than not, these services provide excellent service to the customers. Since you can get to know beforehand about your assigned driver, there’s no confusion. Thanks to the feedback mechanisms, your complaints about discontent are tended to with good care.

Convenience: We’ve saved this point for the last, as this is the best. Round the clock service and the minimal waiting feature just make busy lives so much better. These services are the go-to services during emergencies. Also, it is also a feasible option when carrying luggage and other heavy items which can’t be taken in a metro, bus etc.

Aamina Rahim



Cab services like Ola, Uber and Taxi For Sure have undoubtedly eased the life of the public to a large extent.  If you want to reach a place at short notice, book any of these cabs and make it to your destination swiftly. However, these services are not as that convenient as they seem and they have got certain drawbacks that must be talked about:

Women safety: These cabs which provide 24*7 services have often turned out to be unsafe for women. Many rape cases have been reported that involve Ola and Uber cab drivers escorting a woman during the late hours. These cabs offer conveyance at any time of the day, and when a girl hires a cab on this advantage, she must be provided with the advantage of safety too. Yesterday, a rape case surfaced in the news that took place in Bhopal that involves an Ola cab driver.

Specifically accessible: These cabs are inaccessible or are unable to reach in many remote areas.  If you live in a congested area, the cab drivers often refuse to come to your doorstep. Yes, it is not hard for a person to walk till the end of a street but, in case of an old or physically challenged person, such services are definitely required.

Increasing the traffic: These cabs are economical and available which is why they attract people to use more cabs rather than other public transport. Especially, after the odd-even rule in Delhi, people will be tempted towards hiring cabs to save the pain of going through the public transport. This will certainly promote traffic congestion on the roads.

Flouting Rules:  Ola and Uber have often seen breaking government rules. In 2014, High Court banned Uber and few other radio cabs because they were not legally registered to provide services. The ban was later removed but otherwise also, these cabs have many times flouted the government’s norms.

Now that we’ve given our sides for the argument of pros and cons of cab services, what is your vote???

Akanksha Sharma

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