Can I Have Oxygen Worth 5 Bucks Please !!!

pollution.jpegThe headline does seem to be just another group of catchy words, but hey think again, is it really just that!! Continuing the current trend of being ignorant and callous educated illiterates, this could very well be our reality in a few years.

We have always taken things for granted and the air we breathe is no exception to that. In our busy air-conditioned lives, we hardly ever imagined that something as spontaneous as breathing could ask for serious attention and something as abundant as oxygen could run out.

For all those who never had the time to give some second thoughts to their own environment, here is an interesting piece of information.

•Quoted From “Coats & Schauberger – Living Energies – Viktor Schauberger’s Brilliant Work With Natural Energy Explained”

“The amount of energy a human being requires for survival over one year is averagely 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh). This amount of energy, however, is associated with the consumption of 260kg of molecular oxygen (O2) per year, which is equal to 29.659gr of oxygen per hour. These are the amounts of energy and oxygen required by a human being for the maintenance of bodily functions, reproduction, creativity and intelligent thought for a whole year.

Once again, the amount of oxygen used per human being per year is 260kg. To drive a car at 50kmph, it requires 22.25kg of oxygen per hour, which is roughly 750 times the amount needed by a human being. Therefore as we drive happily along in our cars, we unknowingly take 750 oxygen-breathing slaves along with us. These slaves, however, do not breathe out nice, healthy carbon-dioxide and water as we do, but they spew out a noxious concoction of poisonous gases.”

Unfortunately the information above is realistic in every sense of the word. The problem however, is that it is not just the vehicles alone that are creating an imbalance in the energy consumption. Everything from as little as a light bulb to as huge as an industrial plant is hogging on the precious energy. Deforestation, increasing industrialization and rise in population are few factors that have added fuel to fire and worsened the energy equation. Besides our greed has bypassed all the natural repair systems. Result being: We are loosing out not only on non–renewable energy sources but also the oxygen that is consumed in churning out that energy for usage.

So if we still hesitate to make efforts to bring about change, in a few years from now, we actually might have to buy something as basic as ‘oxygen’. If you hate to be a community benefactor, just be selfish, and work for saving some oxygen for your future. Start now, be aware and spread awareness.