Can we dream reality?

I have to share this wild dream my friend Vineet had of meeting the Remix Gang. Remix was a TV serial which used to air on Star One at 8:00 p.m. initially and later at 8:30 p.m. from November 1, 2005 till May 28, 2007.

Vineet heard that in his neighborhood the vacant plot lying empty for years was going to be occupied. So out of curiosity he asked his watchman who was coming to reside in that place, to which the watchman very excitedly replied a group of TV actors. Then Vineet got very excited and asked the watchman who was going to come, till then he had already started imagining and wishing that it was the Remix Gang and you will not believe that his prayers were heard. Lucky day. Out of whatever Vineet told me with elation, I could just make out that the TV actors were going to reach in an hour’s time.

He went mad with excitement, amazement, surprise and everything nice. It is like Shahrukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor fighting for you. How would you react? Ultimately he came back with flowers, chocolates, a bottle of French Wine and some goodie bags. That did not astonish me at all because Vineet always buys gifts that he can eat later.

Then he has awaiting their arrival by fantasying about the meeting. Vineet for good saw them getting out of a Chevrolet car and was left speechless. It was Karan Wahi (Ranvir Sisodia), Priya Wal (Anvesha Ray Banerjee), Raj Singh Arora (Yuvraj Dev) and Shweta Gulati (Tia Ahuja), Vineet’ favourite Remix gang about whom he would talk for hour and hours together. Very unlike the way he had imagined that he would walk up to them, talk to them, make them comfortable and tell them how big a fan he was, but instead Vineet fainted. Which indeed grabbed their attention, so what a welcome they had by a guy fainting seeing them, surely not an auspicious sign. Then they all being panic stricken splashed water on his face and checked if he was feeling well. Vineet was more than just flattered and pleased to be in their arms and laps. I was shocked that he did not go into a comma seeing himself in their arms.

Soon after he gave all that he had got for them and expressed his feelings for them. He accompanied them to the house warming ribbon-cutting ceremony. Next he like an ideal neighbor, he asked them if they needed anything and the Remix Gang invited him over for the party to be held in about 3 hours. Vineet was keen on helping them for the decorations so he stayed on and flew in and out of the market a couple of times. The Remix Gang really appreciated his help and generosity. They had a blast at the party and Vineet was introduced to everyone; thankfully without fainting.

Vineet invited them for a treat and the Remix Gang consented.  Since it was for the people he respected, cared, loved, admired and all that, he wanted everything to be very special so he wanted to spend all he had for them. Just before he would get his Dad bankrupt, his sister Kashish woke him up by pouring a bucket of water on him. Vineet was finally brought back in to the real world from his fantasyland.

He went for a walk down the park later that day, and he found out that someone was coming to fill up the empty plot in his neighborhood. He was immediately reminded of his dream and his mind again started ticking. So what did you dream about yesterday night?

Anuradha Arputham

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