Captain America: Civil War, Ab Hindi Mein

Varun Rogers

And guess who has lent his voice for our dear Samaritan Steve Rogers aka Captain America, who has the world’s strongest metal, Vibranium, on his person? Bollywood heartthrob Varun Dhawan.

Yes, that is correct.

When Dhawan was offered this project, the child-in-him probably cartwheeled a few times and then grew solemn, just so he could deliver his deadbeat dialogues to perfection. If like me, you have seen the trailer, laughed and cringed, then you will also agree when I say this: Varun Dhawan is not our Captain America. And we need to talk about the official Hindi trailer of Marvel Studios’ effusive film Civil War, because we are disappointed.

The original movie has Chris Evans essaying the role of Captain America. This will be Evans’ fifth outing as the Marvel superhero, and after all these years, the world has accepted the actor’s flair. Today, we know Captain as the gorgeous man with lustrous blond hair, beautiful lips, burly physique, perfect teeth (that has made Tony Stark very jealous) and a deep, distinguished, virile voice. All you Avenger fans will identify with me when I say that I can recognize Evans’ voice even under anaesthesia. You can wake me from an odd-hour siesta and I will be able to tell you if I am listening to Christopher Robert Evans’ vocal chords.

So when Varun Dhawan made news for having been chosen to lend his voice for the pivotal role in the dubbed Hindi version of Civil War, I was sceptical.

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There is nothing wrong with Dhawan. He is a gifted actor who has done some super-entertaining films. But when he says his opening lines in the trailer, you yawn. Dhawan’s voice is like John Abraham’s acting – cold and dead. He sounds as if he is in a narration (and has spared Rogers). But alas, he has not. After you survive the 3-minute-44-seconds trailer, you become sullenly calm, like you have been administered with depressants.

It is excruciatingly painful watching Varun Dhawan take over Chris Evans’ voice. Captain America says his dialogues in a non-threatening way, making you wonder if it is indeed a serious film. He looks like a man and speaks like a teen, and it’s a Herculean task controlling your mirth (sorry Chris).

Whoever thought Dhawan would do justice to the film, was horribly wrong and now Steve Rogers fans, who want to watch him in Hindi, will have to bear with Dhawan.

I am not a fan of dubbed films anyway; I am definitely going to watch this one in English.

Prerna Mittra

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