Career v/s Future

The unit called society is so ironic. First, it allows you to dream independently and later forces you to abort your dreams. Before the probability of aspirations turning into achievements becomes an actuality, this unit’s manipulation overpowers your imagination. The thin line of difference between what one is expected of doing and what one wants to do, fades away. Why, aren’t we forever dictated by conventions? Isn’t it time to voice our own opinions?


I am sure many have witnessed the hustle and bustle when the results of the major entrance examinations were declared this year. I bet most of the “many” have, again, been dictated by the results. Fate, hung like a pendulum, it must have haunted them like a chameleonic monster which would either swallow them up or furnish them with success. Dreading to reach an abyss, the candidates spent sleepless nights till the day of declaration of results. ‘What if I don’t make it?’ being the question haunting everyone. Exactly! What IF you don’t make it? What exactly is the big deal? Would you be declared mentally retarded? Or would your parents declare themselves bankrupt? Or would he U.S. cancel the nuclear deal?? Or…..


Everyone fraternizes with the dream of achieving success. When goals are not achieved, it causes immense pain. Agreed. But it should not kill. Life should not end there. Why should one single word – ‘qualified’- be the be-all and end-all of our lives? We all saw how death danced jubilantly earlier this year during the tenth and twelfth class board exams. Innumerable casualties were reported. Unsuccessful students commit suicide.


Recently, a friend’s mother called frantically asking me to come over to her place to console her daughter who was on the verge of losing sanity. Reason? Well, she did not make it to the college of her dreams.


Do not kill yourself. Kill the conventions. Kill the fear within. Kill the narrow-mindedness of yours to make way for a broader vision. This is the 21st century. Today only a handful of professions do not rule. The much talked about “scope” is not in the books we read or the courses we choose but within ourselves. Giving our best in whatever we do should be the mantra. Choose to be a barber and end up being the best hairstylist! That is real success. Today it is all about abundance in opportunities. All we need is the inner urge and confidence to do something different. Or, to do things differently. Do what you are best in doing but with conviction.


Life does not depend on some entrance exams which are set and checked by human beings like you and me. So how could we let such strangers decide our future? They decide our career. True. But career and future aren’t synonymous. One’s future depends solely on oneself.


Remain updated. Grab opportunities and do not confine yourself to presumed beliefs. Learn to think. Think, think and think. And then, what else? Think more. It is not a sin to contradict a so-called established truth. Learn to contest a popular belief. Apply logic to whatever you think or say or do. Why should one blindly believe what elders have to say? Why should we take for granted whatever has been passed on to us by previous generations?


Just yesterday, I met this person whose daughter did not make it to a medical college. His reaction was, “Thank God, it is the daughter and not the son. If it were the son, then the loss would be more profound.” I beg your pardon? Could you please explain what you exactly mean? Fine, the daughter would not live with you forever to feed you but she will remain your daughter forever. Towards the evening of your life, she can become your walking-stick (even if she’s married off) as much as your son can. Almost half of the population of the world is comprised of women. We cannot imagine the world to develop politically, economically and socially without them. And you talk such….. whatever!


Well, my manners stopped me from answering back the person concerned. I wanted to give him a piece of my mind and I would certainly have had, had it not been for the “respect your elders” plea, transfixed in me.


And I am not ashamed to admit it now that I regret it. I regret not voicing my opinion then but pledge to not stand a chance in the future. It is time we used our grey cells and made this place a better place to live in with more and better things to do.


Ananya Borgohain

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