Carnival of Bloggers

Welcome to the December 11, 2009 edition of blogger’s carnival. We received several posts and the follwoing ones have been selected for this week’s issue.

Dragos Roua presents How To Write Compelling Content For Your Blog posted at Dragos Roua – The Choice Of A Personal Path saying “By playing with my words I understand writing in a free form, without being concerned about following the main idea of the post.”

Thursday Bram presents Scribnia: How Do You Rank Bloggers? by Hyper Modern Writing posted at Hyper Modern Writing.

pbmedia presents FTC Endorsement Disclosure Rules: What Do They Mean for Bloggers? posted at jammer(six) giving elaborate endorsement disclosure rules for bloggers.

Diane J Corriette presents Take care of your people | Make Money Blogging with make money blogging expert Diane Corriette posted at Diane Corriette.

20smoney presents Monthly Blog Update: November 2009 posted at 20s Money, saying, “My november 2009 traffic and income report detailing the growth of traffic and the increase in income from my various sources. Plus, some commentary on the trends I’m seeing in blogging.”

Angela Martin presents 50 Great Blogs for College Admissions posted at Online saying “Getting into college may seem like the most important accomplishment you need to achieve for your future. Luckily, there is plenty of help in the blogosphere to give you a hand”.

Paul Piotrowski presents 5 Easy Steps to Choosing the Perfect Domain Name posted at Inspired Money Maker.

Gracie Turner presents 50 Excellent, Scholarly Literary Criticism Blogs posted at Online saying “One of the fascinating aspects of literature is that the same work can be read by many different people in many different ways.”

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