Carnival of Music

Welcome to the first edition of Carnival of Music. The carnival aims to be a one-stop for music lovers. You can submit entriesof your favourite music albums, your opinion on music, how it changed your life or anything else related to music.

This particular edition is for those who want to learn how to sing, improve their pitch and do away with their stage fright!

Tonya Richardson presents some interesting posts like “How To Sing on Pitch” , Getting Over Stage Fright! and How Do You Sing? all posted at Vocal Buddy for all those who want to try their lucks with the vocal cords.

Lilian presents Why learn music? posted at Why learn music?

Ray Wellman presents Music, My Beginning posted at Ray Wellman’s blog, a beautiful blog about music and song writing.

The next edition is for music lovers who want to review their favourite album. Please submit using the carnival submission form for the next fortnight’s carnival.