Carnival of Nature Conservation and Science and Technology

Welcome to the Second Edition of the Carnival of Science and Technology. Very interesting posts this time around, from concurrent engineering to reducing your carbon footprints.

[email protected] presents Concurrent engineering| engineering consultants| Mechanical Engineering services,Los Angeles California.| posted at Solidworks Designers.

GrrlScientist presents New Species of Orchid is World’s Smallest posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “This story discusses the most recent newly discovered species of orchid found in Ecuador. This tiny orchid was accidentally found among the roots of a slightly larger (but still very small) orchid.”

Carbon Footprints presents Meat: Is it really so bad? posted at Go Green or Die, saying, “The carbon – and other greenhouse gas – emissions of the meat industry are staggering. A large part of the problem is the massive subsidies given to the meat industry, and the fastest way to cut consumption is to remove those subsidies.”

Suzane Smith presents 52 Ways To Lower Your Carbon Footprint In College posted at Surgical Technician Schools.

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