Sakshi Tanwar As Daenerys: Mindless ‘Cut-Copy-Paste’ With The Censors?

If you thought that “the red wedding” is the worst thing that could have happened to your favorite Game of Thrones, then, we have some news for you! If rumors are to be believed, Sony Entertainment Television is all set to remake the super-hit fantasy series for the Indian television. Well, if you find yourself shaking your head in disbelief already, we have some big (and bad) news for you! It is speculated that the Indian version of the GoT that is to be titled “Rani Mahal,” will focus heavily on Dragon mother, Daenerys. Guess who is playing your favorite Khaleesi! It’s none other than Ekta Kapoor’s ideal bahu (daughter-in-law), Sakshi Tanwar.

Post-Protests Against Murugan’s “One Part Woman”: The Deserted Pen

Ardhanareeshwara or the myth of Goddesss Amba, who was granted the wish to become half of Lord Shiva, is worshipped as the mother of the universe. According to the myth, Goddess Parvati, had once, in a playful act shut all the three eyes of Shiva. This led darkness to descend on earth since the three eyes representing the moon, sun and fire were shut. Due to the prolonged darkness, worldly activities came to a halt and generations were destroyed as the cycle of procreation had also perished.

A Bibliophile’s Paradise: The Most Anticipated Books Of 2015.

Stacks of many, many books and a comfortable corner where nobody can disturb. What else does an avid reader really desire? To a bibliophile, a new year can be happy in its literal term when there is a great line-up of books awaiting to be released throughout the span of the 365 days. The sheer thrill of being able to lay one’s hands on a new copy of book by a favorite author can leave the reader tossing sleeplessly on the bed for many consecutive nights. Imagine the ecstasy of breathing in the aroma of newly printed pages! Well, if you are already at the edge of your seat, shuffling feet and nodding at every sentence written here, lo and behold! Here is a series of the most anticipated books of 2015.

The Lowland: Another Beautiful Tale By Jhumpa Lahiri

She wrote The Lowland in 2013. This book was listed for the Man Booker Prize, Pulitzer Prize and many other honors. This novel by Lahiri is a story of two brothers who started from the same point but due to the extremely different choices they made, their lives turned out to be stark opposites.

Top 5 Bollywood Songs Of 2014

Addicted to Bollywood music? Can’t start your day without grooving to the hit numbers?

Indian Electronic Music Producers You Should Know About

2014 is turning out to be one massive year for electronic dance music in India. Major international artists have toured the nation in the last 12 months. Flux Pavilion, Steve Aoki and Afrojack to name a few. However with all this hoopla surrounding the international DJ’s, one seems to have put the local artist’s at the back burner.

Why Rap Music Isn’t Dead In India

Raftaar invites us to a clinic on how to rap well. Few emcees have access to such a wide skill set. He spits his verses in seamless fashion and yet manages to integrate a powerful storytelling element. His final verse is an outstanding demonstration of rap at its zenith.

“The Endless River”: A tribute To Pink Floyd’s Immortality.

The album is mostly instrumental, which, as per the guitarist, David Gilmour, ought to be played at a go and not track-by-track for one to get immersed in a psychedelic rock experience. One of the pioneers responsible for making the genre of psychedelic rock mainstream, Pink Floyd’s final album certainly marks the end of an era. The journey of the band is an endless flowing river, one which is nothing less than ambrosia for all the music lovers. A fitting title “The Endless River” goes on to prove that still waters indeed run deep with its tremendous success at the charts. This album has been at the receiving end of maximum number of pre-orders at and since its release; it has been topping all the charts across the United States and the United Kingdom among many other countries.

Love Story: A Review

Erich Wolf Segal, the creator of the 1970 New York Times bestseller Love Story was an American author, script writer and an educator. Love Story was his first most acclaimed book.

Five Great Songs That Captured Deviant Gender Identities

It wasn’t in vain that John Lennon’s words, “Imagine all the people, living life in peace” became the mouthpiece of revolution in the 60s that encouraged inclusion and tolerance. The song has, since then, been extended in interpretation to include various minority groups for which it has translated into an anthem.

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