Love Story: A Review

Erich Wolf Segal, the creator of the 1970 New York Times bestseller Love Story was an American author, script writer and an educator. Love Story was his first most acclaimed book.

Five Great Songs That Captured Deviant Gender Identities

It wasn’t in vain that John Lennon’s words, “Imagine all the people, living life in peace” became the mouthpiece of revolution in the 60s that encouraged inclusion and tolerance. The song has, since then, been extended in interpretation to include various minority groups for which it has translated into an anthem.

Beloved: A Harrowing Classic

Beloved is at once an insight into nineteenth century American slavery and its aftereffects, as well as a haunting experience of filicide, a mother killing her own daughter in order to save her from the stranglehold of slavery. Thematically, the book is all shades of grey, diving into the exclusivity of a Black voice and experience. It doesn’t set the question of race away from the killing of Beloved, the eponymous dead baby who returns as a beautifully grown adult girl in a surrealistic horrific twist.

10 Weird Buildings Around The World

Three storey magical tree house in British Columbia, Canada.     Surrounded by fresh flowers and exotic greenery can be […]

Michael Jackson’s Five Unforgettable Songs

A line of fans is waiting outside Forest Lawn Memorial Park to honor the memory of legendary pop singer Michael Jackson. “5 years without you, we love you more Michael Jackson,” read one sign.

Paper Towns: A Review

Not many people my age prefer reading John Green’s books terming them childish and clichéd. While I agree that the storyline of all his books is more or less the same—a geeky boy has a crush on an unattainable girl, whose best friends seem more interesting than our geeky boy—but there is something about his writing style that makes the readers fall in love with him. As for calling his books childish, when you sit back to relax after a tiring day at work, Green’s books offer you nothing but pure solace.

Eat, Pray, Love: Break Away This Summer

The given quote by Britney Spears which appears on the blurb of author Elizabeth Gilbert’s autobiographical offering Eat, Pray, Love might appear to be a tad off-putting. After all, which (semi) intellectual would ever confess to reading, or wanting to read a book so strongly advocated by the resident Hollywood wild-child? When my granny lent me the book, I dismissed it immediately. However, sheer boredom eventually overcame me and I decided to give it a try. And much like Miss Spears, I was hooked from the first page itself!

Maya Angelou: What Can We Learn From Her?

She defied all the norms. Standing tall and talking in a majestic tone, she was no less than a queen. Born Marguerite Ann Johnson, Ms. Maya Angelou was known for many things: her wisdom, her activism, her acting, her singing, but most of all, for her writing. With more than two dozen books (that includes autobiographies, cookbooks, and books of essays) to her credit, she was a literary icon.

Maya Angelou: A Phenomenal Woman You Must Read About

We’ve all read the poems of Maya Angelou, but not many would have heard the great author and poet recite her own works.

A Classic Pick

It’s 2014. Everything’s digital. Ordering food, staying in touch, talking to friends even buying presents—the internet can do all. Reading books online is also of the many things that come with being a part of the digital generation. But here’s the thing: I love reading a book that I can hold in my hand. Regardless, with summer vacations around the corner, maybe you could try your hand at a reading bucket list.

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