The Time Traveler’s Wife: A Review

Being the sort of person who can’t go to bed without reading a book, I spend half my salary on books every month. While my mother continues to yell at me for the same, she hasn’t been able to put a stop to it. And so I now secretly order books and stack them up in my cupboard even before she find out.

How I Met Your Mother Finale

And so it happened. After nine loooo…wait for it…oooong years, Ted finally told his children how he met their mother. But did the final episode of this series bring to viewers what they expected when they started watching it nine years ago?

It’s Not A Competition

If one were to analyse the state of English stand-up comedy in India, it would appear to have undergone a huge change. From being an oblivious and unexplored field, today it has become a part of mainstream cultural commodity in metropolitan cities. Auditoriums and bars have become more receptive of the idea and host various stand-up groups on weekends. In fact last year India played host to famous international comedian Russell Peters. But this does not negate the fact that India has a shortage of English stand-up comedians.

How I Braved Anu Aunty And Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company: A Review

When Varun Agarwal, a Bangalore based entrepreneur, begins the novel by saying, “I am not a writer but a story-teller,” he isn’t kidding. With no previous experience of writing, but out there to share his story, How I Braved Anu Aunty is Varun’s journey from being a lazy, jobless engineer to becoming the co-founder of what we today know as Alma Mater—my college hoodie is also from Alma Mater, yayie!

India After Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha: A Review

For the last couple of years the political scenario in India has been in a constant state of flux and one can with reason enough blame it either on the corrupt deeds of the incumbent government or on the sudden awakening of the bourgeois. And with the much-speculated general elections just around the corner, we are soon going to witness the crescendo to this political saga.

A Truly Creative Life

In Khushwant Singh, India has lost of one of the best storytellers that the country has ever seen. Known for his caustic wit and liberal political views, Mr. Singh has given the Indian writings in English the much-needed direction. He, unlike other Indian authors, didn’t look to the west for the plot of his novels, but portrayed his own nation to the world in the most beautiful way possible.

In Bookstores Near You

Books To Watch Out For In 2014 Being a literature student and a book lover my favorite kind of shopping […]

The Scatter Here Is Too Great: A Review

Frankly speaking when I picked up Bilal Tanweer’s The Scatter Here Is Too Great, I was not prepared for what this book had to offer. I knew from its title that it was not one of those light and fun reads, but little did I know that every page in this book would leave me searching for a breather. From the cluster of sentences that make one look away from the book to take a breath and absorb everything, to meeting new characters in every chapter, The Scatter Here Is Too Great is full of complexity and emotions. And that’s because that’s the exact nature of the city in which these stories are set—Karachi. Simply put Tanweer’s novel just like the city of Karachi is intense.

Till The Last Breath: A Review

Durjoy Dutta has written around nine books so far and is ranked among the bestselling authors of India. I, however, had never read any of his books until now, and I grabbed Till The Last Breath only to understand what is it that people love about Durjoy Dutta’s writing.

Reading Anton Chekhov

What do you do when life gets busy and you do not get time to do the things that you like? Do you let your hectic schedule and work take over, miss out on things that you love and then live in constant regret? The kind which isn’t very obvious and gets lost in the daily affair of things but comfortably snuggles in your subconscious, pricks to make its presence felt and when it does that, you get frustrated.

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