Vistara: All Set For Take Off In India

When Air India first started its operations in India, nobody had thought that the route which once looked affordable to rich people alone would one day offer similar space to the middle-class people as well; seems like that the “one day” has finally come. These days you may have to spend 3000 odd rupees to buy a first class “air-conditioned” ticket in a train, while you can enjoy a flight ride in as low as rupees 1499. People had anticipated that competition in the aviation industry would enhance in the future, but nobody knew it would bring prices down to this level.

S&P: India The Only Bright Spot In Asia Pacific

According to S&P, there are two reasons for this change in outlook. First, India now has a stronger political mandate that improves the government’s ability to implement reforms, spur growth and improve its performance. Secondly, India’s external account has improved; Narendra Modi’s visits to United States, Australia, its neighbours and ally countries have come to fruition.

Google And The Best Working Place Saga: A Case of Inclusive Growth

It is very easy to dismiss a perspective if one does not have the experience of backing one’s ideas with. So it was one such day when I was told that I was naïve to think that tea owners are exploitative since they are themselves caught up in a competitive market and organised, manipulative trade unions; so much so that it really tests your mettle if you are a tea owner. The simplest thought that struck me was how the most basic and what one would think as the right way to be was being spoken about as something inhibiting. For, is not a fair negotiation process including the owner and the workers, the best way for an industry to flourish? Anyway, this was the idea that was being stated- You cannot have an ideal world in business. One needs to earn profit; that is the aim; if you have to work for welfare of the people, you might as well join an NGO.

Infosys Founders Sell Stock Worth 6500cr

This sale has resulted in sharp fall in the IT giant’s share price. Infosys shares dropped by 4.75 percent on Monday and ended the day at 1,972 rupees. The sale has further, triggered doubts over the reasons for the sale. Shareholders were but obviously precarious about the whole situation. However, both Murthy and Nilekani issued statements saying that the primary motive was to use the funds for philanthropic purposes and that they had remarkable confidence in the direction the tech giant is heading towards.

Flipkart, And Four Successful Indian Startups

The e-commerce giant, Flipkart might have seen great highs and few other lows, but as of now the startup is flying at its highest. In the latest update, it has been revealed that the owners, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal have invested $1 million in a new Chennai-based electric vehicle startup. This new startup will be focused on developing high-speed electric two-wheeler vehicles suitable for the Indian consumers. Recently, on its “Big Billion Day”, Flipkart saw a plethora of criticism cast their way, however, the Bansals do not seem have been affected by it.

RBI Monetary Policy:  Key Rates Unchanged

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, RBI chief Raghuram Rajan said that a change in the monetary policy stance at this point would be premature. The consumer price inflation rate (CPI) has been hovering around 6 percent over the last month, providing a much needed space for the RBI to work with (CPI was at 11 percent in November last year). However it must be noted that the inflation rates were soaring for the last four to five years and has come down only in the past two months.

Inception Of Entrepreneurship

We managed to design a shoddy product that I know didn’t exist and maybe could be a rage if it did. The marketing strategies were there in place and so was the pricing. The allotted time was nearing its end and with great reluctance we handed over our “piece of imagination” to the organizers and comfortably walked out of the room. Now, I was again dithering over the two options, should I go for it and let my ideas be denigrated or should I just head back home and let this inauspicious day end. Meanwhile, it was our turn to present the product in front of the jury and I quivered. The frequency of calls by the organizers had increased manifold. Finally I decided to go for it. We were the last participants on the list.

Retail Biz On A Rise

Retailing as an industry first emerged in US. After the Second World War and with the emergence of the suburbs in the US and Canada the concept of supermarkets and specialty Chains came into being. Indian retailing has come to light as one of the most profitable retail markets in the world. Initially the retail market in India was mainly unorganized, comprising of small individual grocery stores and drug stores. The change in the structure of the retail industry and growth therein is mainly attributed to the increase in purchasing power of the customer and the rapid urbanisation.

Sundar Pichai: The Next Face Of Google

In what has come as the biggest news for the internet giant, Google, Larry Page the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of the company has, in an official reshuffling of the staff’s portfolios, appointed Sundar Pichai as the leader of core Google products.

When Science Goes Awry: The Missing Social In Scientific Pursuits

The collapse of Rana Plaza in 2013 is another instance of exploitation of the Third World Countries which are not in a position to make safety standards and improved working conditions binding on both the parties- the service and resource providing nation and the funding nation-cum-industrialist. The bilateralism in such trade agreements and contracts seem dubious since the industrialists tend to wash off their hands or turn a blind eye to the depravities and exploitation on which such a trade agreement is based on. Even the exploitation of labourers involved in cashew plantation and processing in India and Africa presents a similar case of self-induced and deliberated apathy on the part of America and Europe, where cashews are supposedly the favourite nut.

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