Is Modi’s GIFT All Set To Recreate India In Gujarat’s Image?

GIFT has been making headlines across the world after its inauguration on April 10, though much of the city remains under construction. Touted as India’s next big financial district, photos of its construction efforts have been doing the rounds, displaying the promise for a country accustomed to stalled mega-infrastructure projects.

The Case for Healing ‘Sick’ PSUs

Recent developments may even lead to erstwhile giants like Air India and MTNL could even be shut down, as the Modi government identifies 65 Public Sector Enterprises deemed ‘sick’, i.e. undertakings that incurred losses that were more than 50 per cent of their net worth across four consecutive years. Air India and MTNL had been added to this list in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. Unverified reports have been spreading that the two will also be shut down, although the government is yet to confirm the same.

Union Budget 2015-16: What to Expect

Firstly, one is hoping for improved tax regimes with the promise of more cash in hand for taxpayers at the end of the year. Businesses too stand a lot to benefit from improved taxation policy, as many have often complained of India’s tax environment as a hostile one.

The Modi Index: Segments That Beat The Sensex

HDFC”s Deepak Parekh, a much respected voice among business leaders, has said that little has improved in terms of the “ease of doing business” since the Modi government started its tenure, in an interview with PTI.

Could An Apple Electric Car Change the Environment?

The Apple rumour mills are in full production, as plans of a potential electric car by Apple do the rounds. Apple has allegedly put a few hundred of its people to work on a skunkworks project to develop an autonomous self-driving vehicle.

Affordable Housing in India- We’re Running Out Of Reasonably Priced Houses

A balance of home price, mortgage interest rate and household income will determine housing affordability. First, formal housing in Mumbai is unaffordable to the bulk of its population. Around 60 percent of Mumbai’s population lives in slums. Majority of households have incomes that are not in correspondence with the market price of the potential affordable houses. Secondly, providing low cost housing in Mumbai, even at construction rates, does not achieve the target of 70 percent households in formal housing sector. Given the income distribution curve and institutional rates (loan to value, interest rates, savings rate) for the house price has to be 2 lakhs to 2.6 lakhs. Getting a house at that price would be nothing short of magical.

The War Of The Smartphones: Micromax Leaves Samsung Trailing Behind

what does clearly emerge is that that Samsung has not been able to retain its dominance in the market lately.

Big Indian Business Houses  To Control Banking Sector Soon?

India being one of the fastest growing countries in the world, attracts colossal amounts of FDIs, FIIs and some of the largest corporate houses to make investments here. In order to manage the prevailing market conditions, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently came up with a proposal to broaden the payment system of India through setting up new banks all across the country. Some of the largest Indian business giants have shown interest to make the most of this opportunity.

Tax Issues Haunt Flipkart And Others In Kerala

The companies that have been fined are Flipkart, Vector E-commerce Pvt Ltd (stakeholder in Myntra), Jabong, and Robemall Apparels Pvt. Ltd (operator of As per the reports published in Malayala Manorama, the government has imposed the highest fine of rupees 47.15 crore on Flipkart. Vector E-commerce has been fined rupees 2.23 crore, Jabong with rupees 3.89 lakh and Robemall Apparells rupees 36 lakh. The state government is looking for other e-commerce players also, which have tried to evade taxes in the past.

Braigo Labs And Its 13-Year-Old Genius

Shubham had initially designed a Braille printer using the Lego robotics kit while participating in a school science fair project in 2014. With the help of an investment of $35,000 from his father, he developed an advanced version, Braigo 2.0, that translates electronic text into Braille before printing.

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