Dear Bapu

As a youth of this country, the country which you helped gain independence back in 1947, I would like to highlight certain issues that entangle modern India.
Corruption, violence, terrorism and many such have engulfed the sanctity of this nation. The people of this great country have forgotten the principles of non-violence (Ahimsa).

Dear Gandhi Ji

Dear Gandhi Ji, You are an icon, a symbol of non-violence; not only to Indians, but to people all over […]

Dear Mahatma Gandhi

Hello. My name is Varanya. I am not your fan. In fact I’m not particularly fond of you, mostly because I’ve never met you and I’m definitely not a fan of your ideas because I think that they aren’t very well thought out. It sounds horrible to say that to someone who’s called the “Father of the Nation” but you’re the one who advocated honesty so here’s me being honest.

Dear Mr. Gandhi

Your birthday is indeed a happy occasion as we all get a welcome break during the week. How good it must feel that the whole nation sings your praises, students are taught to follow you, newspapers and television channels flash photos from your twilight years and quote your words and every goddamn institution in the country has your picture stapled on to their walls.
In school, we were all taught that you led India to independence. That everyone followed you and loved you unconditionally.

Dear Bapu !

Years have passed since you fought for our freedom but now it seems as if we are going back to those days of being servants… Servants of a corrupt system, greedy leaders and helpless democrats…
India, which is known as the world’s biggest democratic country, is indignantly hollow from its core. We the people do remember you in our books and speeches, but when it comes to real life, Gandhi has become a forgotten hero of the past. The great India, whose foundations were laid by you and many other freedom fighters, is now built with the worst quality bricks made of cheat and injustice.

Dear Mr.Gandhi

First of all, hearty congratulations to you on your 143rd birthday!
Gandhiji , I really appreciate what you did for our country, India, 63 years ago but all your efforts seem to have gone in vain. Your principles and ideology just seem to be a joke to the citizens of today.

Dear Gandhiji

First of all, a very happy birthday to you on your 143rd birth anniversary!
We know that you cherish the date of 30th Jan more than the date of 2nd Oct, for you must have heaved a sigh of relief after your assassination, since you never again needed to see the plight of the world you saw when you were alive.

Dear Gandhi

Where do I start? My troubled mind is so full of disturbing thoughts, the feeling of hopelessness so strong, I wonder whether pouring my heart out to you will bring any relief. But let me begin somewhere; let me see if I can convey the angst within.
The entire concept of harmonious co-existence, of a casteless society, and of equality, disappeared soon after the citizens of this country forgot that you stood for a life based on the principle of simple, value based living, and decided to make a fortune for their families.

Dear Bapu

It has been more than sixty years now, since you ceased to tread the path of this world, and truthfully speaking, I am happy for you. Why I say so is because the thought of a man – who gave his entire life striving to bring the audacious Indians into a life of saneness – living in today’s world of irrationality, sends shivers down my spine.

Dear Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

People admire your ardent support and leadership in setting the country free through your ideology of non-violence. Though it took FOREVER to break from the shackles of the British Raj (a goal which could have been much easily achieved otherwise), it was finally possible for the people of the country to breathe an air of freedom. The partition of India, the embittered division of the land into Hindustan and Pakistan, wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

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