Ripunjay Kumar Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

I have great respect for you. I want to say that now-a-days the situation of our country is awful. All the people, from a peon to a director, officer level staves are corrupt. I don’t want to mention any particular individual because everybody is alike. No one is ready to miss the chance to be a scammer.

Rinzu Rajan Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

While I honour you for the vision you carried as an economist, what has managed to amaze me over the years has been your image in front of the public, something most people loathe. Again, I do not meant to demean your position but then, why be a butt of jokes for all the wrong reasons while sending the rumour mills on an overdrive with the news of you stepping down? I have often wondered, why did you have to fuel such a rumour?

Sanjana Sharma Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

What we really need is energy security. It’s due to the lack of this and energy itself that people are suffering from bad economy, security, resources, education, health, initiative, and jobs. There are natural gas reserves in Digboi, Assam that we are unable to harness. Coal reserves are not used properly but are abused.

Sharmishtha Basu Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

I am just one of your subjects, the unlucky ones to be more specific as I was not able to get a job in a corporate or government office.Now, even though I am not amongst the lucky ones but still I have to live, right? The office where I work does not give any benefit to its employees, including sick leave; forget about provident fund or life insurance or any other benefit.

Abhishek Jain Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

This information attempts to explore the dangerous side of illegal migration that has plagued India for decades. Recent Assam riots have triggered a new debate on the serious issue of illegal Bangladeshi migrants. About 3 Lakh people have been displaced so far and over 50 have lost their lives.

Rajesh Sinha Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

There will be many letters to you, drawing your attention to issues like corruption, crime against women, dowry etc.; issues that arise from years of social conditioning and conventional thinking; things that require more than mere laws and sustained efforts to improve education and thinking.

Karishma Jani Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Before I come down to the things I need you to know, I have a very simple question for you. Isn’t it your responsibility or duty (too big a word?) to initiate a program like “Talk to the PM” or “Write to the PM of India”? Why do people like us have to take the initiative to start up something like this? We all know you speak less (I am being reasonable here); but is it so that you even listen or think less? (With due respect to your age, Sir)

Radhika Sharma Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Since you are well aware about the increasing crime against women in the NCR in recent years, the day when the newspaper headlines would read “A Girl in the NCR travels 50 feet Safely” ,does not lie very far.

Bharath Vaishnov Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

The year 2005 was a landmark year in Indian polity. The passing of Right to information act in 2005 was a watershed event that ushered in an element of transparency and accountability in governance.

Krishanu Bhattacharya Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Belated Diwali wishes to you and Merry Christmas in advance. For you to envision the snooping essayist, I would request you to close your eyes and envisage a medium height male with a Taqiyah over his head, short oriental eyes, uncut Kesh, and dark skin.

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