It Saved the Day!

Being a big time foodie this is one of the most delicious desserts I have made. And what makes it memorable is that it was totally unexpected and it came at a time when nothing seemed right.
Having returned home after a full day of stress at the office and an empty stomach, I felt that life couldn’t get worse. Food seemed like my only rescue, and I gathered all of my strength to enter the kitchen.

Cassolette d’escargots.

If this moment compares to anything, it’s that time you ordered crispy golden squid. Baby squid. With a bunch of tentacle clusters. You remember the fear of having the suckers stuck on your tongue. Choking on them.
You wipe your brow, grab your wine glass and take a swig of the deep ruby liquid. A click and a flash and you light up your cigarette. It’s raining, and grey, and raining. Again. It rains all day long.

My Food Tale

Food, yes it has always been a very important part of my life, but when I tell this to my mom, she completely disagrees with me. Maybe because she’s not too much into cooking but then according to her ‘working’ is the most important thing. So to make her accept my passion for eating, I occasionally take travelogue assignments.

My Best Food Experience

Hey guys, have you ever tried a new cuisine?
If you are into Spanish and American food, then Chili’s is the ultimate destination for you.
The ambience of the restaurant is exquisite and happening. The service is very good.
The moment I got hold of the menu, the brilliant picture presentation of the dishes made me wish that I had a limitless appetite.

What The Viewspaper Eats

When there’s too many articles to publish and no editors, when there’s too many clients, and girlfriends breathing fire, when there’s a million videos to upload and slow internet, and when there’s simply no pleasing the boss. What do you do? Stuff your face of course.
Newton’s third law of motion says: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. For us, at The Viewspaper its Food.

Can’t Get Enough Of It!

What do you do when your college tries to “suck” the happiness out of your life, and pretty much succeeds?
I mean 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. everyday is like third degree torture on us poor kids. Coming to college and going back home is like a 12 hour job. An unpaid one I might add! Then how does one maintain the sanity levels? Well, for a person like me, its food.

The Wackiest Maggi!

Ever tried the wackiest possible Maggi? This quick and accidental dish is probably going to break new records.
We were shifting homes and the day was spent in packing and moving. When we were totally exhausted and just couldn’t take the hunger anymore, we decided upon taking a break and grabbing a bite to eat.

Food: Just To Live By?

When a hungry being has something edible…it turns out to be the most delicious “something” he ever had!
That is how important and fulfilling it is to have anything when you’re hungry.
A very well known phrase that goes around is, “You are what you eat”…defining both your state of health, as well as of your mind. It is for many, important not just to satisfy the need for it, but to give them power (mentally & physically), to pass time or just fall in to temptation.

An Italian Quickie!

College from 8-5, work from 9-6, and on top of that we all want a “life.” Who has the time to whip up a fancy gourmet meal? In this day and age, let’s admit it, we all want a quickie- whether its sex or food!
In celebration of World Food Day, here’s a simple and tasty recipe to pump up your taste buds.

Yeti-The Himalayan Kitchen: A Review

As the name suggests, this place is perfect to have authentic Nepalese cuisine in the Indian capital for sure.
The restaurant is situated in Hauz Khaas Village and since it is very close to Hauz Khas Fort, it offers one of the most magnificent and natural views that any restaurant can offer in the city.

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