PK: What’s With All The Secrecy?

The Aamir Khan-starrer, PK has created a wave of intrigue with respect to the film’s posters that have been releasing in gaps. The producers have made sure to keep the film’s storyline enclosed in utmost secrecy, with no hint whatsoever to what the story might cover.

Mary Kom: A Gateway To Bollywood For North-Eastern Actors?

The past few weeks have seen a lot of hue and cry over the preference of Priyanka Chopra over female actors from Manipur or even the north-east to star in and as Mary Kom; and understandably so! People

Shahrukh And Kajol To Reunite On Screen

I always thought that Shahrukh Khan and Kajol made the perfect Bollywood couple. Not knowing anything about Bollywood scoop as a kid, I even believed that one day they would get together in a perfect wedding, and as strange as it may sound, I was even disappointed when I found out that Kajol was married to Ajay Devgan; feeling dejected, I took the news to my heart.

Happy New Year: How Sad Is It Going To Be?

One of the most awaited films, Happy New Year is out with its official trailer. While many of us are still drooling all over Deepika’s stunning appearance in the trailer of Finding Fanny, Happy New Year only takes away the charisma that she gives out in the former. From the looks of the trailer, the film has only “losers” to offer.

Lauren Bacall: To A Life Of Sheer Magic

One of America’s most valued Hollywood film noir actors and an extremely successful fashion model, Lauren Bacall passed away yesterday at the age of 89 in her house in New York. The news was confirmed by her son Stephen Bogart who chose not to disclose further details.

Tollywood V/S Bollywood

Bollywood, the Hindi movie industry of India if often cast as the arch nemesis of the South Indian cinema, Tollywood.

Into The Woods: Trailer Review

Disney has released the first teaser trailer for Rob Marshall’s new musical Into the Woods, based on the Broadway show of the same name. The teaser reveals the various Disney fairytales being twisted into on big, dark musical story. Meryl Streep stars as the witch, but this teaser is all about introducing the rest of the cast: Emily Blunt, James Corden, Chris Pine, Anna Kendrick, Tracey Ullman, Christine Baranski, and Johnny Depp. It offers not even a hint of what the musical has to offer.

Kishore Kumar: Legends Never Die

They say legends never die; and so it is. Today, on Kishore Humar’s 85th birth anniversary, Google India has dedicated a special doodle to this celebrated singer-actor, though it is only a small honorary gesture in comparison to his legendary contribution in the field of cinema.

Emma Watson For Turkish Women

Why pray, has the world come to a standstill whereby we must manacle our woman so disastrously that every movement they make is judged on a scale of “appropriateness”? Who are they to define what I may or may not do? I to, want to be free. Free to chose what I wear and not be ogled. Free to talk and laugh without worrying about notions of “acceptable etiquette”. Free to go out at night and not have to turn a deaf ear to the neighbours’ gossip.

Kanan And Kalyan: A Little Pretention Never Hurt Anyone

Their recent review of Prem Aggan proves their humorous talent and a never dying love for Doge. The quality of these six minute clips is decent enough as they are recorded on Gill’s SLR camera stacked on top of a cupboard; the authenticity of video editing covers all flaws.

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