Bang Bang, Khoobsurat, And Other Bollywood Releases

Bollywood has always played an important role since its one of the biggest sources of entertainment we have. The magic of Bollywood has not only captivated India, but has managed to mesmerize people in almost all parts of the globe.

Recalling Favorite Salman Moments Before The Release Of Kick

Recalling Salman moments from the past, one can see that Salman has attempted different movie genres, from being a hopeless romantic in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Tere Naam to playboy in No Entry and Maine Pray Kyun Kiya, Salman has entertained the audience with various kind of roles.

Nineties Bollywood Classics For The Weekend

Sure, we have some romantic movies that manage to bring a tear or two to the eyes, but they’re still a long way from memorable. Action movies are full of bad dialogues and Tollywood style combat sequences. And comedy is a rare thing to find in the movie industry.

Thor’s Gender Flip

Thor’s mantle will now be taken up by a woman. There have been occasional stories where a female has picked up the hammer, however female Thor is a new conception as a whole.

Priyanka Chopra In And As Mary Kom: First Look

The poster that was released yesterday looks very promising and has swept many by their breath. Priyanka’s sweated effort revealed through the poster hits the audience to create a wave of awe. The poster’s first look was put up on Instagram by Priyanka Chopra with the caption “Heart. Blood. Sweat. Soul. I’ve given it my all.” The poster has however much more to say than just these four words in Priyanka’s Instagram caption.

Bhansali’s Devdas Completes Twelve Years

The film adaptation by Bhansali marked a new era for adaptation of classic narratives in the Hindi film industry. Many compared its avant-garde components of filmmaking to legendary films like Mughal-e-Azam and Umrao Jaan. From the costumes and set designs, which included recreating a twentieth century Calcutta in Dharavi, to the star-studded cast, music and choreography, Devdas epitomized grandeur.

India Loses One Of Its Coolest Veteran Actors

Zohra Sehgal embodied the very essence of Indian art. She began her career as a classical dancer, having joined the troupe of the then veteran Uday Shankar where she also began choreographing. After that, she joined the Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA), a leftist theatre collective formed in 1942 which included the likes of Prithviraj Kapoor, Premchand, Ismat Chughtai and Sa’adat Hassan Manto. As a part of IPTA, she featured in various plays and the film versions of some of them. Later, she joined the still renowned Prithvi theatre, started by Prithviraj Kapoor, of which she became an essential part.

Potter Mania Is Back

The story features an almost thirty-four year old Harry, with a few greys among his natural black but is still rocking his distinct round-framed glasses. Ron’s ginger hair is slightly thinning. The story shines a light of a lot of new and exciting features in Harry’s world now. The backdrop as the Quid ditch World Cup Harry introduces his two sons- James and Albus to friend Viktor Krum while his wife Ginny (Ron’s sister) now a journalist, is covering the Quid ditch World Cup and is not seen with the family. Rowling as Skeeter taunts the couple by questioning whether there is trouble in paradise.

Haider Trailer Showcases Bhardwaj’s Stylized Filmmaking

Set in the backdrop of Kashmir, it seems to be exploring themes of military conquest and regional politics. Bhardwaj has proved to be a daring filmmaker in the past, adapting Shakespearean themes in the context of India’s subculture. His exploration of Kashmiri politics and conflict appears to be a risky move, for there have hardly been any Bollywood movies that have portrayed Kashmir in all its political correctness. But well, it has worked in his favor in the past and there is little reason to believe that it won’t this time, either.

Lekar Hum Deewana Dil: Nothing short of a Disaster

Not so much like in a typical Indian romantic comedy where the couple decides to make the life altering decision of eloping, the actors in this movie set out without a plan and with a four legged companion. Arif Ali, director, does not set the mood for romance as half way through the movie when they end up in the middle of a forest surrounded by “naxalites”. Unlike other romantic movies, the biggest fight they have ends up being about the missing dog.

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