Why ‘Piku’ Promises To Take You To The Drawing Room Of A Family

Frankly to me, the two-minute trailer itself plays out the daily bickering between me and my father, which invariably ends in an affectionate surrender by both sides.

Kangana Is A Queen, And She Deserves To Be Treated So!

With her riveting performance in Queen she not only backed the entire film solely on her shoulder but also made the movie a huge block-buster. To come across a movie in Bollywood that is both critically acclaimed as well as a commercial success is in itself a rarity.

NH10: Another Highway to Hell?

Watch NH10. It is a movie that will have you widen your eyes in incredulity. The thrill, horror and that dangerous streak of revenge engulf you as the movie lunches forward, however, beware! You might just bite your nails too hard!

Why Aamir Khan’s Apology for Hurting People’s Sentiments In PK Has Disappointed Me

The film was an honest take on the perverse truth of the society. Is he then apologising for uttering the truth through his work? While making this film, was he expecting the bigoted fringe elements of the society to pat his back in encouragement?

5 Bollywood Movies That Broke The Stereotype Of The Indian Aurat

In the past, but more so recently, there have been some exceptional attempts, however, to portray women characters with their own little quirks and idiosyncrasies, without attempting to fit them into any kind of boxes.

Top 5 Highlights From The Oscars 2015

The Academy Awards Ceremony has always been special. Be it the red carpet, the beautiful couples, their designer clothes or the Oscar trophies; the ceremonial evening is one that is dedicated to celebrations. Oscar 2015 was no different, and yet it was exceptional in its own way! Last night, the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles was shining bright in the glitz and glamour, commemorating the movies of the past year.

And The Oscar Goes To…

2014 has, certainly, been an awesome year for movies, where all you movie-buffs got a chance to feast on flicks like Birdman and Interstellar. Needless to say, you have spent a substantial amount of time, discussing, the movies and the probability of their winning the Oscar. Well, the announcements have been made and the acceptance speeches, delivered. Those who missed the ceremony and the nitty-gritty details, sure, missed quite something!

Why Badlapur is a Must Watch

What Sriram Raghavan ensures is justice – to all characters by actors of good faith and choice. Varun Dhawan has acted par excellence and broken the young boy next door stereotype from the trajectory of his acting career. How one would see the posters and feel, is this Haider all over again, is very likely.

After 2 Decades of Unadulterated Romance, DDLJ May Have Lost its’ Calling

While the Rahul cliché continues to work with a significant percentage of the Indian audiences, there are scenes too sexist for the ideologically neutral man of today.

Fukrey Actor, An Unsung Hero of Bollywood, Ashraf-ul-Haq Is No More

Ashraf-ul-Haq was last seen in The Lost Behrupiya, a national award winning film. Some of the other movies that he was part of include Paan Singh Tomar, Delhi Belly, Black Friday and Company. He is now survived by his wife and a 9-year-old son.

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