Logan Still Has Time

So, furthering the vehement disregard for Monday, here’s a trailer review of a movie that has gripped the audience by large, and puts forth a way for nostalgia as much as it treads on the road of mystery and unanswered questions. The new Wolverine trailer, Logan just got released...

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Batman V Superman: The Saga That Still Haunts

Being involved in the lala land, much more than usual, I can’t take this Monday without any false-reality dimension to suck me into. So today, it’s about comics. Comics have demonstrated a form of communication that marries the linear sequence of typography with the global perception of an internet-like...

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It’s All In The Story

It has long been established how movies have impacted us. Some inspire us, some shock us but many a times they teach us, they tell us about stuff we never could have imagined or thought of by our limited-perceptive mind. The best part about movies is that they provide...

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Pink Slays Patriarchal Bullying

When I lived in Mumbai, I shared my flat with three other girls. We sought to find a family in the hustle-bustle of the dream city and we did achieve that goal. However, we all worked and had strenuous working hours, much to the tiredness of ours while judgments...

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Sex Today, Film Tomorrow?

The hopelessness and the quest to fulfill one’s dream on one side, and the surplus amount of power and contacts on the other, together formulate the concept of what we infamously called casting couch. Casting couch is the trading of sexual favors by an aspirant, apprentice employee, or subordinate...

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Marketing Gone Right With Reality?

There are movies, and then there are movies like Pink. If reviews are anything to go by, the movie is laudable with an amazing cast and much more amazing story. The movie speaks of how women are character assassinated and harassed because it is acceptable and can be attuned...

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When The Hushed Roar Aloud

There is no dearth of Bollywood movies which have taken inspiration from real-life events, to strike a close and human chord with people. Time for superficial cinema is passé, the audience has changed and evolved from over-the-top dramatics that has gripped our Bollywood since years. Following the same trend,...

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Realistic Bollywood

Grossing Crores Or Imparting Awareness?

Recreating history or deliberating the societal concepts, has been a very crucial, if not commercial part of Bollywood since 1960s. Realism was a bastion of parallel cinema in the 60s, 70s and 80s, with filmmakers like Shyam Benegal and Govind Nihalani capturing the pulse of contemporary social issues in...

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Quirky Films

Have We Forgotten These Stories?

While some filmmakers give us trash in the name of entertainment, some spin magic. And their craft is profound. Here are four such films that were absolutely delightful to watch. These filmmakers need to take a bow, and we need to recognize and remember these films.

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Fighting For The Iron Throne Of Hastinapur?

Mahabharata is considered as the most multifaceted and intricate of all epics in the history of time. That there could be so many unfathomable layers to this multi-cast noir story is extraordinary. If you have read the heroic saga, you will agree that it is, in fact, its characters...

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Grab Your Tissues And Let’s Get Started

This Nick Cassavetes film starring Ryan beautiful-smile Gosling, Rachel McAdams and James Marsden is an absolute tearjerker. Based on author Nicholas Sparks’ novel by the same name, The Notebook is a clichéd story of a young summer romance. Boy meets girl, falls for her, pursues and woos her. They...

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Dear Actors, Let’s Start Ageing!

Shah Rukh Khan is a delight to watch. He is gorgeous, ridiculously intelligent and an absolute charmer. And I am going to write the most clichéd-but-honest thing here: I grew up watching his films. In my foundational years, the Baadshah of Bollywood defined romance for me. My friends and...

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#SalmanVerdict :THE END

After an arduous 13 years, Salman Khan, his family and his beloved fans can finally breathed a collective sigh of relief, as the actor has been acquitted of all charges held against him in the hit and run case that has been going on ever since September 2002....

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Bajirao Mastani: Trailer Review

Elaborate costumes, larger than life sets, three spectacular actors, a real life story, and a whirlwind of characters and songs. No wonder,Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Bajirao Mastani’ is being touted as the next big thing in Bollywood this year!

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pahlaj creativer

Pahlaj Nihalani: Holier Than Thou?

Pahlaj Nihalani, Chief of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), has been the talk of the town ever since he decided on cutting short a kissing scene in the recently released James Bond movie –Spectre. He was strongly condemned on both social and traditional media. Owing to the...

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6 Directors Who Took Bollywood To A New Level

For the past 100 years or so, the glittery world of Indian cinema has left us completely besotted. Ever since the silver screen lit up back in 1913, we Indians haven’t stopped raving about it! It’s been our pride and prized possession. Generation after generation, year after year,...

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Twin Peaks: 25 Years Of TV’s Cult Classic!

In 1990, came out a show that redefined prime-time television viewing in the US. With its iconic dialogue: “She’s dead. Wrapped in plastic.”, mystery-thriller Twin Peaks traced the investigation of the murder of a teenage girl in the (fictional) quiet and peaceful hilly town of Twin Peaks on the...

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