The Week That Was

To begin with, the central government brought the “much sought after amendment” to the Preamble to the Constitution. Just as the midnight of 21st December (doomsday) gave in to the popular demand of One More Night, the “cattle class” leaders of the nation held a parliamentary session to make the adequate changes.

12 Things To Do Before 21 December

If the Facebook page of the Mayan Society is anything to go by, their FB account will “freeze” on 21 of December 21, 2012 at 00:00 hrs. (Whether it’s GMT or EDT, people are still confused. According to Troll Scientist it’s the average mean time of all Time Zones on Earth). For one, if that does happen, Salman Khan will die a bachelor, Pakistan will self-immolate itself, and Afzal Guru will die a common man’s death.

Kasab’s Premature Death

Pune. It’s been more than a week since the release of Son of Sardar, and the nation has already witnessed more than a hundred causalities, Ajmal Kasab being the latest. As per the reports coming in from Yerawada Jail, Kasab died while watching Son of Sardar on the evening of 21 November.

HitVijay Singh: A Mobile App To Take On Pongress

New Delhi. Striving hard to make an impact in the 2014 General Elections, the PJB on Thursday launched a hi-tech mobile app –Pong-ruption –to take on to the ministry at the Centre. The app, specially designed for the newly launched Akash2, will feature all the ghotalas (scams) under the Mohanman Pingh government.

Barnab Poswami’s Cry Against Corruption Lands Him Behind the Bars

Mumbai. Sick of the regular Nimes Tow expose, people residing in the neighbourhood of channel’s Mumbai Studios filed a police complaint against the noise pollution caused by Mr. Barnab Goswami.Residents of the Senapati Bapat Marg alleged that Mr. Poswami’s voice has grown louder “expose after expose”.

Band Baja Divorce: The PM-Kamata Split

Lost in the magical melodies of romantic songs, I laid in my bed listening to a FM radio station; when suddenly my ears rose to hear anunusual voice over the radio. The prime minister, Dr. Sanmohan Mingh was live on the radio, dedicating the song “Brown Rang” to Mrs. Kamata Mannerjee.

The Sex Stops Here: A Political Parody

With loads of free porn available over the internet, what came as a blow to the recession-hit porn industry were the comments of the honourable Union Minister for Human Resources. In a statement that rocked the headlines on prime time news shows, he said, “What kids see on the internet is mostly pornography and that is dangerous. As a matter of fact, our ministry is considering a blanket ban on internet porn. I would also be meeting the passport authority of India to discuss the cancellation of visas given to porn-stars.”

Stop Brushing India: A Political Satire

The Monday morning headlines on a national news channel read, “The opposition ministers show their dissent to the government; give up on brushing their teeth.” On seeing the full video coverage, it was learned that the BJP ministry, which has been using Colgate brand of toothpaste since the inception of the party, decided to do away with brushing in the wake of the recent coal-gate scam.

Promoting Candlelight Dinners in India: A Political Satire

A candlelight dinner on a pleasant summer evening; romantic, isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what the Government of India thought when it officially enforced such dinners throughout the northern half of the country on the night of 29th July.
Technically termed as electricity blackout, the candlelight dinners,according to the government officials were “improvised” to promote family bonding and cultural values.

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