Bhopal Gas Tragedy: 30 Years Of Suffering, No Justice

The Union Carbide plant, which took the lives of thousands, still stands there in all its rustic “glory”, abandoned, untouched but still echoing the horror it spread in the city. The soil and groundwater around the factory has been deemed contaminated. There are still potentially harmful chemicals lying around the premises but the government doesn’t seem to care now. After all, it’s been years, it’s old and forgotten now.

Reuse And Recycle

India produces about 3, 80,000 tones of e-waste per annum, which includes only the waste generated from television sets, mobile phones and computers; a major chunk of these come from organisations. E-waste produced in India includes over 100,000 tones from refrigerators, 275,000 tones from TVs, 56,300 tones from personal computers, 4,700 tones from printers and 1,700 tones from mobile phones. The unorganized recycling sector which fails to practice eco-friendly e-waste recycling methods release large amount of toxic chemicals. The current practices of e-waste management in India suffer from a number of drawbacks like the unhealthy conditions of informal recycling, inadequate legislation, poor awareness and negligence on part of the corporate to address the critical issues. The consequences have been deadly.

Death Toll Increases With The Monsoon Rains: Global Warming

It is the beginning of September, and instead of witnessing retreat of the monsoon rains, these past few days have seen an outburst of the clouds as the Indian Subcontinent is finally experiencing the monsoon of this season.

Mawlynnong: Eco-Friendly Tourism At Its Best

Wanderlust is driving the youth of today’s time. Even the Indian youth have been going all out in setting travel as a priority. Many travellers today are inclined to taking experiential holidays where they could gain something apart from memories.

World Environment Day: 5 Things You Can Do To Save The Environment

It’s World Environment Day and while we all know that we should turn off the lights when leaving the room or turn off the water when we’re brushing, here are some other thing you could do to save the environment. From the everyday bits to getting involved n programs, here are five steps that we all should get a handle on.

Your Safety Lies In Your Hands

Friday morning brought with it the news of a huge fire in Masoodpur area of Delhi’s Vasant Kunj. While officials haven’t been able to determine the cause of the fire, local residents believe that it was caused by a gas cylinder burst.

Global Warming: A Looming Danger

We live in a world where things are accepted, looked into, discussed, strategized, only after they become a large problem. None of us are interested to either think or talk about the latent problem which is soon turning into a patent one—our dying environment. It is a gift that we received from our creator but alas we have repeatedly (ab)used it and now its dying a silent death.

Cry of the Starks

Today, we are at a stage where we face the winter of civilization. I’m not being a Stark here, because Winter is not Coming. It is here. With every passing decade, we have come up with ways to kill ourselves more efficiently and in larger numbers. With every passing century, we have established effective methods of destruction, and annihilation.

Speak Out: Our Environment Is Dying

The rapidly melting ice caps, the increasing heat in the plains, animals getting extinct, the ecological imbalance, increase in river pollution, water levels going low, air pollution, soil pollution and what not. Sure, we might talk about all of these terms, or read about them but the real question is what are we actually doing to protect our mother earth?

Is Saving Earth Expensive?

It is normally perceived that eco-friendliness comes at a price. An organic farmer has to invest time and effort into solutions to replace quick-and-easy fixes; an upper-middle class conscious consumer scratches her head in the supermarket, to select the cheapest product from the pricey eco-products; a small business man thinks twice before switching to a renewable source of energy.

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