What ifs

What if I fall on the highway, crushed under a car superspeedrushed? What if, some random day I take a […]

“Bubble Toes”

And sighed, until a sublime moan of painful pleasure escaped her; she opened her eyes, and gently slid her toe out from in between his lips; her right leg bent, her left leg straight and suspended a little above the bed, she flicked his lower lip with her round toe. Flat on her back, arms outstretched, fingers clutching onto the sheet, Pooja closed her eyes again and pushed her toe back inside, warm yet benumbed by the swivel of his tongue. The other foot, now. Inside her final little window of consciousness, all she knew for sure was that it would be stupidly atavistic now to go back to the same old, plain old.

A Decade Later #4

Priya was fully aware that the way Rahul was treating her wasn’t right. In fact she did text me a couple of times to share how helpless she felt about her situation. But the problem was that she never took me seriously. Often times she would agree with what I said, but never implement any of it. It was as if she liked being in that situation; complaining and cribbing about life and not doing anything to change it.

A Decade Later #3

Thanks to my father’s job I had the opportunity to travel to varied places. After every three years his company would transfer him to a new city, and the entire family had no option but to follow him.

A Decade Later #2

We have hugged many times before, but something was definitely different about the way Priya hugged me today. It wasn’t a I’ve-missed-you-so-much hug, but a I-need-you-Shruti hug. So, after the obvious, hey! Ssup, how’s life, I couldn’t stop myself from asking what was really going on. And thus began the story.

Glimmer of Hope

Snail of life pitched Through serpentine traffic. This day unobserved, its light and shade, The shape of pregnant dusty air We think the road ahead Could still be beautiful.

A Decade Later #1

A decade has passed since my last meeting with Priya. While there is a lot of gossip to catch up on, there are a lot many things to share and discuss. All decked up for the long awaited reunion, I am waiting for Priya as my thoughts go back to the day I first met her.

When Reality Strikes #4

Annabel had a personality that drew people towards her. She was so confident and poised that Sarah, despite having a difference of opinion, was never able to voice her views. While Sarah thought she was being a good friend in supporting Annabel’s every decision, Annabel was having the time of her life controlling Sarah. And then something happened that changed Sarah and her definition of friendship forever.

She Sits There Alone

She sits there alone Perched on that cold sill. Pooling the concrete below Rainbow in the drops, At the tip of her golden rings

When Reality Strikes #3

Sarah observed that Annabel was the chatty sorts, and more than that she loved talking about herself. Every time Annabel said something about her life and her choices, her head would automatically rise with pride and she would start playing with her hair. What is she so proud of? Reading more books than others? Getting admission in a reputed college? But so did I; Sarah wondered.

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