Glimmer of Hope

Snail of life pitched Through serpentine traffic. This day unobserved, its light and shade, The shape of pregnant dusty air We think the road ahead Could still be beautiful.

A Decade Later #1

A decade has passed since my last meeting with Priya. While there is a lot of gossip to catch up on, there are a lot many things to share and discuss. All decked up for the long awaited reunion, I am waiting for Priya as my thoughts go back to the day I first met her.

When Reality Strikes #4

Annabel had a personality that drew people towards her. She was so confident and poised that Sarah, despite having a difference of opinion, was never able to voice her views. While Sarah thought she was being a good friend in supporting Annabel’s every decision, Annabel was having the time of her life controlling Sarah. And then something happened that changed Sarah and her definition of friendship forever.

She Sits There Alone

She sits there alone Perched on that cold sill. Pooling the concrete below Rainbow in the drops, At the tip of her golden rings

When Reality Strikes #3

Sarah observed that Annabel was the chatty sorts, and more than that she loved talking about herself. Every time Annabel said something about her life and her choices, her head would automatically rise with pride and she would start playing with her hair. What is she so proud of? Reading more books than others? Getting admission in a reputed college? But so did I; Sarah wondered.

When Reality Strikes #2

The art of making friends always came easy to Sarah. On her first day of new school in Chennai, she had made enough friends to survive a lifetime. In fact those friends were intact even today, six years later. Yes there was the distance but she knew she could call them at any time of the day or night to talk and share her feelings. But, this time things felt different.

When Reality Strikes #1

Sarah could hear the beating of her own heart. There were butterflies in her stomach. She folded her hands only to feel the goose bumps on her arms. Dressed in a red kurta and black leggings, as instructed by the seniors, Sarah took her first step into her college.

The Nosy Neighbor

The first rays of a bright Sunday sun sneaked in through her bedroom window waking Avery up. She wanted to sleep some more but she also knew the consequences of it. It was like a Sunday ritual at her place—her parents yelling at her to get out of bed. She hated it. But what she hated the most was the way they compared her to others and said, “Look Tia is already up and out doing the Sunday chores.”

Vagaries Of A Timid Heart #2

As Priya picked up the call she heard an irritated yet concerned voice at the other end said, “Priya where have you been? I was so worried.” She knew that Gaurav wasn’t the clingy kind, who needed his girlfriend for every little thing, at all hours of the day. He wasn’t even the possessive kind who needed a constant update on his girlfriend’s whereabouts. He was mostly the perfect kind—one who would keep a watch from a safe distance without getting in her away, but would come rushing to hold her the moment she fell.

Vagaries Of A Timid Heart

Priya sat cross legged in her warm fleece pajamas, cupping her hands around an almost cold mug of coffee, not realizing the time that had elapsed since the coffee went from piping hot to lukewarm and finally to icy cold. She was staring blankly at her empty room, her roommate wasn’t around and wouldn’t be for a while and she was thankful for these blissful moments of solitude, which she could spend with her own thoughts.

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