In conversation With Kulpreet Yadav

Do you keep procrastinating writing? Do you keep giving excuses as to why today is not a perfect day to write? If yes, you must read on.I recently read a book Catching the Departed, an entertaining thriller that has the elements of patriotism, romance and suspense. I loved the book and got a chance to interview the author.
After serving the armed forces for more than 20 years, the founder of Open Road Review, Mr KulpreetYadav, tells us how he managed to write along with his rather demandingjob and later what inspired him to quit the rewarding job.

In Conversation With Anay Mann

Having done exhibitions all over the world and shot covers for some very famous magazines like Forbes, Newsweek, Better Homes, Anay Mann, a model turned software developer turned photographer, is a multifaceted photographer. Known for his bold, individualistic sensibility in photography, each of his portraits tells you all about the subject.

In Conversation With Chandni Mehta

Chandni Mehta is a young reformer in the making. who is pursuing her Ph.D. on “The Relevance of Swami Vivekananda’s Philosophy in Management Systems”. After doing her BBA and MBA from reputed institutions, she decided to continue with her studies, but chose what most people think to be a very different stream.

In Conversation With Manish Gupta

About a month ago, Manish Gupta, author of English Bites had contacted me requesting a review for his book. He sent me a detailed introduction about the book, a few anecdotes from the book and also links to the reviews of the books. Let me confess, I didn’t need to go through the reviews, I was already sold at after reading the bio of the book. I was more than happy to read it and review the same. And I must say, the book surprised me, or should I say enlightened me on so many different aspects. It also taught me a good many new words of the English language.

In Conversation with Saket Modi

Do you have a Facebook account? A Twitter account? What about Google+, MySpace and every other social networking site there is? If you’re answer is yes (which I’m guessing it is) then here’s a little reality check for you. Warning: Social media junkies read on at your own risk!

In Conversation With Madhumita Halder

After having graduated from IIT Bombay and having worked at, Rhythm & Hues, the animation company responsible for movies like The Golden Compass, Madhumita Halder went on to teach at Rishi Valley School. Later, she started a board game company, MadRat Games along with Rajat Dhariwal and Manuj Dhariwal. One of their most famous products is Aksharit: an Indian language board game, a version of the popular newspaper based crossword. MadRat was also featured in the India Innovates report brought out by Sam Pitroda as one of the Top Ten Innovators along with the renowned companies like and Attero Recycling.

Understanding The Change With Leena Prasad

Leena Prasad is the Senior Manager, Volunteer Action at CRY. Though she is a lawyer by profession who has an experience of three years, she always wanted to work for the betterment of society. So here she is.

An Interview With Ardizen’s Shravani Vatti

Believe it or not but now you can bring art into your home on rent. Better yet, you can even buy a piece on installment. Think of it like this; just like you sample the flavors before you buy just the right ice cream, you’re going to get to try out the piece of art that you want to bring into your home permanently.

An Interview With Chris Guillebeau

This book is about micro-entrepreneurship andIndiais a nation of micro-entrepreneurs. There are all kinds of people starting all kinds of projects. Like even on the streets, the rickshaw-pullers, people starting little food projects, etc.; and these people are responsible for their own well-being. It’s not that I’m coming to an audience that is receptive to the book; I’m coming to an audience that is reading a lot about taking action.

An Afternoon With Advaita

It wasn’t anything serious and formal. I met up with Chayan Adhikari at a nice little café and we talked over a nice cup of coffee. It didn’t feel like I was sitting with the western vocalist for one of Delhi’s most famous bands. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Advaita, seen them live and on TV, maybe even been influenced by their music. What I wanted to know was what goes on behind the scenes. Here’s what he had to say…

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