An All-Out Mahabharat

The confused-state of affairs in the state of Uttar Pradesh compelled me to just sort out the mess and vent my opinions on this portal. Now, the more I read about the situation of Samajwadi Party and their all public outrage, the more I realize that this is nothing...

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Delhi, Now The Stalking Capital Too

A woman named Pinki was relentlessly stabbed and killed in the morning hours near MG Road Metro Station by her stalker, who stabbed her and without any reluctance without any fear; he stabbed to kill. The incident is a heinous follow-up of a woman being stabbed in Burari 30...

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For Dowry, Swipe The Wife Dead?

Marriage is preceded by many functions, functions that unify the family together, functions that spread the love and long for the lost times while silently praying the best ones to come, functions that allow us to be our stylish best. But also the functions that slyly pass off patriarchy...

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No More Of Terror

It was around midnight, when the Army’s Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopters with 25 commandos from 4-para and 9-para crossed the LoC (Line of Control) into Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Their motive wasn’t to infiltrate Pakistan and kill many of their soldiers like it happened in our country; the motive was to...

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Creative 28

Fear Of Ridiculing Self

At times, I have imagined how wonderful it would be to have self-confidence, my constant anxiety wards me off from it. When I run into someone I used to know, I purposely try to change my course or simply hide, just to avoid a conversation. I fear and I...

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Sabarimala: The Furore That Shouldn’t

Ever since I learnt about shameless misogyny in the name of religion, the first temple that caught my fancy, for the wrong reasons (of course), was Sabarimala. Nestled in the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district, this temple only allows male devotees to come and offer prayers. For...

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Acid Attack

Fighting Through Pain: The Attack And After

Perhaps the easiest way to thwart a cause is root is out, by violence so appalling, it leaves a mark both literally and figuratively. Aam Aadmi Party leader and tribal activist from Chhattisgarh, Soni Sori, was intercepted by two bike-borne men, who rubbed an acid-like substance on her face...

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Jat unrest

In Clouds Of Smoke, Haryana Boils Up Again

Jat unrest The Jat community of Haryana is once again demanding reservation in government jobs and educational institutions. This comes after Supreme Court had invalidated their reservation in the central list of Other Backwards Classes in March 2015. The politically heavyweight community of Haryana is now demanding quota at the state...

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