Mother Teresa To Be Declared A Saint

The woman who devoted her life to the assistance of the poor and needy and whose name has been synonymous to charity, is about to be called a saint. The Vatican announced recently that Pope Francis will canonize Mother Teresa, the most famous Catholic sister in modern times. She...

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Courtroom No.73: 1 Dead And 2 Injured

Four armed assailants entered the court and fired around seven rounds on everyone present in the courtroom. Judges ran for cover, while guards and constables stood their ground performing their duty. According to the sources, three of the four accused have been arrested. Head Constable Ram Kumar lost his...

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India’s Patience: Tolerant And Proud

We know it all too well about how your news feed got spammed after Aamir Khan’s much speculated ‘intolerance’ remark. The established actor was criticised by the whole country for having made a ‘despicable’ statement about his motherland. However, we do not agree with Aamir, much like the majority...

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#EndAcidSale: A Wish For A Wish

Make Love Not Scars releases its 4th video in the #EndAcidSale campaign. The video shows Reshma singing in her rather cheerful voice and wishing us a Merry Christmas. She looks beautiful in her black and red dress as the lights of the Christmas tree illuminates her face.

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Bengal Famine: The Forgotten Struggle

The fateful period of 1943-44, when millions were starving and dying of malnutrition and various diseases, the British having been the prime producer of this catastrophe didn't do much to help. Their policies of inducing huge amounts of profit instructed the peasants to plant and produce only cash crops...

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#SalmanVerdict :THE END

After an arduous 13 years, Salman Khan, his family and his beloved fans can finally breathed a collective sigh of relief, as the actor has been acquitted of all charges held against him in the hit and run case that has been going on ever since September 2002....

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pahlaj creativer

Pahlaj Nihalani: Holier Than Thou?

Pahlaj Nihalani, Chief of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), has been the talk of the town ever since he decided on cutting short a kissing scene in the recently released James Bond movie –Spectre. He was strongly condemned on both social and traditional media. Owing to the...

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Bihar last lap creative

#BiharElections: The Last Lap!

As November 8th draws closer, the heat and buzz around the Bihar Assembly elections is on the rise. Political circles are abuzz with what’s being touted as one of the most crucial State elections of all time! The power tussle between the contending parties, the larger than life campaigns,...

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bihar creative

Rajya Sabha: The Coveted Trophy

As the Bihar Mahabharata nears its final, nail-biting conclusion and we find ourselves swamped by the wall to wall media coverage, clarity is the need of the hour. As caustic sloganeering and shrill newsroom debates reach a fever pitch, objectivity takes a backseat. Amid the cacophony, how does one...

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beef ban

#BeefBan: Holy Cow, Unholy Politics!

That cow slaughter is reason enough for man slaughter is not only appalling but also grossly archaic and ridiculous. The indoctrination and growing intolerance of the people is nothing but a manifestation of carefully crafted hate politics by the so-called religious leaders to fulfill their personal and political agendas.

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human robot creative

A Day In The Life Of A Human Robot

As I drove to work this morning, battling traffic and office deadlines alike, I happened to glance around at the serpentine line of cars around me. Every single person was in a race against time. As I stared at the funny juxtaposition of their crisply ironed shirts to their...

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‘Don’t Stop’ Chaiya Chaiya

We all remember having danced to Shah Rukh Khan’s chhaiya chhaiya as kids, don’t we? It’s time we danced to that tune once again, with a bit of twist, though. A mash-up of Michael Jackson’s Don’t Stop and Chaiyya Chaiyya, the song from Dil Se that featured the actor dancing on a train with...

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Four More Temblors Shake Nepal

As per the initial reports, approximately 32 people have lost their lives in Nepal while over 1000 people have been injured. The earthquakes that took place today were shallow, that is, 10km deep. Shallow earthquakes are far more dangerous pertaining to the high amount of energy released over a...

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M.S. Dhoni: A Leader, A Hero

As India annihilated Bangladesh in the second quarter final of the ICC cricket World Cup 2015, and authoritatively stormed into the semi-finals, Dhoni had his own little feat to cherish, too. Yesterday’s stunning victory also happened to be Dhoni’s 100th ODI victory as the team captain. While Dhoni announced...

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The Indian Aerospace Boom: Make In India 

The aerospace industry is estimated to need over a 100,000 skilled and fresh graduates every year, totaling a demand for a workforce of one million by ten years. As of present, industrialists and CEO's of manufacturing companies cite a lack of skilled talent for the deficiency in their workforces.

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A Message Well Received At Siri Fort

The speech affected the souls of millions. It was a mirror, showing us that our shenanigans receive global attention. Whether it is the ill-treatment of women in the public and private domains at the hands of bossy male-counterparts; the alarming rate at which rape cases are increasing in the...

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The (un)Common Man Of India, R.K. Laxman

There are few icons that all three generations of the Indian family would identify with. R.K. Laxman’s caricature of the common man, a silent spectator, was one of them. So what was the secret of this man who kept the entire nation enthralled day after day for six decades...

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Love India? Don’t Have To Hate Pakistan!

Let’s admit it, we have all, at some point or the other, been filled with a sense of pride while watching Arnab Goswami bashing Pakistan on his “open debates” on the widely watched Newshour. It’s okay to admit it because we are only to be partially blamed for reveling...

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Flogging For Blogging

rrested in 2012, Raif was charged with "insulting Islam through electronic channels" and "going beyond the realm of obedience". He was initially cited for apostasy, which in Saudi Arabia means an automatic death sentence. However, the following year he was cleared of charges of apostasy. Amnesty International has...

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First Rate Cut In Nearly Two Years

Economists and bankers think that this move will send a positive signal to the market that the inflation is under control, and RBI is now looking forward to growth. The decision will directly affect normal public as the banks will have to cut down the lending rates by 50...

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帕坦加利 帕坦加利被称为瑜伽之父,他编辑了195编瑜伽经成为瑜伽哲学的基础。这些经典的评论叫做巴夏。帕坦伽利的核心本质是瑜伽的八正道(阿斯汤加瑜伽),注重通过瑜伽维持健康的生活。 商羯罗传 出世于公元788年在Kerala的一个小村叫Kaladi,商羯罗传是一位最著名哲学家因为他向吠陀带xinsinshenghuo 且将其恢复到之前的荣耀。在吠檀多哲学因过多仪式活动经过而经过一个黑暗的时期他已恢复了吠檀多。他正确的解释复兴了吠陀,所以他也能够成功地倡导不二吠檀多。他创立了Dashanami修道并相信Shanmata传统的崇拜。他成立了四个Adi Shankaracharya Peeths,每一个贡献为一个吠陀:4. 南 – Sarada Peetha, Sringeri5. 东 – Govardhana Peetha, Jagannath Puri6. 西 – Kalika Peetha, Dwaraka7. 北 – Jyothir Peetha, Badrinath 斯瓦米维韦卡南达 1863年在加尔各答出世,斯瓦米维韦卡南达从小表明他渴望解开精神且认识上帝。这是为什么他选择室利罗摩克里希纳为他的大师,因为他相信室利罗摩克里希纳能够向他展示上帝的实现。室利罗摩克里希纳向他介绍不二吠檀多,也告诉他所有的宗教都是真实的。但是,崇拜的最好形式就是为人崇拜。斯瓦米维韦卡南达传播了Vedanata和瑜伽到欧洲和美国。在1893年芝加哥的世界宗教议会,通过一个引人的讲话,他向印度教提升为一个世界的信仰位置。他还提出了不同信仰意识。他创立了特派团和数学 斯瑞•奥罗宾多 斯瑞•奥罗宾多是一个才华横溢精神丰富的印度人物。斯瑞•奥罗宾多是一位伟大的瑜伽士,哲学家和诗人。斯瑞•奥罗宾已写了68本涉及不同精神领域的书。他的最好出版物是“声明的神奇”,其注重瑜伽的理论方面;另一本是“瑜伽的合成”揭示瑜伽的实践方面。斯瑞奥罗宾多道场在本地治里是一个有名的修行道场,即整体瑜伽。奥罗维尔或或斯瑞•奥罗宾传播了博爱的精神。他在1872年8月15日在加尔各答出世且七岁时送到伦敦学习。 斯瓦米•库瓦雷阳南达 出世于1883年,斯瓦米•库瓦雷阳南达见证国民运动的复兴,因此成为一个自由斗士。在大学时他收到斯瑞•奥罗宾的影响,而后来收到Paramahansa Madhavdasji的影响。Madhavdasji是孟加拉的一位伟大的瑜伽士,但生活在巴罗达,玛尔萨附近的神圣的纳尔默达的河岸。Madhavdasji目前对库瓦雷阳南达有最大的影响因为它鼓励学生使用科学的方法研究瑜伽。库瓦雷阳南达研究瑜伽对人体的影响以及联系瑜伽对身体健康的效果。在1920-21年在巴罗达医院的实验室进行的试验已说服库瓦雷阳南达瑜伽可以传播健康且带来精神的动力以着凉人类社会的改变。现在他希望通过系统地瑜伽向人类带来健康和愈合。为此使命,他已在罗纳瓦拉,浦成立了凯瓦拉亚答玛瑜伽研究所(Kaivalyadhama Institute of Yoga)。 Swami Sivananda Saraswati 1887年在Pattamadai,Tamil Nadu出世,Swami Sivananda是一位马来西亚的一声,但是在1924年他放弃了医学工作因为Swami Sivananda Saraswati介绍他加入Dashnami Sannyasa。他练习强烈的冥想、瑜伽且学习经文。他成了一个流浪的和尚,且游览了印度的许多地方。在任何地方,他试图唤醒人们的道德和精神意识。在1936年,他在Rishikesh成立了神奇的声明社会以传播精神的知识以及向人类服务。作为一位医生,他在1945年建立难陀阿育吠陀药房。 Tirumalai Krishnamacharya...

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Maharishi Patanjali MaharishiPatanjaliは、ヨガの哲学の土台となった195のヨガの経典を編纂した「ヨガの父」である。これらの経典の評釈はBhasyaと呼ばれる。Patanjaliの根本的な要素は、ヨガを通しての健康的な生活に焦点を合わせたヨガの8つの道(Ashtanga Yoga)である。 Adi Shankaracharya 西暦788年にケーララ州のKaladiという村に生まれ、彼がベーダに新しい生命を与え古代の栄華に復興させたので、Adi Shankaracharyaは最も大きな名声を得た哲学者でした。ベーダンタ哲学が過度な儀礼主義的な慣習のゆえ暗黒の時代であった時、彼はベーダンタ哲学を復興させました。彼の正しい解釈によりベーダの復興が起こり、そして、彼はAdvaitaベーダンタ哲学を主唱することに成功しました。彼はDashanami修道会を創立して、Shanmata伝統を崇拝しました。彼は4つのAdi Shankaracharya Peethsを創設し、ベーダの1つをそれぞれに捧げました。 (1)南 – Sarada Peetha, Sringeri. (2) 東 – Govardhana Peetha, Jagannath Puri. (3) 西 – Kalika Peetha, Dwaraka. (4) 北 – Jyothir Peetha, Badrinath. Swami Vivekananda 1863年にCalcuttaにて生まれた、Swami Vivekanandaは子供の頃からすでに、心霊世界の解明と神の認識に対する願望を示していた。そういうわけで、Ramakrishnaが彼に神の実在を証すことができると確信したので、彼はRamakrishnaを導師として選びました。Ramakrishnaは彼をAdvaita Vedantaに紹介し、そのうえすべての宗教が真実であることを彼に伝えました。しかし、最高の崇拝の形は、人に対する奉仕です。 Swami Vivekanandaは、Vedanataとヨガをヨーロッパとアメリカに伝えたことで名声を得ました。感動的なスピーチをして、アメリカの人々を彼の兄弟姉妹と呼んだ、シカゴにて1893年に、世界宗教の議会でそれを紹介することにより、彼は世界宗教の舞台にヒンズー教を上げました。Vivekanandaは、異宗派間の認識をも高めました。彼は、Ramakrishna使節団とMathを創立しました。 Sri Aurobindo Sri Aurobindoは、インドのすばらしい多産なスピリチュアル・パーソナリティの1人でした。Sri Aurobindo Ghoseは偉大なヨガ行者であり、哲学者・詩人でもありました。Sri Aurobindoは、スピリチュアリティの異なる領域で、合計で68冊の本を書きました。彼の最高の出版物は『The Life...

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Maharishi Patanjali Maharishi Patanjali es el ‘padre del Yoga’ que compiló 195 Yoga Sutras que se hizo la fundación de la filosofía del Yoga. El comentario sobre estos sutras es llamado Bhasya. La esencia principal de Patanjali es el sendero óctuple del Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga), que se centra sobre...

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Свами Вивекананда Он родился в Калькутте в 1863 году. Свами Вивекананда показал желание распутать духовное и понять Бога, даже когда он был ребенком. Вот почему он выбрал Рамакришну в качестве своего Гуру, потому что он был уверен, что Рамакришна будет в состоянии продемонстрировать для него действительность Бога. Рамакришна представил...

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