The Political Realities Of India

The first lines of the Preamble to the Constitution of India have been immortalised in every school book and educational institution. Our childhood is full of memories of grudgingly opening our books to the flowery, often described as beautiful, portrayal of the document which celebrates our independence.

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Attacks on africans

Incredible India: A Racist Society?

Our country is the home ground for the phrase, ‘the guests are God’ or ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. Since childhood, we have been taught to treat our guests as the most honourable people that we will ever meet, and to make their visit as pleasurable as possible. From cooking mouth-watering...

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Making Gay Go Away

What stems from parents-in-denial of homosexual people, or the people who want to lead the ‘normal’ life and wish to do away with the homosexuality in them? It leads to psychologists and various other doctors developing a therapy that not only rids people of their homosexuality but also give...

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Daughters-In-Law Should Be Treated As Family, Not Maid, Supreme Court Rules

“Did your mother not teach you culinary courtesies?”“Why haven’t you called your father yet?”“When am I getting my super-utility vehicle?”“Your monthly cramps give me a headache.”“This time, a son.”“This time, a bigger television set.”“This time add more sugar to my tea.”“A little less sugar.”“Even your rotis are like you,...

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IHL: The Revival Of Our National Sport

Hockey India League made its impact straight away as it brought a golden chance for the young and trained Indian hockey players waiting for the big stage. Its format allowed Indian origin players to share the field with world class International players. Their dreams turned into reality as they...

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Alisha Episode Review

#EpisodeReview: Notching The Heat Up In Hotsvilla

It was either supposed to be a Splitsvilla parody or a wanna-be Splitsvilla episode. With wanna-be contestants and a wanna-be Rannvijay/Nikhil Chinapa/Raghu Ram. A big mansion, a larger than life swimming pool and lavish decors. Everything you need for a ridiculously popular Splitsvilla episode. And we earnestly hope that...

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Devotion To God: Mini Skirts Be Damned

When December of 2015 was coming to an end, the Madras Temple Entry Authorization Act of 1947 was ordered to be re-enforced according to the Madras High Court. This instruction suggests that female devotees won’t be allowed inside temples in the Tamil Nadu region if they don’t stick to...

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