No Time For Gym?

One of the simplest ways to begin getting fitter is running; it is typically possible regardless of where you live. All you’ll have to do is to invest in a good pair of running shoes so that you can avoid injuring your joints, but besides that you won’t need to put out any money. It is a usual sight to see individuals jogging through neighborhoods and, if you decide to join them, there are several things you can do to get the most from your running.

India And The Many Forms Of Radicalisation

The interview with our current Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, seems to focus only on the probable increase in the activities of the Islamic State and Al Qaeda. While these remain issues of grave concern, there are other equally damaging forces that pose the same threat as any radical organisation operating from a philosophy of violence and crime. One such organisation that is based on the eviction, if not extermination, is the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS).

The Real World Hunger Games

Apparently our policy makers are happy comparing the condition of Pakistan and Bangladesh with that of India. It is the same mentality majority of Indians have during cricket matches. Nobody bothers if India loses the series, if they beat Pakistan. Such mentality is to be done away with. India is now an aspiring Superpower. It has to look beyond the sub-continent and compete with nations that are worth competing.

How Fair is Fairness?

When the Fair and Lovely cream was introduced in the Indian market, there were considerable uproar and debate about the message it was sending to the millions of young girls – that a lighter skin tone is always preferred and that a darker person has a disadvantage in any given situation. Therefore, now it is ironic that the Indian male is being asked to spruce up his appearance and become more attractive to the opposite sex. Here, it must be mentioned that the Indian male, by and large, has taken it for granted that however shabby he may look, he would be acceptable. This perception is gradually changing now.

Russia Responds To Tim Cook’s Coming-Out

Russia has been widely known for its non-tolerance policy against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Many laws have been passed in the country that adversely affects the lives of the members of this community. Many homosexuals in the past have been forced to move to countries like the UK and US which have more tolerant policies. As a result, these countries have seen an in-flow of gay refugees from Russia.

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas: Rising Above Tokenism

Aiming to spread the “message of unity, safety and security”, the University Grants Commission has asked colleges to organise events celebrating the Iron Man’s birthday.

Why Ancient India Could Not Have Had Genetic, Cosmetic Science

In our current context, while some mythologies are given to us, some others are created anew or the old ones are, so-to-say, modified to fit our current context. But we will restrict ourselves to the pre-existing myths and the problem of attaching modern concepts to them. Any idea, concept or event is necessarily rooted in its cultural, geographical and historical specificity. For example, if we take medicinal study in pre-modern times in India, of course there must have been some form of science prevailing but it must have been very much different from contemporary medical science based on pharmaceutical manufacturing. In fact even today if we consider Ayurveda as an indigenous form of treatment, the source of knowledge is different from that of allopathic treatment. Of course, both of them qualify as medical study or research, but to reduce all differences to object and aim of study is for our purposes irrelevant as it does not help us much beyond stating a generality or perhaps something as obvious as- all living human beings breathe.

The Bucket List

Sometimes you might come across situations where you might be working really hard to push yourself ahead, but for some reason you seem to be stuck in just one place without seeing any hint of growth. This is when you need a break and maybe just sit back and think about what it is that seems to be going wrong. Go back to the initial stages of your life when things made sense and you felt that drive to do something substantial. Think about where you might be going wrong and take time out to work on it. Giving up on something does not mean that you are a loser, but instead allows you to speculate the situation and maybe get swiped by an aura of genesis where everything becomes clear to you. This might just help you perform better and at the same time help you grow.

En Dino Muzaffarnagar Ban: Jeopardy Of Free Speech

En Dino Muzaffarnagar, a documentary by late Shubhradeep Chakravorty, is the first to take a hammer blow by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) since the last general elections. The film has been banned on communal grounds, but the filmmakers and journalists who have had a chance to watch the film have other reservations. Clearly, the reasons are political. “It is highly and openly critical of one political party (BJP) and its top leadership by name and tends to give an impression of the said party’s involvement in communal disturbances. This is in gross violation of film certification guidelines. We see no infirmity in the order of CBFC”, said Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) after Shubhradeep Chakravorty appealed to it.

Exit Polls: BJP Needs More Faces

But how long can the BJP rely on the Prime Minister to carry all the major work of the party? The over-dependence on Narendra Modi to deliver the goods in state elections every single time is bound to mount work load on the Prime Minister. Given that the Defence cum Finance cum Corporate Affairs Minister, Arun Jaitley is regaining his health, the Prime Minister has a lot on his plate. A lot of work is supposed to be done to bring the economy back on track, empower defence, and work towards human development.

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