Chained Within Beauty That Is Skin Deep

In the past, it was mostly a prerequisite for girls to be fair, be it simply for self-confidence or for finding a job or a suitable groom. As a result, cosmetic companies, taking complete advantage of this shallow understanding of beauty, launched a plethora of products like Fair n Lovely, Garnier Fairness Cream, Olay White Beauty, etc. It wasn’t too difficult for these companies to blindfold the consumers by coaxing them with the promise of “two times fairer in just a month” which could actually be measured with a “fairness meter”. How ridiculous does that sound?

Are Intellectual Property Rights The Way to Go? 

However, a large amount of this information is bound by the enigma of limited access, available only to those who are ready to pay for it. The doctrine of Intellectual Property Rights gives the author the freedom to claim complete ownership over his work, both physical and in cyberspace, and restrict its usage to a selected audience. As a result, information banks available in the public domain is reduced significantly thus hampering scholars and student’ research work.

9/11: America Is Only As Safe As It Was 13 Years Ago

Today marks the anniversary of the unfortunately horrific incident of 9/11. 13 years back, it was on this dark day that the a series of coordinated attacks were carried out by the terrorist organization, al-Qaeda which brought down the World Trade Centre in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

God May Be Alive, Religion Needs To Die

Those following Marxist-Leninist ideology call religion the “opium of the masses” meaning to say that like the effect opium has on a person, religion gets people to passively accept suffering with the hope of finding infinite salvation, or what most call “enlightenment”. According to Karl Marx, the founder of the ideology, religion is nothing but an illusion that leads to inert submission to injustice.

Standard Of Advertising In India 

The basic idea of an advertisement is to let the viewer analyze whether the product or commodity will be useful for a person or not. The ad has to directly make a positive and cognitive effect on its viewer. But the advertisements that are on air these days lack a solid concept. Many advertisements are so misleading, that in the end the audience wonders as to what was the utility of all the clippings that were shown. Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.

The Help: Walls Have Ears

Well, I have noticed this many a times, how people converse freely and without any hesitation about things which well, should not be talked about in such a public setting. I was once in a metro, and I heard this woman talk to an apparent stranger. She was talking about an account of her company and the amount she was talking about, they were a large amount. She was talking quite loudly in the otherwise, quiet metro. I was so amazed that she would talk about such monetary issues of her company so loudly and without a care as to who was listening; someone with not so good intentions could have heard and done something which could compromise her company or for that matter, even her.

Unconventional Career Options

There is no dearth of opportunities in unconventional fields. Radio channels are always in need of good Radio jockeys who can raise the popularity of their channels. Models are always in need of good Fashion photographers who can boost their portfolio with some amazing pictures. If you have an exceptional talent and more than anything a strong desire to learn and hone your skills then nobody can stop you from succeeding. There are not that many training institutes though offering good quality courses when it comes to an unconventional field. But that doesn’t stop students from going after their dream career. They get trained abroad in the respective area of interest if they are not finding any good training centers in India. Some of the offbeat careers don’t require any special degree so anybody who is passionate and has the basic skills can jump into these fields.

The Dark Face Of Culture: Caste Discrimination

In a disheartening revelation that came through the Human Rights Watch’s report titled “Cleaning Human Waste: ‘Manual Scavenging,’ Caste, and Discrimination in India, India has been unable to let go of the horrific caste system even in this age of modernisation and globalisation.

Love Jihad: What Exactly Is This New Phenomenon?

The Bharatiya Janata Party, possibly paving the way towards a victorious electoral result in the Uttar Pradesh state assembly in 2017 on the lines of communal divide, has started warning Hindu families of Muslim’s love Jihad.

Kashmir: Cause Or A Symptom Of India-Pakistan Rivalry?

In 1947, a small Muslim-dominated Princely state in the north-western part of the Indian sub-continent, the Maharaja (ruler) of Kashmir was to decide which side the state would join when the country was being partitioned. The Maharaja singed the Instrument of Accession deciding temporarily to join India until a referendum was to be held in which the people where to make the final call. The plebiscite however, never took place and since then Kashmir has become the “issue” for India and Pakistan. The two countries have fought three major wars over Kashmir (1947, 1965, and 1999).

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