Rooting Out Terrorism: Half-baked Promises Are Not The Solution

According to news reports, the lawyers defending Lakhvi’s case have argued that sufficient evidence against the accused is lacking. This is despite Lakhvi being recognised as one amongst the seven prime suspects involved in the terrorist attack by four witnesses earlier. Even if there is no substantial evidence to establish their involvement and given the nature of the crime- a massacre that claimed the lives of 166 people, does not the grave nature of the crime itself deny bail to the accused? For, even if they are innocent since there is nothing to prosecute them other than the witnesses’ accounts, can’t an enquiry be ordered while keeping the accused in custody? But this is just a lay woman’s thoughts; the ultimate authority rests with the judiciary. But one need not be disillusioned by the judicial system despite being tested by the entire system in general.

Do You Know Aitzaz Hasan?

It was just this year, in January indeed, when a suicide bomber was spotted by Aitzaz outside his school in Ibrahimzai. This little boy of 15 had the incredulous ability to gauge the situation and blocked the bomber’s entry into the school premises by throwing stones at him. When the bomber detonated the bomb, Aitzaz ran towards him and clung to the former’s body killing both. Aitzaz managed to save the lives of 2,000 students, who were present within the premises that day in January this year.

India Follows Sydney’s Lead, Hashtags# Support For Pak

The attack on Tuesday turned into a massacre taking the lives of 132 children. The onslaught was launched by six suicide bombers belonging to Pakistan Taliban who were dressed in military outfits. The militants had slipped into an army-run school on Tuesday morning and ruthlessly shot and bombed several children. The rescue operation continued for seven hours; all the militants were declared dead by the army.

Drugs: A Global Menace

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the same problem in the third session of Mann Ki Baat, a radio program to address the nation. In an emotional appeal to the youth of the country, Modi asserted that drug consumption is neither cool nor a style statement.

Why Shehnaz’s Letter Makes A Poignant Point

Women fight their battles against harassment and sexual assault every single day. Shehnaz’s letter urges the men of our country to realise this, step up their act and join the women against this battle. The letter highlights the issue that it is not her or any woman’s shame if she is sexually assaulted; it is the entire nation’s shame. Shehnaz brings up an important point that these influential men should lead the fight against rape because their appeal is global.

Gurgaon Unseen: A Scene From The Lives Of Men In Uniform

On a slightly cold winter morning, as I wandered the streets of Gurgaon, I found a guard who was being yelled at by the owner of the building he was guarding. Eavesdropping to the conversation, I realized the guard was shouted down for spending 10 minutes from his duty hours to have a cup of tea.

Ebola Epidemic: No Empathy For Africa

The Ebola outbreak has been termed the deadliest yet with it having majorly affected the people of western Africa. The […]

No Time For Gym?

One of the simplest ways to begin getting fitter is running; it is typically possible regardless of where you live. All you’ll have to do is to invest in a good pair of running shoes so that you can avoid injuring your joints, but besides that you won’t need to put out any money. It is a usual sight to see individuals jogging through neighborhoods and, if you decide to join them, there are several things you can do to get the most from your running.

India And The Many Forms Of Radicalisation

The interview with our current Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, seems to focus only on the probable increase in the activities of the Islamic State and Al Qaeda. While these remain issues of grave concern, there are other equally damaging forces that pose the same threat as any radical organisation operating from a philosophy of violence and crime. One such organisation that is based on the eviction, if not extermination, is the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS).

The Real World Hunger Games

Apparently our policy makers are happy comparing the condition of Pakistan and Bangladesh with that of India. It is the same mentality majority of Indians have during cricket matches. Nobody bothers if India loses the series, if they beat Pakistan. Such mentality is to be done away with. India is now an aspiring Superpower. It has to look beyond the sub-continent and compete with nations that are worth competing.

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