Why Mahatma Gandhi Was Wrong When He Said The Future Of India Lay In Its Villages

There is near-perfect correlation between the process of urbanization and success across nations. On an average, as the proportion of a country’s urban population rises by ten percent, the country’s per capita output increases by 30 percent. Per capita income are almost four times higher in those countries where a majority of the people live in cities than in those countries where a majority of people reside in rural areas; this shouldn’t be surprising.

Post-Protests Against Murugan’s “One Part Woman”: The Deserted Pen

Ardhanareeshwara or the myth of Goddesss Amba, who was granted the wish to become half of Lord Shiva, is worshipped as the mother of the universe. According to the myth, Goddess Parvati, had once, in a playful act shut all the three eyes of Shiva. This led darkness to descend on earth since the three eyes representing the moon, sun and fire were shut. Due to the prolonged darkness, worldly activities came to a halt and generations were destroyed as the cycle of procreation had also perished.

What Makes Humour Humorous?

Given the tumultuous times we currently find ourselves in, the time is opportune to ask what humour really is and what makes a humour really humorous? It is perhaps easier to begin by asking ourselves- “When does a joke fail?” The most obvious answer would perhaps be that when a joke is not understood, it is not humorous. For the comic element- be it irony, sarcasm or any unfamiliar, unaccustomed behaviour- is not conveyed to the listener. For years, we have been laughing at a certain Mr. Bean for his theatrics and perhaps PK amuses us in the same manner for saying and doing things that are not supposed to be said and done.

“We Are All Muhammad”

But, as vociferous defendants of this freedom, we often find ourselves caught in a quandary of sorts: Should freedom of expression be absolute or should it have some limits? In these increasingly troubled times, should we become cautious before we exercise this freedom, or is it time to vehemently reassert and guard it? Although, even as I maintain a safe distance from and unequivocally condemn the argument that “the journalists called it upon themselves”, I am of the view that freedom in any civilized society ought to come with some restrictions. After all, even the most ardent advocates of freedom of speech have conceded that this freedom cannot and must not be absolute.

Need To Purge Our Bookstores

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) is held every year on January 9 to mark the contribution of overseas Indian community in the development of India. It is a part of a three-day PBD Convention– the flagship event of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India, held from January 7 to 9 every year since 2003. January 9 is a significant date because it was the day Mahatma Gandhi, our greatest pravasi (NRI), returned to India from South Africa and started leading the freedom struggle against the shackles of slavery and servitude.

The Deadliest Massacre By Boko Haram: Nigeria.

While the entire world remains abuzz with the violent attempt at silencing free speech by the recent terror attack in Paris, more than 2000 people in Northern Nigeria have been killed by Boko Haram. The notoriety of the militant group needs no introduction as Boko Haram has been haunting the region with its depravity since 2009. However, the militants have surpassed all records of inhumanity as they ambushed the town of Baga as well as the neighboring villages, a rampage that began on January 3 lasting for several days. The chairman of the local government where Baga is situated, Musa Bukar said that “Dead bodies litter the bushes in the area and it is still not safe to go and pick them (up) for burial,” also revealing that “Some people who hid in their homes were burned alive.”

Paris Attack: An Attempt To Murder Free Speech?

This fatal attempt by extremists to silence satire and free speech through violence has left many of us deeply disturbed. This brutality was orchestrated because these men were offended and insulted by the way the magazine portrayed their religion. But why should we not have the freedom to offend? This attack has made us rethink about how safe it is to express one’s opinion in public; should we now be afraid to present our point of view? Many deem Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons as deeply offensive and shocking, but is that not the aim of a satire; to evoke a response? Satires are to make people laugh, feel gleeful, offended, angry and to make them ponder.

The Real And The Dark In Manto

Even before the mid-night clock had struck on August 15, 1947, declaring the independence of a country that will earn a reputation of its own for its advocacy of peace in the international freedom, a lot of bloodshed had already soiled the history that gave birth to the twin nations of India and Pakistan. The travails and trauma of the experience is so embedded in the minds of the country men and women that narratives from both the sides continue to nourish the field of literature till date.

A Mouse In The Minority Maze

But I do realise that I am indeed tagged as the better lot and it is true too; for I have never faced the marginalisation of being a dalit; or belonging to a tribal community; or being born in a geographically removed region like the Lakshadweep. I have been born in a region where my mother-tongue was the dominant language despite the varying dialects; where a middle-class situation was normal, and where being a Hindu meant the grandeur of the pujas (prayers). But I am a minority, nevertheless.

Living Independently: Not An Easy Ride

A big ‘How’ should be your next bid. If you want to live independently, then you should think in advance how you intend to manage everything. At home, you have parents and siblings to take care of your mess, but out there, you will be all alone! Right from cooking to paying bills, you will be responsible for each and everything. Calculate your monthly earnings and probable expenses and analyze if you can afford a comfortable lifestyle in your current earnings or not. If your expenses are higher than your earnings, then think of ‘How’ you will give up on those extra indulgences. . Don’t take any step forward without resolving this issue.

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