An All-Out Mahabharat

The confused-state of affairs in the state of Uttar Pradesh compelled me to just sort out the mess and vent my opinions on this portal. Now, the more I read about the situation of Samajwadi Party and their all public outrage, the more I realize that this is nothing...

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When James Bond Was Almost Conned

With Priyanka Chopra twirling her way into Hollywood, followed by her apparent close aide Deepika Padukone who is romancing Vin Diesel in her ambitious Hollywood project, we Indians back home couldn’t be more proud. These two ravishing ladies have joined the likes of Irrfan Khan, Om Puri, Dev Patel...

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The Cursing Power Of Words

Writers, all around the globe have always maintained the importance of words, and upheld the secret vow that we make while writing something. Whenever writing something, it has always been important to uphold facts and to not indulge in plagiarism, because words are the only medium that can convey...

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In Uri Flows The Color Of Blood

India and Pakistan share much more than a border, they share a controversial history and a sad partition, which further gets heightened whenever Kashmir is at stake. They both have laid claims over the paradise and words of feud have been constantly exchanged. Many Prime Ministers have come and...

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Marketing Gone Right With Reality?

There are movies, and then there are movies like Pink. If reviews are anything to go by, the movie is laudable with an amazing cast and much more amazing story. The movie speaks of how women are character assassinated and harassed because it is acceptable and can be attuned...

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The Diminished Voice Of Women

We have been failed by people who are supposed to protect us many a times. Be it the inability of your parents to act towards that Uncle who molested you; be it the lack of interest shown by your boyfriend when you talk about your stalker who has increased...

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Towards A Caste-less Society

For all I have learnt and seen in the world till now, there are more deaths that happen due to difference between caste, gender or religion than by natural impending disasters. People have killed others over the protection or supremacy of one’s religion over another; they have brutalized people...

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Let The 4G Wave Begin?

Reliance Industries is known for its ability to conceive and execute projects on a grand scale, its capacity to disrupt the existing scheme of things in whichever industry it enters and its knack of deploying the latest technology to score over the incumbents. The company has exhibited these traits...

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Angst With Breasts And Vagina

Cover your body because it shows too much of skin making you vulnerable in the eyes of rapey men, don’t cover your body as it symbolizes the religion you are following and then you might be a victim of islamophobia, don’t wear a spaghetti because the world doesn’t know...

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Why Should Moms Have All The Fun?

Motherhood, for all its magic and glory, can turn out to be a very excruciating phase. Everything changes, apart from just the physical and mental changes. The mothers are no longer the center to their universe, the position is relinquished to their children, something they willingly do and not...

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Someone’s Sorrow Is Someone’s Business

There are people all over the world, constantly rebuking, ridiculing and refuting the idea of rape, which is, forced (without consent) sexual intercourse. Many like me, would get immediately disturbed, and must be drifted by the wave of helplessness when such incidents occur. We try to aware people over...

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Education And The Job Gap

I attended one of the best university in India. An august institution which has an irreproachable image and standing in the academic circles of our country. For obvious reasons, I shall not be naming names, because the fact of the matter is, the said university did nothing to teach...

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Maintaining The Facade Of Life

Promised a world filled with family and belonging, a woman was lured and then raped by her (ex) fiance. The woman became pregnant after she was raped, and is now appealing to the court to allow the abortion of a fetus that suffers serious medical abnormalities and threatens the...

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The Thin Line Between Narrative And Justice

No one is interested in finding the truth. The truth sometimes becomes Hindu, sometimes Muslim and sometimes Christian or else. The facts and circumstances are interpreted as per the convenience of the concerned persons or the authorities. Sometimes the concept of interpretation itself becomes the subject of interpretation. The...

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The Political Realities Of India

The first lines of the Preamble to the Constitution of India have been immortalised in every school book and educational institution. Our childhood is full of memories of grudgingly opening our books to the flowery, often described as beautiful, portrayal of the document which celebrates our independence.

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Attacks on africans

Incredible India: A Racist Society?

Our country is the home ground for the phrase, ‘the guests are God’ or ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. Since childhood, we have been taught to treat our guests as the most honourable people that we will ever meet, and to make their visit as pleasurable as possible. From cooking mouth-watering...

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Making Gay Go Away

What stems from parents-in-denial of homosexual people, or the people who want to lead the ‘normal’ life and wish to do away with the homosexuality in them? It leads to psychologists and various other doctors developing a therapy that not only rids people of their homosexuality but also give...

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Daughters-In-Law Should Be Treated As Family, Not Maid, Supreme Court Rules

“Did your mother not teach you culinary courtesies?” “Why haven’t you called your father yet?” “When am I getting my super-utility vehicle?” “Your monthly cramps give me a headache.” “This time, a son.” “This time, a bigger television set.” “This time add more sugar to my tea.” “A little less sugar.” “Even your rotis are like you,...

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Realistic Bollywood

Grossing Crores Or Imparting Awareness?

Recreating history or deliberating the societal concepts, has been a very crucial, if not commercial part of Bollywood since 1960s. Realism was a bastion of parallel cinema in the 60s, 70s and 80s, with filmmakers like Shyam Benegal and Govind Nihalani capturing the pulse of contemporary social issues in...

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