What Do You Know About Bhagat Singh?

“What do you know about Bhagat Singh?” Throw this question at the youth today and this is what they have to say- “He was a freedom fighter and a revolutionary. He was hanged for bombing the Assembly where a British police officer also died. They show it in the movies.” That’s it. Sadly, these are the three lines in which Bhagat Singh’s life is sufficed, today, and why not? We are free from the Imperial Rule and the relevance of his ideology mean very little to most of us. This collective amnesia is not surprising to me! In India, Bhagat Singh’s image has been romanticized to make it marketable! We have been sold an image of an “angry young man.” In doing so, there is no scope left for the man’s appreciable intellect.

How To Kill An IAS Officer And Make It Seem Like A Suicide

If it is a murder (and let us call a spade a spade for once), then it is unlikely that the actual perpetrators will ever be handed justice – even if the investigation is transferred from the State controlled CID to the national (and the overburdened) CBI.

Why The Idea of a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ Threatens a Hindu As Well

I am a Hindu myself, but I too feel threatened by the threat on India’s secularism. If India was to actually become a “Hindu Rashtra”, I would feel as much an outsider in this country, as a person of a minority community.

Subramanian Swamy: Love Him or Hate Him, You Can’t Ignore Him!

While on the podium, Subramaniyam Swamy said that Churches and Mosques are mere “buildings” to offer prayers. According to the super Swamy, God resides ONLY in Temples and Mosques or churches are not religious places, hence they can be demolished anytime.

17 Things Every Girl Wants To Tell You

Yes, I think I should know how to cook, but ONLY in order to survive and NOT to boost my marriage resume.

A Government That Is on a Banning Spree, Here’s My Advice to You!

Since we live in a society that decides what we should watch and indulge in, it is our duty to bring to the fore, those aspects of the society that, actually, offend us. Living with the false notions of free will, we must urge the government to prohibit the things that might tarnish the Indian society. Since the AIB Roast, Fifty Shades of Grey, Beef in Maharashtra, the documentary India’s Daughter on Nirbhaya and now, the word “lesbian,” have, already, been banned by our democratic government, I propose a few more bans. So, to a government that is on a banning spree, here’s my advice to you.

Why Chetan Bhagat Is Not A Writer But A Brand

Bogus rants of love, carnal descriptions, heartbreak and a wee bit of college life, and what you have is a Chetan Bhagat bestseller. If anybody can exploit stereotypes in the name of literature, it is Chetan Bhagat. The introduction to his most recent novel, Half Girlfriend, speaks volumes about his taking advantage of the popular clichés. After all, how could an English-speaking girl choose to be a non-English speaking, Bihari boy’s girlfriend? Hitting just the right chord, Bhagat immediately makes a fan base that comprises of all those boys who have been friend-zoned by the girls they are in “love” with. I guess I would not be entirely wrong to call him the Honey Singh of Indian Literature.

Modi and Kejriwal: More in Common Than It Once Seemed?

Stifling of dissent is perhaps most often the cost one has to pay for strong leadership. While Modi’s anathema to dissent had always been widely known and reported, recent accusations against AAP’s party supremo have revealed that he too may, in fact, be a dictator.

Nagaland Lynching: ‘Justice for Women’ or a Xenophobic, Patriarchal Outburst?

“As advocates for gender equality and sexuality rights, we strongly condemn such violence that pushes the agenda of human rights […]

Lynch Mob Justice in Nagaland: What Vigilante Justice Really Means

At a rate of 10 judges to every 10 lakh people in the country, it is no surprise that there is a perceived shortage of justice. But mob justice can lead in any direction.

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