Solitude: The Gift Of Human Soul

In this age, where we digitally interact with everyone in a matter of seconds, we are made to believe that any company is better than our own company. We are not taught to love our own company, or for that matter, even ourselves. Instead, we are taught to appreciate others and the company that they can provide us. We are led to believe that we can find solace in other people, love, family, job, everything; but not within ourselves.

Chetan Bhagat’s Complaint To The West

The fiction or even non-fiction of the aforementioned writers that have managed to get themselves featured in the literary cannon of English Indian literature, has been noticed as well as appreciated by the West. Their writings do not necessarily include a portrayal of an underprivileged India in order to grab attention or sympathy. The tales of Ghosh or Lahiri include themes of displacement of population, border conflicts, and the way history of a nation is remembered. These issues are as much the essence of bringing a change in the nation and extending individual freedoms, which is the ultimate goal of Mr.Bhagat, as he proclaims.

Hindu State: Undermining Secular India

The speculation that there would be minority marginalization in India began with the Bharatiya Janata Party’s electoral victory; and now it seems to be acquiring a tangible base. According to a report by the NDTV, a Goa Minister has said that if Narendra Modi is given support, he will “help” India develop into a Hindu state.

A 42-Year Old Hot Woman: Readjusting The Male Gaze

Citing the examples of American actresses like Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vergara and Amy Poehler, Junod obviously keeps his list of “hot” women restricted to those who have actively maintained themselves to look a certain way. With huge showbiz obsession and the pressure to look good shoved down women’s throats, his piece does nothing but reinstate those pressures. And why do women need to look good, anyway? Is it so that the average 42-year-old American man can have the pleasure of looking at pretty things?

SSC: Even Competitive Exams Can’t Do Without Bollywood

The next time you appear for an exam conducted by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) of India, there are chances […]

Selfie: An Obsession?

Lately I have been wondering what is it that keeps people glued to social media. The reason could either be […]

Uniform Civil Code Debate Sparks Off Again

But the flaws in traditional civil laws cut across religions as well as the numerous tribes across India. Even the majoritarian Hindu civil code that was formulated at the time of independence for the purpose of moderating communal energies stands as regressive as the Muslim one in light of present Indian thought.

Seventeen Year old CEO: This Kid Is A Genius

And now the seventeen year old is the Chief Executive Officer of iCasual Entertainment, a company started by him in June last year. He set up the office in a small room which he has now shifted to a four storey building in Kodambakkam in Chennai. In his well lit office he has four large computer screens and wall mounted television along with other gadgets.

Should Euthanasia Be Legalized?

The topic of euthanasia has always been intensely debatable with pros and cons to any stand on the issue. Therefore, it becomes hard to decide what would be the right thing for scores of people in vegetative state, with artificial ventilations and life support systems.

What’s Wrong In Wearing A Dhoti To A Cricket Club?

Nothing can be more humiliating for a person who takes pride in wearing his traditional attire and is denied entry into a cricket club in the very State which promotes wearing traditional attire. What is wrong in wearing traditional attire or for that matter, dhoti, or even Indian attire? Isn’t dhoti as elegant as Saint Laurent or an Armani suit?

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