Why I Think Arnab Goswami is ‘Antinational’

To my mind, a news anchor who glibly labels the defendants of the rights of the poor and the marginalized, antinational; and takes to absolute silence over matters of crony capitalism, is antinational himself.

India: A Land of Megalomaniacs?

The question really is, at a time when young India is desperately trying to do away with the antediluvian VIP culture of the country, can we really allow this hero-worship and megalomania among politicians to continue unabated?

AIB Controversy More Comic Than The Roast

The show would not have been so successful had not it been banned. Like, really. I would have gone on with my daily chores without batting an eyelid or sparing a thought at who-called-whom-what in a show, had such enormous back lashing not been taking place.

ISIS: A Tragedy Still in the Making, 21 Egyptians Beheaded

This anti-Islamic mood is what is most dangerous for its motive is to compel the Muslim community into believing that the world is against them, and that they must avenge the “non-believers” in order to make Islam thrive.

‘Sangh Parivaar Hoshiyar, Tere Saamne Karenge Pyar’: Couples Urge Hindu Mahasabha to Fulfill Promise of Valentine’s Day Weddings

The idea of getting married isn’t repulsive but having one’s freedom snatched for loving another is somewhat fascist. The sarcasm of the students wasn’t amiss because they spread a message so important to the structure of a democratic nation; this message being that no man in any position can stand up to a nation, say what they want and expect total submission.

Dear Mr. Obama, America’s Explicit Bigotry Would Have Shocked Gandhi!

It hasn’t been too long since the US President, Mr. Barack Obama, paid a visit to India, and delivered his much lauded speech at the Siri Fort Auditorium. As he addressed the Indians present there, he referred to the lingering discordance between the Hindus and the other religious minority groups residing in the country. He went a step further and took it upon himself to remind us that our Constitution has allowed people to freely “profess, practice and propagate” religion. We must, therefore, not stray from its guidelines. “We believe the circumstances of our birth need not dictate the arc of our lives,” said the US President.

Will AAP’s Historic Victory Translate into a Historic Change in Delhi?

AAP’s sweeping victory has revved up Delhi’s hopes to a magnanimous extent. The mountain of change, the burden of this hope lies on Mr. Kejriwal’s shoulder. The AAP manifesto promises a lot of changes that would in reality transform Delhi into a functional metropolitan for once. But these idealistic plans may or may not translate thoroughly into forthcoming actions. While on paper, everything looks plausible, when you do a cost analysis, real time objective break down of each of these agendas – some look hopeful, some look positivistic while the others simply impractical. Let’s analyze a few of AAPs promises a bit logistically.

Why The Threat of Modi’s Fascism is an Unfounded One

The Indian voter came out in record numbers in 2014 to give the BJP a stunning electoral victory over the Congress. The era of coalition politics was clearly over, the voter had decided that if a government were to exist, it must be a majority one.

AIB Roast V/S the Fringe Groups

In India, the rightist groups believe in righteous acts, they simply fail to embrace changes and claim to uphold the […]

The All India Bakchodh Controversy: Who’s at Fault?

In India, taking offence over things is as common as eating, breathing and copulating. Hence, the AIB roast coming under the scanner for using obscene language and content comes as no surprise. Why? For, the AIB dared to bring out in public that which is carefully guarded within the domains of the private.

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