The Saga Of The Social Media Bigots

My journey as a new media writer has been fairly short. It has, nevertheless, been one that has sufficiently burst my […]

Dear Dove, Beauty Is Not A Choice But A Social Construction

In portraying beauty as a choice, the video is simply putting women at a place where if anybody is responsible for their vilification, then it is they, themselves.

How Capitalism Teaches Women To Hate Themselves

From their very birth, women are fed with the notion that they aren’t good enough through seemingly innocuous messages. These […]

Germanwings Crash: Blaming Depression is not a Solution

Depression is by its nature capable of affecting a lot of people in a lot of different ways. Let’s not make it the new terrorism.

Why Beauty Pageants Are Not Beautiful

Innate beauty is not about rehearsed steps and high heels; it is not planned or premeditated. It is about the spirit of being a woman. The messiness, the scars and wrinkles that reveal the woman has lived a powerful story are sought to be veiled and never celebrated.

What Do You Know About Bhagat Singh?

“What do you know about Bhagat Singh?” Throw this question at the youth today and this is what they have to say- “He was a freedom fighter and a revolutionary. He was hanged for bombing the Assembly where a British police officer also died. They show it in the movies.” That’s it. Sadly, these are the three lines in which Bhagat Singh’s life is sufficed, today, and why not? We are free from the Imperial Rule and the relevance of his ideology mean very little to most of us. This collective amnesia is not surprising to me! In India, Bhagat Singh’s image has been romanticized to make it marketable! We have been sold an image of an “angry young man.” In doing so, there is no scope left for the man’s appreciable intellect.

How To Kill An IAS Officer And Make It Seem Like A Suicide

If it is a murder (and let us call a spade a spade for once), then it is unlikely that the actual perpetrators will ever be handed justice – even if the investigation is transferred from the State controlled CID to the national (and the overburdened) CBI.

Why The Idea of a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ Threatens a Hindu As Well

I am a Hindu myself, but I too feel threatened by the threat on India’s secularism. If India was to actually become a “Hindu Rashtra”, I would feel as much an outsider in this country, as a person of a minority community.

Subramanian Swamy: Love Him or Hate Him, You Can’t Ignore Him!

While on the podium, Subramaniyam Swamy said that Churches and Mosques are mere “buildings” to offer prayers. According to the super Swamy, God resides ONLY in Temples and Mosques or churches are not religious places, hence they can be demolished anytime.

17 Things Every Girl Wants To Tell You

Yes, I think I should know how to cook, but ONLY in order to survive and NOT to boost my marriage resume.

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