US President Accepts Modi’s Invitation: Republic Day 2015

Now, his credibility is transpiring into concrete proof. India, for the first time will have the United States’ President over as the chief guest for the Republic Day Parade in 2015. Modi is believed to have sent Obama a formal invitation to grace India’s Republic Day, 2015 with his presence as the chief guest.

Obama’s Efforts To Fix American Immigration System: What Could Wrong

The news comes as a relief to millions of residents who have had a fear of being separated from their loved ones looming over their shoulders. According to Obama, this decision of the President is expected to ease the lives of about 3.7 million illegal immigrants.

Nehru At 125: Congress’ Attempts At Political Isolation of BJP

For starters, Congress is clearly threatened by the BJP; hence it didn’t send any invites to the Prime Minister or his ruling party. Congress has been parading the values of leaders like Nehru, and the foundations of the party in colonial India and its role in the freedom struggle, for years. When the principal opposition party catches all the eyeballs on Sardar Vallabbhai Patel’s anniversary, or Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, it rings a lot of alarm bells in the Congress camp. Narendra Modi’s BJP has lifted, what was believed to be the Congress’ prerogative, and made it their own.

Girls Not Allowed: AMU Vice Chancellor

The arguments by the two respectable figures are contradictory, and worse, highly sexist. It is because of the educated and intellectual class who cling on to such conservative and backward ideas that our society continues to remain in the clutches on radical patriarchy. In the name of culture, we are handed down the diktats of harsh “rules” that bind this “culture” together. And how can we expect to move towards liberalism and equality when professors with high calibre like Gulrez and Shah pass on sexist ideas to the young generation? Instead of spreading ideas of gender equality, they are passing on the baton of conservatism and sexism.

China-Pakistan Military Collaboration: What Could Be Worse?

While Pakistan’s incursions and threats have always revolved around the Kashmir issue that has been on-going since the independence of both the countries in 1947, China has always followed an expansionist geopolitical strategy, like the one it employed with Tibet. Even today, China is slowing making an attempt to shift its borders by claiming over bordering Indian land mass in Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh. On the other hand, Pakistan is a grave concern for India looming constantly over its shoulders.

The Mighty Bear Against The Bald Eagle

While it is a fact that post disintegration the Russian economy has taken a toll, still, in terms of military power, global impact and a rich gas reserve, Russia is one of the key players. And in more ways than one Russia has proven its supremacy. Time and again it has taken the world by surprise by its valiant stand on matters of global importance. Recently Russia openly announced the construction of two nuclear reactors in the Bushehr site in Iran. This disclosure comes at a time when the west is clearly trying its level best to isolate Iran from the world community citing Iran’s increasing nuclear energy procurement process.

BJP Calls For Muslims To Join The Party

BJP is widely known, nationally and abroad, for its Hindu nationalist character; many even claim that the party stands as a voice of the Hindus in the country. Even during the 2014 elections, it wasn’t expected that the Muslims would extend their support to the BJP. However, the election result had much to say when BJP took to the centre as a single majority party after many years of coalition; this included the votes of majority of the Muslim population in the country. The results came as a shock mainly to the international media which has for many years believed the possible involvement of Modi in the sectarian riots of Gujarat in 2002.

Janata Parivar: Naya Saal, Purani Party

This reunion of Janata Parivar is an attempt by the member regional parties to refurbish their misplaced political clout in both state and centre. In all probability, the common agenda shared by these parties is to challenge the Modi-fied BJP and fill the opposition void left by a struggling Congress at the centre. As high its aspirations may be, the Mulayam Singh Yadav-led Samajwadi Janata Dal is most likely to fall short.

Glamorous Politicians

Political parties are in need of celebrities as they already have a strong fan base and are articulate enough to engage the public as to rope-in votes. Parties don’t have many issues to highlight or discuss, so they bank on non-political popular faces to ensure a win.

Time To Revise Modi-Nomics, Mr. Modi

Well, stocks go up and down, as per investor’s level of confidence. Stocks have never been and shall never be a true testimony to an economy’s success. The best judge to an economic situation is the number of industries coming up and the number of employment opportunities that are being created. Industries will come up only where there is openness to construction permits, land allocation, protecting investors, paying taxes and resolving insolvency. Something India mostly definitely needs to work on.

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