Modi’s “DiValley” In Kashmir: A Faux Pas?

Ever since the disaster surfaced, the valley has been sombre. The floods claimed 285 lives and affected around 3.5 lakh houses. According to the official estimates 95,000 of these houses have collapsed. Around 25 assembly constituencies have been affected. This visit is a means to raise the spirits of the people and provide the much needed relief work to the victims.

Jayalalitha Bail: A Case of Justice Half-Full, Half-Empty

Although the 2013 Supreme Court order, disqualifying elected representatives of their post and barring them from contesting elections for two-six years, was a response to tackle the pre-existing loopholes in the system, new gaps have emerged even when new measures have been taken in favour of political reform. The order prohibits the convicted of merely contesting in elections while there is no mention about the involvement of the same in campaigning for another candidate of his/her party.

Black Money Case: Switzerland Agrees To Reveal Names

Undisclosed income and tax evasion of thousands of crores was detected. More than 12,500 pieces of information regarding details of assets and payments received by Indian citizens in several countries were also obtained.

India Under AFSPA: An Era Of Shame

The Indian Army had its own fair share of contribution to the “Decade of Shame”. The Kunan Poshpora case of 1991 is a sordid testimony of the Human Rights violation by the Indian Army. In February 23, 1991 the Indian Army launched a series of search and interrogation operations in the Kunan Poshpora village of Kupwara district. What followed shook the entire world’s faith on humanity. As per official reports as far as 53 women were gang raped by Indian soldiers. The Human Rights Organisation reported the number to be well above 100. No level of justification can ever redeem in the eyes of the average Kashmir, the image of the Indian forces. What does one say to those little boys who saw their mothers being raped by hyenas? What possible explanations can one draw for such heinous acts?

Exit Polls: BJP Needs More Faces

But how long can the BJP rely on the Prime Minister to carry all the major work of the party? The over-dependence on Narendra Modi to deliver the goods in state elections every single time is bound to mount work load on the Prime Minister. Given that the Defence cum Finance cum Corporate Affairs Minister, Arun Jaitley is regaining his health, the Prime Minister has a lot on his plate. A lot of work is supposed to be done to bring the economy back on track, empower defence, and work towards human development.

Nipping Alcoholic Stress To Grip The Election Fever

The positive impact of election fever can be seen in declaring Gurgaon dry for three days from Monday post 6 pm till Wednesday 6pm . The closure of pubs and bars (including 5 star hotels) will most likely ensure a smooth functioning of electoral process, which would then prove vital for framing a stable government in Gurgaon.

Firing At LOC: Wrong Time For Pakistan

After Modi’s coming into power at the centre, the new Prime Minister had made it clear that he would thoroughly engage in South Asia; seeking for a long-term solution to the Indo-Pak rivalry that has been prolonging for over 6 decades now. Inviting his Pakistani counter Part Nawaz Sharif for his swearing-in ceremony, Modi had taken matters into hands to find solution through dialogue. However, ever since the famous “shawl-saree” diplomacy between the two PMs, ceasefire violation from the Pakistani side only increased.

Haven’t We Taken Whistleblowers For Granted?

These scams have been revealed by different sources. Sometimes CAG investigation reports and sometimes the media have done their bit to shed light in this regard. But the heaviest contributions have been made by the whistleblowers. Time and again they have risked their positions and even lives to bring the truth to surface.

A Persian Affair: India Needs To Stop Playing The Sidekick

On the surface of it, it might seem a sensible decision to vote against Iran. But if we delve deeper into the realms of socio-economic politics, we would certainly realise that it actually went against India’s favour. Most certainly India won the loyalty of the United States by conforming by its views on Iran’s nuclear program, but one wonders what it would have been like had India chosen to vote in Iran’s favour.

Tharoor And Clean India Campaign: Kerala Congress Gets It Wrong

The former Union Minister had “honourably” accepted the invite from Mr. Narendra Modi to join Clean India Campaign on its inaugural day. The gesture from both the Prime Minister and the Congress MP is generous and rises above partisan politics. Swachh Bharat (clean India) is a national issue. Our country is plagued with the horrors of hygiene, sanitation, open defecation, and polluted public spaces. To get rid of the same and meet the objectives of the campaign, it is imperative every individual comes together.

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