Jayanthi Natrajan: Crying Foul for Political Gains?

Ever since the news of Natrajan quitting the Congress party has broken out, there has been speculation that she too, like many of her former party members, could join the BJP. There have been reports suggesting that Jayanthi Natrajan did in fact meet BJP Party President, Amit Shah, during the Winter Session of the Parliament.

Kiran Bedi On Women Safety

Her top priority, if elected to power, would be women’s security, cleanliness of the city and provision of civic amenities like power, water and sanitation. She released her plan for making Delhi a safer place to live for women on Twitter on Wednesday. She released a 25-point action plan with the hash tag #kiransBlueprint.

Rahul Gandhi Holds Road Show in Delhi

He initiated his election campaign with a road show in South Delhi. During the campaign, Mr. Gandhi was heard saying that Congress would stage a solid comeback this time. He also accused the Modi government for not fulfilling their promises towards the poor for the sake of a few corporate houses. During the campaign, he also targeted AAP for its double standards and fake promises. Rahul Gandhi met with the people of Kalkaji and other adjoining areas. He was accompanied by other Congress leaders like Subhash Chopra, Ajay Maken, and Sharmishta Mukherjee.

Five Questions That Nobody Would Be Allowed To Ask Obama

Amidst this frenzy of sorts that surrounds Obama’s recent visit to India, there have been few voices that have sought to question the doublespeak of the newly found bonhomie between India and the USA. The obsessive mainstream media’s incessant coverage of Obama’s itenary is one thing; the way the two leaders, Narendra Modi and Barrack Obama, have come to capture the nation’s collective imagination, however, is quite another. Why the aforementioned is problematic is because it distorts a lot many facts that Indians must know. Whether or not one chooses to join in the hype and the hurrahs after asking a few critical questions, is obviously a matter of choice. However, the questions must be asked.

New Nuke Deal: A New Beginning With Old Scars?

The prime accused in one of the worst industrial tragedies in the world, Warren Anderson, died last year without facing a trial. For many years, the US has been trying to portray India to be too rigid about its stand on nuclear liability. The argument that has been given to justify the investors interested in streaming in capital into a power-hungry India is that the authority supplying nuclear fuel and reactor components is subject to criminal procedures if there are quality issues with the supplied material. Consequently, this provision is said to dampen the international investor sentiment which is otherwise in favour of a competitive entry into the Indian market.

Indian Democracy: Comedy of Errors

The feeling of patriotism and public weal reigned supreme and our politicians took to the task of nation building with much zeal and vigour. The importance attached to the common goal was such that our first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru made members of the opposition a part of the Cabinet. We had a prominent example of a member of the Parliament resigning at his own volition when minor charges were brought out into the open against him, without waiting to ascertain the veracity of the claim.

Why Kiran Bedi Would Not Take On Kejriwal In A Public Debate

To me, it’s only understandable that Bedi declines Kejriwal’s challenge, for this political novice has much to lose to her former colleague in a public debate. Arvind Kejriwal is a familiar face in Delhi politics. Whether or not one likes him, one knows him as a politician. Dilliwalas are privy to both his strengths and weaknesses, and given Kejriwal’s 49-day stint as Delhi’s Chief Minister, he has in a sense been tried and tested by Delhi’s electorate. Consequently, a presidential debate is less likely to adversely impact his fate in the coming elections.

Arvind Kejriwal VS Kiran Bedi: Where Do They Stand?

Bedi is a powerful titan with her crystal-clear prospects. She has been stressing on the “6Ps” (parents, politics, police, prosecution, prison and press) and “6Ss” (suraksha [safety], swachchata [cleanliness], saksharta [literacy], saksham [able], sanskari [Culture], and sab ki dilli [Delhi for all]) plans to make Delhi safer and healthier. She is likely to muster the votes of the middle class (who is probably to ditch AAP) and the lower class as her plans focus upon regularising the unauthorised colonies and making Delhi slum-free respectively. She is a promising personality among women voters. Women’s safety is going to be Bedi’s top agenda if voted to power, she said.

BJP Or AAP: Nobody Has An Answer

While the BJP won five seats in Delhi, the results in Varanasi, which is Prime Minister Modi’s home constituency, came as an embarrassment for the BJP. BJP failed to garner a single seat in the Varanasi and Lucknow Cantonment Board Elections, whereas in Agra it won a hardly face-saving total of one seat. Commenting on this unanticipated debacle, the BJP State Chief Laxmikant Bajpai said, “Most of the candidates lost because they were not given official BJP symbols by the party”.

External Voting: Boon For Non-Resident Indians

According to the provisions of the Representation of the People (Amendment) Act, 2010, “A person who is a citizen of India and who has not acquired the citizenship of any other country and is otherwise eligible to be registered as a voter and who is absenting from his place of ordinary residence in India owing to their employment, education or otherwise is eligible to be registered as a voter in the constituency in which their place of residence in India as mentioned in their passport is located.”

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