Shiv Sena: Where Does One Draw The Line?

Shiv Sena, which is mostly active in Maharashtra, is popularly known across the country for its radical rightist stand with respect to social and political issues. Many a times, we have heard of the group taking tough stands on social issues and even engaging in moral policing across Maharashtra. They have been in the news for beating fellow Indians, damaging public property, and intimidating police officers. They have also gone as far as to beat up women.

Who Should Form The Government In Delhi?

Heavy speculations about Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ready to form the government in Delhi has been doing the rounds lately, making it seem like the party is unwilling to face fresh elections. Having won the Lok Sabha elections with absolute majority, the BJP would not take any chance to embarrass themselves in the Delhi Assembly and would do anything to protect their hard earned image at the centre. With mixed reactions about the Budget and recent criticisms about the government’s inability to tackle inflation, the party cannot afford a huge defeat in Delhi.

Bill Clinton Impressed With Modi’s Economic Policy

It was Clinton’s third visit to Jaipur where he went to see the functioning of a kitchen run by Akshay Patra, an NGO which serves nearly one lakh fifty thousand people every day out of which one lakh twenty five thousand are students from eleven hundred schools that come under government’s mid-day meal scheme. Clinton himself also served chapatis (Indian bread) to children.

Better Days Ahead For Afghanistan?

The American Secretary of State, John Kerry, brokered an agreement between the competing Presidential candidates, Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani, to decide the formation of the government after an audit of the votes. The move ensures the authenticity of the voting result as well as strikes a friendly compromise between the two candidates and their supporters to extend peace. According to the agreement, the winner takes on the position of President and the runners up as the ‘Chief Executive’ of the government after the audit.

BRICS Bank: New Landscape Of Global Funding System

The BRICS Development Bank which will change the landscape of international funding is undoubtedly going to increase the credibility of its member states. This Development Bank is to be set up in Shanghai. The Bank will keep a hundred billion US Dollar fund as currency reserve fund to rescue the member states during times of balance of payments crisis. The initial capital however is going to be of fifty billion US Dollars. India will be bestowed with the responsibility to name the first President of the Development Bank, while Russia and Brazil will name the bank’s other top officials.

Yet Another Step Towards Politicization of Education?

Romilla Thapar, a well-known Marxist historian, wrote an essay on the unsuitability of Professor Rao for the position. She pointed out the lack of a minimum level of research that has gained credibility in the community of Indian scholars. Similar arguments were made by other historians like Ramchandra Guha and Irfan S. Habib, both of whom are highly regarded by other historians as well as people of India. The only reason, then, remains to be his ideological leaning towards the Hindutva right for his appointment as the new Chairperson.

Can Modi Better India’s Relation With China?

For the past decade, border dispute has made relationship sour between India and China. While China includes Arunachal Pradesh in its map, India claims that the north-eastern state has always been an integral part of India. Further, in 2013 India alleged that Chinese military crossed over into Ladakh which is a part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). This escalated the existing tension between the two countries to a deeper level.

Israel Continues With Its “Mission” Amid Protests

The death toll of the Palestinian population has exceeded the figure of hundred with many more casualties left injured. The part of the civilian population that hasn’t been under direct attack has been asked to relocate so that their homes could be bombed, because according to the Israeli state, these areas fall under the jurisdiction of the terrorist organizations.

What’s for India At The BRICS Summit?

Efforts to establish BRICS development bank is likely move forward where member countries would sign an agreement to set up the bank. The BRICS Development Bank with a corpus of hundred million dollar will give concessional credit to member-countries and other developing countries. China’s insistence is to give out more funds so as to have greater control, while India wants each member to give equal share.

Pakistani Militants Violates Ceasefire Along The LOC

Mr Sharif was optimistic for having good ties with the Modi-led government but violation of ceasefire by Pakistani militants could hamper India’s effort to make peace. From time to time, there have been several infiltration bids by Pakistani militants along the LOC. In May this year, two jawans (Indian soldiers) were also killed along the LOC.

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