Who Will Be America’s Top Presidential Candidate?

U.S. senators have begun crawling out of the woodworks in the race to become America’s next President. Republican senator from Texas, Ted Cruz has thrown his name into the ring, announcing his run for President. In doing so, he has joined the former Internal Revenue Service (IRS) commissioner Mark Everson and Jack Fellure in the Republican Party’s kitty of potentials.

Has AAP Been Ignoring You, Delhi?

While the party is pre-occupied in waging an internal war within its two camps, the residents of Delhi are on the brink of facing an impending water crisis with a municipality that is on the verge of going bankrupt.

AAP: No Place For Dissenting Voices

AAP is, now, divided in two wings, one that is associated with India Against Corruption movement and other, with socialist-leftist tendencies.

JDU Chief Sharad Yadav Makes Sexist Remark, Then Headlines. Regrets Nothing.

In 1997 he criticized the Women’s Legislation Bill by asking, “Do you think these women with short hair (he used the word “par-kati” to refer to them) can speak for women, for our women…”

Why Kejriwal’s Deafening Silence Over The Ongoing Crisis In AAP  Can Cost Him Everything

AAP is not BJP, and Kejriwal is not Modi. Even if Kejriwal wants to become as “arrogant” as he believes the BJP and Congress to be, he cannot afford this arrogance.

Modi’s Visit To Sri Lanka: Will This Visit Tame the Chinese Influence over Sri Lanka?

The first possible undertone is an attempt at taming the Chinese influence in the island nation. The Indo-Sri Lankan ties have been quite rocky since Mahinda Rajapaksa regime in Sri Lanka had left the Indian capital flustered by tilting towards China.

Arvind Kejriwal and Horse Trading: Has He Duped The Common Man?

Besieged by rifts within the party, Delhi’s new CM, Arvind Kejriwal has taken a nose dive into hot, hot soup. Amidst allegations such as being a dictator, et al, the latest piece of accusation showered upon the messiah of Indian Politics, Kejriwal, is horse trading.

Government Concedes Amendments to Land Acquisition Act; But Is The Interest of Farmers Getting Lost In a Murky Political Debate?

While the merits of the debate must be seen clinically as far as possible, a little empathy towards those whose lives are going to be directly impacted by the outcome is imperative too.

Why I am a Disillusioned Woman Supporter of AAP Today

As a woman supporter of your party, I had been disillusioned when you declared your party’s name is the “Aam Aadmi Party”. As a woman supporter of your party, I had been disillusioned when it was revealed that you had no space for women in your Cabinet and your party’s PAC.

What the AAP Rift Means for the Aam Aadmi

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” After creating history, has […]

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