No Musharraf, Hafiz Saeed Or Anyone Else Can Harrow India

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has announced that all those who were involved in this incident would be punished severely. India too has expressed its deep condolences for the families of those who died in that horrific event. But as always, politics has started spreading dirt once again, this time in Pakistan.

Sushma Swaraj And 5 Other BJP Leaders Who Made Sectarian Moves

In a recent incident, External Affairs minister, Sushma Swara was heard saying that the Bhagwad Gita should be made the “rashtriya granth” ( national holy scripture). This comment by Swaraj has met with enraged reactions from scholars, media and the common mass. However, Swaraj’s are not the only controversial words that have raised eyebrows against the BJP with suspicion on lines of sectarianism.

The Black Money Issue

As clichéd as it may sound, the job is easier said than done. The income tax probe concerning 627 Indians has been a nightmarish experience for Mr. Modi and his team. Among the 627, around 400 names have been identified by the government. However, according to whistle blower Herve Falciani, India has less than one percent information on the black money stashed abroad by Indians. Herve was primarily responsible for leaking information related to thousands of bank accounts at HSBC Geneva. Many of them even belonged to Indians. Herve has promised to help India in uncovering the mess.

Asian Of The Year: Narendra Modi.

Adorning the Prime Minister of India with rave reviews, The Strait Times, a Singaporean daily has named Narendra Modi “Asian of the Year” for 2014. The editors of this Singaporean press group take upon themselves the responsibility of rewarding an Asian whose efforts to bring about constructive changes to his society as well as the entire continent of Asia with this award. “Despite being relatively new to the job, he has already made a mark on Asia, reaching out to neighbors and receiving national leaders including Xi Jinping of China and Tony Abbott of Australia,” prompted the publisher of The Strait Times, Singapore Press Holdings Limited. “He has given his people a renewed sense of direction and purpose, and there are hopeful signs that he is minded to using his strong mandate to good effect in one of Asia’s major powers. We wish him and India every success,” cited the editor of the daily, Fernandez.

Six months, 25 U-turns by Modi government: Congress

The detailed thirty-three page booklet points out the shortcomings in the government’s ability to tackle important issues like – the rail fair hike, persistent Chinese incursions on the border, strained relations with Pakistan, black money and the insurance bill to name a few.

Actress Kushboo Comes Out Of political Hiatus, Joins Congress

The south Indian actress, who started her political career with the DMK in 2010 when it was in power in Tamil Nadu, says that she finally “feels at home” after joining the Congress. She said, “It is one of greatest honours to be part of Congress. Though I was associated with another political party in the past, something was nudging me. My family has always supported this party. Now, it feels like home coming after joining the Congress.”

Is Arnia Encounter A Hint of Pakistan’s Double Standards?

K. Rajendra, Director General of Jammu and Kashmir Police said, “The encounter between our soldiers and militants has eventually come to an end. Boys did a tremendous job and prevented militants from doing anything worse to civilians.” He further added, “In this encounter, total 12 people have died including three army personals and five civilians.” The encounter between army and militants lasted for more than 24 hours. On Thursday, it was said by one army spokesperson that four militants were assassinated and one injured, while on Friday morning he spelled out that there was some confusion in identifying one of the dead.

SAARC Summit Fails To Sting Out India And Pakistan Differences

Both Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif shared the same dais but shove aside each other completely. Neither were there any handshakes, nor any exchange of courtesies. The first day of summit lasted for almost three hours, but neither of the two made any attempt to talk to or acknowledge each other. Leaders of Maldives and Nepal were sitting between Modi and his counterpart, who also felt the heat of the moment when Nawaz Sharif crossed Modi before and after delivering his speech, but turned blind eye on him.

SAARC Summit: Another Opportunity To Tighten Relations

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The world is one family). For his maiden participation in the 18th South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation […]

Meet Ajit Doval, Real Life James Bond Of India

James Bond or the 007 character of Hollywood has gained eminent popularity among people across ages. You can see girls, boys and even old-aged people going crazy over him because of his incredible qualities. Without any doubt, he is the best fictional secret service agent of the world. There are a very few such people, who carry the same personality like him. Fortunately, India has one such personality: Ajit Doval, National Security adviser of the country.

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