India Makes History With IAF’s Biggest Purchase Yet

Modi’s Euro-tour has already paid off for Dassault and the IAF with a guarantee of 36 aircraft and a significant amount of technology transfer. Anticipating Modi’s visit to Germany, the German ambassador’s offer of the Eurofighter may now, fall flat – but only time will tell whether Dassault will win the race or not.

Indo-Pak Bonhomie On The Sidelines Of A War-Torn Yemen

Surprising as it may be, on April 8, 11 Indians were rescued from Yemen by the Pakistan navy and were flown to India by a special plane from Karachi.

Buzzwording Hate: A Staple of the New Right

These are blanketterms that can really be applied to anybody who opposes particular aspects of this government and its ideologies. Those who had a problem with the word “secular” being removed from the Preamble were called ‘sickular’, as were those who opposed Ghar Vapsi.

Is Iran India’s Only Friend In The Middle-East?

Neither India nor Iran are strangers to being played by the West. It would be good if India saw a friend in Iran where the rest of the world will soon only see a business opportunity.

Babri Masjid Demolition: Will Arresting Advani Make Him A Criminal Or A Martyr?

Haji Mahboob Ahmad is a petitioner in the Babri Masjid-Ramjanmabhoomi case, who lost his house in the violence that followed the mosque’s destruction in 1992. He has petitioned the Supreme Court to reconsider the case against L.K. Advani, which he says would not be pursued diligently by the CBI under a BJP administration, where one of the accused is now the nation’s Home Minister, Rajnath Singh. The court has asked the CBI to explain their delay in pursuing the appeal against the clearing of charges for senior BJP leaders.

What Makes Aam Aadmi Party Uncannily Similar To George Orwell’s Animal Farm

It is a similar hypocrisy with Kejriwal and the many AAP members who initially refused any idea of enjoying the fruits of power – such as official cars, bungalows, police security, holidaying on official time, etc. Gradually, members within the party would succumb to the temptations of the same– and AAP would become like any other party.

From ‘Aap To Tum': How AAP Fell From Grace

The inevitable split between Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan with Arvind Kejriwal has happened – the two were sacked from the party today. A resolution was passed by the National Executive Council expelling them from the party, and the two were physically escorted out by “bouncers” according to Yadav.

Why There Would Have Been No ‘Modi-Wave’ Had There Not Been A ‘Vajpayee-Wave’

Even those who detested the Bharatiya Janata Party for its communal tendencies and its Hindu nationalist agenda, looked up to Vajpayee as a moderate voice trapped in the cacophony of hard line politics.

Who Will Be America’s Top Presidential Candidate?

U.S. senators have begun crawling out of the woodworks in the race to become America’s next President. Republican senator from Texas, Ted Cruz has thrown his name into the ring, announcing his run for President. In doing so, he has joined the former Internal Revenue Service (IRS) commissioner Mark Everson and Jack Fellure in the Republican Party’s kitty of potentials.

Has AAP Been Ignoring You, Delhi?

While the party is pre-occupied in waging an internal war within its two camps, the residents of Delhi are on the brink of facing an impending water crisis with a municipality that is on the verge of going bankrupt.

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