An All-Out Mahabharat

The confused-state of affairs in the state of Uttar Pradesh compelled me to just sort out the mess and vent my opinions on this portal. Now, the more I read about the situation of Samajwadi Party and their all public outrage, the more I realize that this is nothing...

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Chinese Woes: To Bluff Some More?

It has long been known if not acknowledged that Pakistan protects, nurtures and supports the terrorists on their land. They have always refuted such claims, and have always turned the table right towards India who seems to be the only one ferociously asking Pakistan to curb terrorism that happens...

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The Final Presidential Debate Puts A Nasty End

With the final debate being concluded today, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shared much more than their views. Cutting back sentences, passing insulting comments slyly, all has been done in the past; however, this pair stands themselves out amongst the many who had met the same fate. Their repulsion...

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The Cursing Power Of Words

Writers, all around the globe have always maintained the importance of words, and upheld the secret vow that we make while writing something. Whenever writing something, it has always been important to uphold facts and to not indulge in plagiarism, because words are the only medium that can convey...

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No More Of Terror

It was around midnight, when the Army’s Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopters with 25 commandos from 4-para and 9-para crossed the LoC (Line of Control) into Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Their motive wasn’t to infiltrate Pakistan and kill many of their soldiers like it happened in our country; the motive was to...

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Swachch Bharat Bites Dust With Chikungunya Crisis

Dengue, Chikungunia both started off as a disease, but owing up to bad infrastructure and laxative civic authorities, shortage of doctors and of course, carelessness, they manifested themselves into an outbreak. With the constant blabbering exchanged between the civic authorities, namely the three MCD headquarters and the state government,...

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In Uri Flows The Color Of Blood

India and Pakistan share much more than a border, they share a controversial history and a sad partition, which further gets heightened whenever Kashmir is at stake. They both have laid claims over the paradise and words of feud have been constantly exchanged. Many Prime Ministers have come and...

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History Repeats Itself, This Time For Water

Supreme Court is making a lot of noise these day, for good and bad both. Recently, Supreme Court made a groundbreaking judgement, wherein criticizing a government or its’ policies does not amount to sedition. Many people than required are getting afflicted with charges of sedition because of being ‘anti-national’...

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Lokpal Amendment Creative

Political Machinations At Work

In a recent unorthodox move, the Lok Sabha passed an amendment on the Lokpal and Lokayukta bill, 2013, extending the deadline indefinitely for government employees and NGOs to declare their assets. A surprise move which came up after a delegation of MPs met the Prime Minister on July 25th...

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Education And The Job Gap

I attended one of the best university in India. An august institution which has an irreproachable image and standing in the academic circles of our country. For obvious reasons, I shall not be naming names, because the fact of the matter is, the said university did nothing to teach...

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Change Of Ministers, But Change For Good?

In a recent Cabinet reshuffle, Prakash Javadekar, a Member of Parliament from Madhya Pradesh and official spokesperson for the BJP took over the HRD Ministry from Smriti Irani. Coming as a reason for deep breaths for many people in the country, seeing the less than charming performance of Mrs....

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Our forgotten hope for the olympics

Our Forgotten Hope For The Olympics

Historically, India hasn’t performed well in the International stage in athletics. Every year we hear disappointing results of the Indian competitors, and those few who do manage to notch up a medal tally are hailed as heroes, only to be forgotten in a couple of months. Some would even...

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The Political Realities Of India

The first lines of the Preamble to the Constitution of India have been immortalised in every school book and educational institution. Our childhood is full of memories of grudgingly opening our books to the flowery, often described as beautiful, portrayal of the document which celebrates our independence.

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State and religion

The Gods, The State And Maneka Gandhi

Historically, the State has always kept its distance from Religion. Accepting the importance of organised religion in an individual’s life, the value of the belief and respecting the faith a citizen has are some of the reason for this demarcation. Avoiding the chaos of clashing with religious rules and...

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Mehbooba Mufti

For Mehbooba Mufti, Tough Times Ahead?

Almost 5 months of uncertainty in the Indian state of J&K, Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed has taken oath as the 13th Chief Minister of the state. The PDP-BJP alliance has formed the government again. The previous CM of J&K and the PDP chief Mufti Mohammad Sayeed died in January this...

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