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#BiharElections: The Last Lap!

As November 8th draws closer, the heat and buzz around the Bihar Assembly elections is on the rise. Political circles are abuzz with what’s being touted as one of the most crucial State elections of all time! The power tussle between the contending parties, the larger than life campaigns,...

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Rajya Sabha: The Coveted Trophy

As the Bihar Mahabharata nears its final, nail-biting conclusion and we find ourselves swamped by the wall to wall media coverage, clarity is the need of the hour. As caustic sloganeering and shrill newsroom debates reach a fever pitch, objectivity takes a backseat. Amid the cacophony, how does one...

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#BeefBan: Holy Cow, Unholy Politics!

That cow slaughter is reason enough for man slaughter is not only appalling but also grossly archaic and ridiculous. The indoctrination and growing intolerance of the people is nothing but a manifestation of carefully crafted hate politics by the so-called religious leaders to fulfill their personal and political agendas.

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#BiharPolls: What Will Clinch the Deal?

With the campaigning for the Bihar Assembly polls heating up, all those involved in the election process- whether politicians, pollsters or the electorate- are placing their bets on what they think will be the deciding factor in these crucial elections. You, the reader, may have your own viewpoint on...

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#RaGaPhirBhaga: Think Rahul, Think!

Every politician needs time to contemplate, rethink, analyze and plan- be it his/her strategies, plans or at times even ideology. But, Congress’ heir-apparent has been doing this for far too long now and more often than not. Agreed that his party is going through its worst phase and is...

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Modi’s Digital India: What Is It All About?

Digital isn’t the word you’d often associate or put alongside India. We’re more familiar with using words like “traditional India”, “cultural India”, or “ancient India”, etc. India had its first brush with “information technology” and “digital” in the 80s under Rajiv Gandhi’s leadership and then in the early 90s....

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Is The Congress Trying To Be More Like The BJP?

In politics, everywhere, perceptions matter. Politics in India is no exception. Perceptions about political parties in India are created by either the leader/s of the party (Gandhiji’s or Nehru’s charisma determined the perceptions about the Indian National Congress during the freedom struggle and in the 1950s-60s, respectively), the slogans...

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North Korea: A Mockery Of Democracy?

North Korea calls itself The Democratic People's Republic of Korea. I don’t think that the people of North Korea identify themselves as “Democratic”. The party is fooling no one by calling themselves a “Democratic Republic”. The country follows the “songun” or “military first” policy which dictates according to the...

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Understanding The Great Greek Depression

Greece is reeling under heavy debt. Speculation of a great economic meltdown is growing. And this is actually a warning bell for rest of us, too. The European Debt Crisis- especially the Greek crisis – is unnerving for the economic stability of the world. The historic Schuman Declaration of...

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Manipur Mayhem: A Distorted Tale?

Aftermath of the Manipur ambush: Over the last two weeks, more than 18 Indian soldiers have been killed with 15 others injured in Manipur’s Chandel district. These attacks were fostered by the north-east militants. This turned out to be the worst amongst the many attacks on the Indian Army in...

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This Is How Your Prime Minister Insulted You

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have seen his first major gaff in his foreign travels, as the hashtag #ModiInsultsIndia trends in response to a speech he delivered to the Non Residential Indian (NRI) community in Shanghai. “Earlier, you felt ashamed of being born Indian. Now you feel proud to...

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From ‘Aap To Tum’: How AAP Fell From Grace

The inevitable split between Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan with Arvind Kejriwal has happened – the two were sacked from the party today. A resolution was passed by the National Executive Council expelling them from the party, and the two were physically escorted out by “bouncers” according to Yadav.

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What the AAP Rift Means for the Aam Aadmi

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” After creating history, has Kejriwal become a great, bad man? Days after Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan questioned the functioning of Aam Aadmi Party Chief, Arvind Kejriwal, the AAP’s National Executive Council has...

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Budgeting For The Poor

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) is among the world's most ambitious poverty alleviation programs, promising a hundred days of work in a year at a hundred rupees pay per day for any adult willing to work.

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