Facebook Buys WhatsApp

The news about Facebook buying WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars has certainly got everyone’s minds racing. While some suspect that WhatsApp services will now be merged with Facebook Messenger, others are worried about their privacy and the ads that will keep flickering on their smartphone screen. Well, we will find the answers to these worries with time but there are very high chances of WhatsApp enjoying its independence just like the photo sharing app Instagram, which Facebook bought in the year 2012. However, one of Facebook’s five co-founders Mark Zuckerberg ensured that much of users’ internet activity happened through Facebook and its apps.

Music For Your Ears

A huge section of teenage life involves locking oneself in bedroom, putting on headphones and getting lost in the beauty of a world where nothing can go wrong. And this applies not only to our teenage times, but also takes us through most of our adult life as well. Whether it be the drumming of the rock and roll period or the pop songs that makes you want to dance, music drowns our sorrows and brings with it a reverence that leaves life rejuvenated. Given all this dramatic background, I’ll come to what really blew my mind—Bose’s QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones.

The Light of Happiness

Sure, the holiday and party season is over but we still have something to smile about—we still have the two best sounding speakers, the BoseSoundlink Mini and the JBL Pulse.
While the Bose looks just like any other show piece on your table, the JBL looks almost like a chalta-phirta (walking) disco light.

Too Many Options To Choose From

Technology, although a double edged sword, has been helping humankind right from the beginning of time. The youth today is particularly obsessed by it and wants to be able to communicate with anyone at any given point of time. And technology has been helping us satisfy this obsession, to the extent that mobile numbers and email-ids are exchanged later but people “friend” you or “follow” you on social networking sites first.

Delivery By Unmanned Drones!

Late Sunday evening, Amazon’s CEO, Mr. Jeff Bezos announced to the world that Amazon is contemplating delivery of packages by unmanned drones.
Mr. Bezos said the drones, called Octocopters, are unmanned vehicles that will fly through the air and could deliver packages that weigh up to five pounds (2.3 kg). He also said that, that represents around 86 percent of the total packages that Amazon delivers.

Mysterious Mars!

As one of our closest and most familiar neighbours in space, Mars has served as the source of legends and theories ever since the storytellers first slept under the stars. With its 24.6 hour long day and snowy polar caps, it faintly resembles Earth. And thus Mars is really the only place that looks favourable for life—whether aliens or as a station for humans.

English Language Is In Danger

The trend of hash tags (#) started out harmlessly. They first originated on the social networking site Twitter in the year 2009, followed by Instagram in the year 2011 and finally on Facebook in the year 2013. However, with time hash tags have become a fashion, so much so that people have started using them in their regular conversations. And as is always the case with everything on the internet, its time for hash tags to face the repercussions.

Apple Gears Up For Festive Season

Apple Inc. loves making headlines and we all love reading them. After launching the new iPhones, iPhone 5s and iPhone […]

Et Tu Twitter?

As shocking as it may sound but the word “feku”(a term coined for Narendra Modi by the twitterati meaning a person who constantly brags and lies), applies more to the world of Twitter than Modi himself.

Smile Please!

Gone are the days when we carried our digital cameras to a party, and it’s all thanks to our latest smartphones. But the best part about clicking pictures is the fact is that we can play around with it. The Appstore in all the latest phones, be it Android, Apple or BlackBerry, gives you wide range of photo editing apps so that you can options of photo editing apps.

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