ISRO To Launch Its Third Navigation Satellite

India had launched first of its satellites, IRNSS-1A-, from Sriharikota on July 1, 2013 and then the second one, IRNSS-1B, in April this year. The IRNSS is supposed to be operational once four out of its seven satellites are launched into the space by 2015. It could be used for military as well as civilian purpose like terrestrial, aerial and marine Navigation; disaster management, vehicle tracking and fleet management; integration with mobile phones; precise timing, mapping and geodetic data capture; terrestrial navigation aid for hikers and travelers; and visual and voice navigation for drivers.

India Successfully Enters The Mars Orbit

With the successful completion of the MOM, India becomes the first country ever to enter the Mars orbit in its very first attempt that too in a very short span of time. Before ISRO, it was the Soviet Space Program (took three attempts before it succeeded in entering the Mars orbit), NASA (succeeded in the second attempt), and the European Space Agency, that successfully reached the Mars orbit. The mission for India, unlike other agencies to have succeeded in the similar mission, was completed within a skimpy budget of just $74 million, reports The Hindu.

Nokia X2: A Better Alternative?

If you watch television for a little while, you must have seen the Nokia Lumia advertisement; the one in which a young man talks about how his Nokia Lumia phone has helped him adjust to a new city. The advertisement ends with him by saying, “but the best part, it fits my budget”. That is exactly the position the new Nokia X2 is aiming for.

WhatsApp’s New Features Ensure Your Safety

WhatsApp had already made our lives easier by helping us connect with our families and friends living in India and abroad. But if that wasn’t enough, the application has now come up with some new features that ensure the user’s safety. Here take a look:

LG G3: A Phone Worth Checking Out

After a long wait LG has finally entered the world of smartphones with its new phone LG G3. But with the mobile users drooling over phones like HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5, and Sony Xperia z2 will it be able to attract buyers? Let’s find out.

Time Is Running Out

Has modern medicine stepped into dangerous territory? The year 2014 marked a great victory for India in the health sector. […]

Study Smart, Study Right

It’s that time of the year once again when I shut myself in my room every evening and open my books, and go on an adventure called “preparing for exams”. While I end up sleeping half the time what’s more difficult for me is to not access my phone when I study. Being the texting addict that I am, having a phone near me always gives me the assurance that there are people out there looking out for me. But it also gives my mother another opportunity to yell at the highest pitch possible.

Facebook Buys WhatsApp

The news about Facebook buying WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars has certainly got everyone’s minds racing. While some suspect that WhatsApp services will now be merged with Facebook Messenger, others are worried about their privacy and the ads that will keep flickering on their smartphone screen. Well, we will find the answers to these worries with time but there are very high chances of WhatsApp enjoying its independence just like the photo sharing app Instagram, which Facebook bought in the year 2012. However, one of Facebook’s five co-founders Mark Zuckerberg ensured that much of users’ internet activity happened through Facebook and its apps.

Music For Your Ears

A huge section of teenage life involves locking oneself in bedroom, putting on headphones and getting lost in the beauty of a world where nothing can go wrong. And this applies not only to our teenage times, but also takes us through most of our adult life as well. Whether it be the drumming of the rock and roll period or the pop songs that makes you want to dance, music drowns our sorrows and brings with it a reverence that leaves life rejuvenated. Given all this dramatic background, I’ll come to what really blew my mind—Bose’s QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones.

The Light of Happiness

Sure, the holiday and party season is over but we still have something to smile about—we still have the two best sounding speakers, the BoseSoundlink Mini and the JBL Pulse.
While the Bose looks just like any other show piece on your table, the JBL looks almost like a chalta-phirta (walking) disco light.

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