The War on NGOs: Are Coal and GDP Worth More than a Human Life?

Addressing the Lok Sabha on Thursday, Junior Home Minister Kiren Rijiju announced that the government has banned 69 NGOs from receiving foreign funding. The list of NGOs includes 14 from Andhra Pradesh, 12 from Tamil Nadu, 5 from Gujarat and Odisha, 4 each from Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala and 3 from Delhi.

‘The Daughters of India’: A Global Campaign for Gender Justice or Racist Pity?

I propose to be an equal partner in a movement that ought to be collective, that ought not to rest on the “us” versus “them” dichotomy. I reject a civilizing mission of the Western nations in the name of a campaign to promote gender justice, for what we need is global solidarity, not racist pity.

 Want to Sell Beef? Be Ready for 5 Years of Imprisonment!

Activist Kavita Krishnan boldly puts, “I am one of those who thinks and reads a lot about ethical treatment of animals, it’s a lifelong concern that I won’t let Sanghis hijack.”

PM’s Tryst with Austerity: Narendra Modi Eats 28-Rupee Lunch at the Parliament Canteen

We, as a society, are so unaccustomed to “VVIPs” behave like ordinary citizens that we struggle to digest an act as ordinary as a parliamentarian grabbing a grub in the parliament! By doing so, we bereave the “ordinary” act of all its ordinariness.

CBSE Board Exams Begin: Modi, Kejriwal and Vir Das Wish Students

The board exam is a rite of passage that most of us in India have to go through regardless of our ambition. Let the generation gap between the current one and the last few be bridged by mutual survival of what, at the end of the day, is just another examination.

‘Jihadi John’ Recognized, British Intelligence Services To Face Tough Questions

Emwazi’s radicalization and transformation from an ordinary computer science graduate to “Jihadi John” could be a result of very harsh treatment meted out to him by them, or conversely, of inadequate action against him when he was spotted as a suspect

Open Letter by Activists Who Are Boycotting Arnab Goswami’s Show, ‘Stop Fostering Hate Speech Against Us’ Is Their Message

The media, which has a duty to conduct itself responsibly, cannot be allowed to aggravate the vulnerability of human rights activists, who are already being targeted, vilified and demonized, by the state and other vested and dominant interests.

H-1B Spouses To Work In US: Say Hello To Independence!

The law for the H4 spouse has always been nothing less than brutal. Those who are categorized under it can neither apply for internships nor freelance work. They are not eligible for paid/ unpaid volunteer work, either.

Mohan Bhagwat Questions Mother Teresa’s Altruism

Mohan Bhagwat, the chief of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), is back to making news again, and yes, for another wrong reason! On Monday, while addressing a gathering at a village near Bharatpur, Bhagwat said, “Mother Teresa’s service would have been good. But it used to have one objective, to convert the person, who was being served, into a Christian.” As expected, this comment from the RSS chief stoked another round of controversy, sparking out debates on the issue of conversions and “ghar-wapsi.”

Land Acquisition Act: What Is Anna Fighting For?

This protest is significant as it will be the veteran anti-corruption crusader’s first major agitation against the Modi government. Anna has invited both the Congress and AAP, which also oppose the Ordinance, to the event, even though he will not be sharing a stage with them.

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