Kiss Of Love: Why So Stuck Up, India?

Leaving aside talks of culture, morality and other dicey terms, how about being plain logical for once? We barely go and chase guys peeing along roadside, do we? Or the guy spitting on the roads or littering around. Then what’s the big deal if we spot a couple holding hands, hugging or displaying affection towards each other. Obviously getting overtly affectionate at a public place is sure to grab the eyeballs and might lead people to feel a bit awkward; that is true for every nation in the world. But a peck on the cheek or lips; is it just too much for us to handle? And why classify love into separate genres. It is like as if there were a love manufacturing factory somewhere and different classes of love are being developed there. A mother’s love is different from a father’s love. A love for a sister is different than that for a brother. Similarly a love for a spouse is a different class altogether. Our definition of love is clichéd. When a mother kisses her boy, it is out of “love” and “affection”. It is our feelings that are described by our actions. And so, when two lovers kiss it is still “love” and “affection” at play. Why do we adjudge them immoral and the act obscene? Love is unconditional and knows no discrimination. It is our mind that makes a perfectly respectful and genuine act of love seem vulgar.

Embrace Girl Child: An Angel In My Home

However, the mindset of a developing nation like India is a far cry from that of a developed nation. The craving for a male child in our nation has led to an imposition of a ban on revealing the sex of the unborn child. This prevents the inhuman killing of yet to be born girl child.

Death Of Conversation: What Happened To Intimacy?

Romero, according to the piece in Mashable, does not own a smart phone. He takes to the streets of London and captures anything to everything that catches his attention. In Death of Conversation, Romero has captured people being together yet miles apart held a barrier created by the smartphone. His is a series of photos that capture people being completely immersed in their phones with least concern for the person standing next to him or her.

Cyber Criminals: Faceless and Space-less

In a report by The Hindu today, the number of fraudsters growing in the various dating and matrimonial sites are on the rise. The report went on to claim that men have been using the matrimonial websites as platforms to create a fake identity (complementing it with bogus Facebook profiles) and ensnaring gullible women with false promises of marriage. It goes on to say that one of the many women who had fallen victim to this sham even paid her “fiancé” 11 lakh rupees who claimed that he was in dire need of the money and would return it to before marriage.

The Great Divide: Being LGBT In India

While no one dares to deny the homoerotic stories of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, people very conveniently dispose off any possibilities of a similar relation being established between two individuals. Lord Vishnu in the avatar of the seductress “Mohini” saved Lord Shiva from the demon Bhasmasur. It is also believed that when Lord Shiva and Parvati went to thank Lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu upon Lord Shiva’s request transformed to Mohini. Upon seeing Mohini’s beauty Lord Shiva “mated” with Mohini as a result of which Lord Aiyyappan was born. Lord Aiyyappan is also referred to as “Hari-Har Putra”, meaning son of Lord Vishnu and Shiva.

#StartWithTheBoys: Exploring Deviant Gender Roles

Many have had problem with the word “feminism”, because for most the term stands for a fight vying for special kind of privileges for females on the basis of our gender identity. Therefore, I choose to use a term that is widely accepted as a fight against patriarchy and even matriarchy, i.e. gender equality.

Government Officials Under Surveillance

Known colloquially as “babus”, once a term used out of respect that now leans towards the pejorative. Membership of organisations such as the Indian Administrative Service is hard won; in 2012 more than 500,000 people applied and just 170 were chosen and the rewards are also generous.

Diwali: More Than Fun And Frolic

With festivity in the air, doctors at Safdarjung Hospital were prepared to deal with any kind of rush in cases of burns that are very much expected during this time of the year. Besides increasing the number of on-duty doctors to handle the flow of patients, the hospital had also created a Whatsapp group to ensure better coordination among the medicos from the burns unit. Safdarjung Hospital, Asia’s biggest centre for treatment of burn cases, says it gets close to 500 patients suffering from minor and severe injuries during Diwali.

Pehchan: A Short Film

Increasing instances of hatred among communities has bothered me for quite some time. Watching communal tensions in several parts of the country, witnessing the politicisation of communal tensions, reading the numbers of people killed and injured in the violence, and most of all – observing Hindus and Muslims throwing denigrating remarks at each other over the internet, has left me appalled.

Going Home: Possible In The Real World?

Alia Bhatt is seen to be driving alone late at night in an empty road before her car breaks down. Just then five boys (having the kind of looks that girls absolutely fear) come by in an SUV and stop next to Alia’s car. All five letch over the gorgeous Alia in a black skirt; glaring at her from top to bottom and pass what-girls-call the “creepy” expressions to each other. The air is tense and the audience can’t help but wait for the guys to grab Alia and sexually thrust themselves at her. Meanwhile, Alia requests the boys to help figure out a solution for her broken car and finally asks for a lift home.

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