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Sufism: Of The Chishti Order, God And Music

Their songs have enamoured us for countless generations, their teachings have been received with wonder. Saints have been immortalised, with kings and emperors bowing in respect and entire cities built in their honour. Their practices have both been persecuted and immortalised, and their renown has continued to grow. Sufism,...

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The Rise And Fall Of Big Oil

A movement of a single digit on the graph is enough to send the global economy into a tail spin. Wars have been fought (and continue to be fought) over what has now famously been called liquid gold. Crude oil, the basis of modern day world economy, has proven...

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Devotion To God: Mini Skirts Be Damned

When December of 2015 was coming to an end, the Madras Temple Entry Authorization Act of 1947 was ordered to be re-enforced according to the Madras High Court. This instruction suggests that female devotees won’t be allowed inside temples in the Tamil Nadu region if they don’t stick to...

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10 Good Things

10 Amazing Things That India Saw In 2015

From the Maggie ban to its approval, also the formation of AAP government in Delhi, India saw many exciting things in 2015. Whether it was politics, sports or cinema, India witnessed some groundbreaking events that took the country by storm. Although many things went wrong, there were a couple...

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Islam, Islamophobia… And The End Of Islam?

Instances like Charlie Hebdo, the Dadri Lynching in India, Syrian prejudices against homosexuals, news about ISIS, Jihad, the growing Islamophobia among people or the #ExMuslimBecause: these are all names and incidents that revolve around Islam and stormed news channels and led people to ask questions about the end of...

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The Beatles And Our Endless Love For Them

Even after the band broke up in 1970, all the members had successful solo careers. John Lennon’s murder in 1980 left millions of fans shattered. A section of the New York City’s Central Park has been dedicated to Lennon’s which is known as ‘Strawberry Fields’. Each year on his...

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Was Santa Claus Created By Coca Cola?

We need Santa to believe in Christmas miracles. We need to know that he’ll ride down our chimneys (even though we don’t have one!) while we’re in deep slumber and give us gifts of joy and prosperity. However, many of us don’t know that Santa wasn’t always the fat,...

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#MerryChristmas: Of Cakes, Carols And Kulkuls

The alluring waft of freshly baked cakes, the house dressed in its finest upholstery, the twinkling fairy lights on the Christmas tree, the whole family sitting down to a scrumptious lunch prepared by Nana (Grandmother) and Dada (Grandfather), while Engelbert and Ronnie Milsap played in the background. That’s what...

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No, Bullying Doesn’t End With Childhood

Bullying is ignored by people thinking that an individual, who is a bully, is just in a bad mood or badly behaved. Bullies are perfectly capable of good behaviour, but as no one ever points out, that their actions can have everlasting effects on others’ lives, if they don’t...

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Mother Teresa To Be Declared A Saint

The woman who devoted her life to the assistance of the poor and needy and whose name has been synonymous to charity, is about to be called a saint. The Vatican announced recently that Pope Francis will canonize Mother Teresa, the most famous Catholic sister in modern times. She...

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Courtroom No.73: 1 Dead And 2 Injured

Four armed assailants entered the court and fired around seven rounds on everyone present in the courtroom. Judges ran for cover, while guards and constables stood their ground performing their duty. According to the sources, three of the four accused have been arrested. Head Constable Ram Kumar lost his...

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When ‘He’ Got Raped…

The perils of living in a society that has deep seeded gender stereotypes, male rape is an unheard of concept. Which is what leads most men to suffer in silence; because, you know, how can men get raped? Aren’t they supposed to be sexual predators who aren’t ever...

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#EndAcidSale: A Wish For A Wish

Make Love Not Scars releases its 4th video in the #EndAcidSale campaign. The video shows Reshma singing in her rather cheerful voice and wishing us a Merry Christmas. She looks beautiful in her black and red dress as the lights of the Christmas tree illuminates her face.

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Bengal Famine: The Forgotten Struggle

The fateful period of 1943-44, when millions were starving and dying of malnutrition and various diseases, the British having been the prime producer of this catastrophe didn't do much to help. Their policies of inducing huge amounts of profit instructed the peasants to plant and produce only cash crops...

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Australian Media Pokes Fun At India’s Step Towards Renewable Energy

Recently, Australian media came out with a ‘racist’ and discouraging cartoon portraying Indians as underdeveloped and uneducated. The cartoon appeared in the Rupert Murdoch-owned The Australian in response to the Paris climate conference. The cartoon shows an emaciated Indian family breaking up solar panels and one person trying to...

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The Vegan Culture, And The Hype

Vegans, in addition to being vegetarians, also abstain from dairy and milk products. So that means only leafy greens, nuts, seeds, whole grain products, tofu, and soy. Simply put, it means pizza without cheese, pancakes with tofu and milkshakes without..oops! no, milkshakes, actually!

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Is There Anything Wrong With This Generation?

Insatiable demands, instant hook-ups and break-ups, ego-clashes, vociferous encounters and much more. These are some of the issues that our generation is going through and the list doesn’t seem to end. Well we, the young guns are definitely well-informed, more aware and vibrant as compared to the previous generation.

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