Piracy Hurts Net Neutrality. Did You Take Notice?

While this does not represent the entirety of India’s internet populace, it is the largest and most diverse collection of the same that I have seen unite, for a cause they all find personal and irreplaceable – the life of our beloved internet. And, while net neutrality still draws a diverse set of eyeballs, I would like us as internet users to look at another aspect of morality on the internet – stopping piracy.

Pohela Boishakh: Emperor Akbar’s Parting Gift To Bengal  

Marking the luminous day with singing, mirth and processions, Bangladesh observes a national holiday on April 14. But, in Kolkata, Pohela Boishakh is considered to be an auspicious day for marriages. New clothes, Probhat Pheri or the early morning processions, mouth-watering feasts and cultural programmes mark the order of the day.

Is The Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana A Step Towards Saving The Girl Child In India?

Another recent scheme that shows promise is the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, or “girl child prosperity” scheme. Under it, a saving account can be opened by the parent of legal guardian of a girl child under the age of 10, with a minimum deposit of Rs.1000 (going up to Rs.1,50,000) per year at a 9.2% rate of tax-free interest.

I Voted For Net Neutrality, Did You?

Net neutrality, in simple terms, means a principle by which all the ISPs treat all content, websites and services, equally and without any discrimination what-so-ever. This means that a telecom company like Airtel cannot grant users faster connections to any one site over the other. Internet users pay their ISPs to provide internet access, not to act as gatekeepers for the same.

Kashmiri Pundits Need A Home That They Can Call Their Own, Not An Isolated Township

Chief Minister, Mr. Sayeed, came out on the issue of separate homeland for Kashmiri Pundits in the state assembly on Thursday: “I have told the Home Minister that they can’t stay separately. If it happens, then everyone will stay together. It is a symbol of our diversity. There is no plan, no decision… but it is being floated that a separate homeland will be created. That is not possible.” However, he also ensured that steps would be taken for the return of the minority community to the Valley.

Why India Needs To Roar For Its Lioness Suzette Jordan Today

In case your tabloids haven’t told you yet, Kalki too has been a victim, but more of a survivor, of sexual abuse at the age of 9. For the reader, perhaps, Kalki’s story would be a more alluring one than Suzette’s.

How Modi-Led India Is Opening The Door For Child Labour

Let’s just for once call a spade a spade: encouraging child labour has got nothing to do with “Indian traditions”. Children are easily forced to work long hours with poor pay, and hence are preferred over adults.

Tobacco Is Not Cancerous. Truly, This Happens Only In India!

Sunita’s demise comes, as if on cue with the recent rumpus created by the head of the Parliamentary panel, Dilip Gandhi, who suggested that there have been no Indian studies that prove tobacco to be cancerous.

India’s Solution for Farmer Suicides? Deny Them!

“Farming has become a curse”, says a frustrated farmer in Bundelkhand who is ready to abscond the village he has grown up in. He’s not the only one to leave the village to abandon to a nearby town.

Violence Begets Violence

Al-Shabaab is Arabic for ‘The Youth’. The victims of Friday’s attack were also youth – college-goers in whose hands the fate of Kenya’s aspirations lie. Nothing can be a greater sign of a reprehensible ideology than its own youth killing its own. No religion can be worth destroying the future for.

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