April Fools’ Day: A Product Of The Rich Indian Culture?

Albeit it cannot be said with absolute certitude, many Indian historians trace back the tradition of the April Fools’ Day, originally known as the Chaitra Burbak Divas, to a popular anecdote about Mahakavi Kalidas, one of the greatest poets and dramatists of all times.

Deepika, Cheating On My Husband Has Got Nothing To Do With The Choices I Make

Let’s face it, you and I may proclaim premarital sex every woman’s choice, but we can never have the impact that a Deepika Padukone can.

When Cricket Meets Bollywood, It’s A Dirty Mix

Team India is fortunately made of human beings. Man-bots wouldn’t care for a country enough to put their lives on hold and keep playing inspite of the stones, sticks, fires and brawls.

Menstrual Blood Is Not Offensive, Your Hypocrisy Is

“So what would happen if suddenly, magically, men could menstruate and women could not? Clearly, menstruation would become an enviable, worthy, masculine event: Men would brag about how long and how much.”

Why Deepika Padukone Needs To Stop Looking Whiter Than She Is

Since the Indian society collectively frowns upon dark women, in order to be more racially fair, they refer to dark people as “dusky”. The word enjoys a degree of social acceptability because being “dusky” does not simply mean being dark, it is being physically appealing despite being dark.

Why Blaming Anushka Sharma For India’s Loss Is Symptomatic Of A Misogynist And Immature India

Virat Kohli’s ladylove, Anushka Sharma had flown “down under” to support him and the Indian cricket team at the World Cup semi-final. Little did she know that her visit would take such a dismal turn!

The Art Of Being A Bad Sport

That India had arrived to the semi-finals in its record run of non-stop World Cup victories was forgotten. That Mahendra Singh Dhoni had won India two world cups and one Champions trophy in the past was irrelevant

More Power To You, Deepika!

Coming from the pinnacle of Tinsel town, it is commendable that Deepika chose to engage in a serious discussion at prime time, one that had nothing to with promotions. Pragmatic, candid, intelligent and rarely emotional, her approach towards discussing the ailment had nothing to do with what we see in those Madhur Bhandarkar movies!

No Conviction In Hashimpura Massacre: Is The Jargon Of Justice Just A Myth?

The accused were never identified, something that must be considered nothing more than a ginormous (but perhaps deliberate) failure on the part of the CB-CID, and a mockery of the justice system of the country.

Section 66 A Is No More: Supreme Court Stands By Your Fundamental Rights

While today is no doubt a victory for the Indian citizen, it is worth questioning what will replace 66A. The Government will find it untenable to have no legislation that can effectively regulate discourse on the internet.

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