When The Gay Aren’t So Merry

Gaycation, is a documentary series which is hosted by Ellen Page and Ian Daniel, wherein they cross countries to know more about the LGBTQ culture in the country and understand the deeper intricacies involved. They travel extensively to understand the culture and how the people of such communities strive...

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The Lost Respect, The Lost Humanity

Branding people with tags, not providing them with a non-judgmental space to express them, dictating whom to love and when to love, interfering in the personal space of people, questioning the patriotism of people, bullying people in the name of humanity, the ever-increasing adamant persuasion of the goony culture;...

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No Hug, No Kiss Only Stab and Kill

We are land of culture, of conservative thoughts, of orthodox ideologies that somehow doesn’t take us back to our rotten regressive thoughts but promises bright and progressive future. Apparently. The truth is we are a land that is still clinging on to misogyny, sexism, patriarchy, untouchability, all in the...

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Whose Fault Is It?

Since the inception of human kind the one thing that has remained constant is progress. From eating raw meat to eating cooked food, from living in caves to living in houses, from wearing naturally available material like leaves, animal skin to wearing man made material like cotton; we have...

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Misandry Or Feminism?

After centuries of struggles and protests, we can finally witness the wave of feminism getting amalgamated into one’s consciousness. Nowadays, with the rising prejudices against women and the awareness created by them to be treated equally, has led to a new required boost to the vocal chords of almost...

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Delhi, Now The Stalking Capital Too

A woman named Pinki was relentlessly stabbed and killed in the morning hours near MG Road Metro Station by her stalker, who stabbed her and without any reluctance without any fear; he stabbed to kill. The incident is a heinous follow-up of a woman being stabbed in Burari 30...

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For Dowry, Swipe The Wife Dead?

Marriage is preceded by many functions, functions that unify the family together, functions that spread the love and long for the lost times while silently praying the best ones to come, functions that allow us to be our stylish best. But also the functions that slyly pass off patriarchy...

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Not Fair, Not Lovely?

People don’t fall in love with your external beauty; it’s the real beauty which is in your heart that matters. We have heard this sentence countless number of times from our parents when we plan to tread along the path of finding love, we have read this in countless...

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It’s All In The Story

It has long been established how movies have impacted us. Some inspire us, some shock us but many a times they teach us, they tell us about stuff we never could have imagined or thought of by our limited-perceptive mind. The best part about movies is that they provide...

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The Woes Of A Pompous Indian

If not the entire world, India has surely created a benchmark when it comes to the establishment and the perks-inflicted attitude of VIP people, yes, people who are very important. We have seen politicians, actors, lawmakers, kids of these very important people, use the privileges of such a culture...

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Swachch Bharat Bites Dust With Chikungunya Crisis

Dengue, Chikungunia both started off as a disease, but owing up to bad infrastructure and laxative civic authorities, shortage of doctors and of course, carelessness, they manifested themselves into an outbreak. With the constant blabbering exchanged between the civic authorities, namely the three MCD headquarters and the state government,...

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Pink Slays Patriarchal Bullying

When I lived in Mumbai, I shared my flat with three other girls. We sought to find a family in the hustle-bustle of the dream city and we did achieve that goal. However, we all worked and had strenuous working hours, much to the tiredness of ours while judgments...

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Sex Today, Film Tomorrow?

The hopelessness and the quest to fulfill one’s dream on one side, and the surplus amount of power and contacts on the other, together formulate the concept of what we infamously called casting couch. Casting couch is the trading of sexual favors by an aspirant, apprentice employee, or subordinate...

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In Uri Flows The Color Of Blood

India and Pakistan share much more than a border, they share a controversial history and a sad partition, which further gets heightened whenever Kashmir is at stake. They both have laid claims over the paradise and words of feud have been constantly exchanged. Many Prime Ministers have come and...

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The Diminished Voice Of Women

We have been failed by people who are supposed to protect us many a times. Be it the inability of your parents to act towards that Uncle who molested you; be it the lack of interest shown by your boyfriend when you talk about your stalker who has increased...

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Towards A Caste-less Society

For all I have learnt and seen in the world till now, there are more deaths that happen due to difference between caste, gender or religion than by natural impending disasters. People have killed others over the protection or supremacy of one’s religion over another; they have brutalized people...

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History Repeats Itself, This Time For Water

Supreme Court is making a lot of noise these day, for good and bad both. Recently, Supreme Court made a groundbreaking judgement, wherein criticizing a government or its’ policies does not amount to sedition. Many people than required are getting afflicted with charges of sedition because of being ‘anti-national’...

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Angst With Breasts And Vagina

Cover your body because it shows too much of skin making you vulnerable in the eyes of rapey men, don’t cover your body as it symbolizes the religion you are following and then you might be a victim of islamophobia, don’t wear a spaghetti because the world doesn’t know...

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Why Should Moms Have All The Fun?

Motherhood, for all its magic and glory, can turn out to be a very excruciating phase. Everything changes, apart from just the physical and mental changes. The mothers are no longer the center to their universe, the position is relinquished to their children, something they willingly do and not...

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Someone’s Sorrow Is Someone’s Business

There are people all over the world, constantly rebuking, ridiculing and refuting the idea of rape, which is, forced (without consent) sexual intercourse. Many like me, would get immediately disturbed, and must be drifted by the wave of helplessness when such incidents occur. We try to aware people over...

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Fat Tax1

In Kerala, Taxing The Fat Away?

In India obesity is growing at an unprecedented rate and it has been a major factor in the rising burden of non-communicable disease that has affected nearly two-thirds of the population. Childhood obesity is reaching alarming proportions with India reporting around 22% prevalence rate over the last 5 years...

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When Myths Supersede Logic And Reality

A middle aged woman, was thrashed, assaulted and driven out of a village that she called home. The woman belonged to the Hasnabad area of Parganas district, Kolkata. But, why was she thrown out? What possibly could she have done that was so cruel that she was forced to...

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Lokpal Amendment Creative

Political Machinations At Work

In a recent unorthodox move, the Lok Sabha passed an amendment on the Lokpal and Lokayukta bill, 2013, extending the deadline indefinitely for government employees and NGOs to declare their assets. A surprise move which came up after a delegation of MPs met the Prime Minister on July 25th...

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Education And The Job Gap

I attended one of the best university in India. An august institution which has an irreproachable image and standing in the academic circles of our country. For obvious reasons, I shall not be naming names, because the fact of the matter is, the said university did nothing to teach...

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My Choice, My Life, My Wife

Most have given a thought about their future. Not just jobs or careers, but at a more personal level with regards to their family life, their choice of a life partner and maybe even post retirement life. Some may have thought about it to imagine a slim model who...

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Maintaining The Facade Of Life

Promised a world filled with family and belonging, a woman was lured and then raped by her (ex) fiance. The woman became pregnant after she was raped, and is now appealing to the court to allow the abortion of a fetus that suffers serious medical abnormalities and threatens the...

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Gotta Catch ‘em All

It’s taken the world by a storm. Almost overnight, people have taken to it and social media is abuzz with the activity and pictures of people and their childhood dreams. Pikachu on side of the road, a Charmander in the park nearby or even a Pikachu on the corner...

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The Thin Line Between Narrative And Justice

No one is interested in finding the truth. The truth sometimes becomes Hindu, sometimes Muslim and sometimes Christian or else. The facts and circumstances are interpreted as per the convenience of the concerned persons or the authorities. Sometimes the concept of interpretation itself becomes the subject of interpretation. The...

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When The Hushed Roar Aloud

There is no dearth of Bollywood movies which have taken inspiration from real-life events, to strike a close and human chord with people. Time for superficial cinema is passé, the audience has changed and evolved from over-the-top dramatics that has gripped our Bollywood since years. Following the same trend,...

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