Creating Women Empowerment Or Baby Hunger?

Unlike the earlier generation, they wish to achieve the best of both worlds, which seems nearly impossible with the juggling act of oozing dynamic energy required in each role. Various pitfalls of multi-tasking and balancing both family and work are evident in deteriorating women’s health, which most likely increases their frustration and outburst on either her children or husband.

Naga Men Beaten: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam?

Political motive of “Divide and Rule” (followed by vote-hungry politicians) reigning over the local and Northeastern community will most likely bear serious repercussions, similar to the crack in the relationship between India and Pakistan, which has not been mended till today.

Man Slapped For Offering A Seat: Understanding Gender Equality

One, the individual’s action is unnecessarily gendered. It is taken representative of women who take advantage and exploit the provisions. Of course, people take advantage of situations, but that is an individual trait not a feminine trait that one derives from the womb!

Shramev Jayate: PM Launches Labour Friendly Schemes

The current NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be catching up with all the time that was wasted in the past 10 years by the previous government.

Study Abroad For Free: German Universities Require No Tuition Fee

Last week, Lower Saxony made itself the final state in Germany to do away with any public university tuition fee whatsoever. Yes, you read that right. As of now, all state-run universities in the Federal Republic of Germany – like the Universität Heidelberg, the Universität München, or the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin – charge a very humble amount as compared to the United States’ universities. But even that amount was considered “unjust” by Hamburg senator Dorothee Stapelfeldt.

Jadavpur Case: Wake Up Call For Bengal

Secondly, what needs to be fundamentally questioned is why is the institution’s honour attached to an individual’s criminal activity after all? Of course a school with bad teachers or students is not going to earn a good reputation, but an institution’s reputation is based on its official positions and not the bad reputation of its teachers or students. In other words, what the institution does and how it addresses a problem including individual or group aggression, violence or crime is what earns and breaks its reputation. By siding with the criminal in suppressing the crime and silencing the survivor, the institution is more likely to lose its prestige than consolidate it. Therefore, a fair trial is not only necessary for the purposes of justice, but also to establish the institution’s commitment to its members’ safety and well-being. For no reasoning is an individual expected to be a member of an institution that participates in violence against herself.

Punishing Rapists: Every Offense Is Avenged On Earth

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe says, “Every offense is avenged on Earth.” Punishment for life– imprisonment will be accorded to the five ruthless men on Friday, for scarring the life of this Northeastern call centre girl in Dhaula Kuan in November 2010. Strict punishment will most likely set a precedent to others and reduce such heinous crimes against women.

Healthy Discrimination: Towards a Better India

Swachha Bharat, a campaign started by the current NDA government under the leadership of our much loved Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi, that was largely popularised by the media, certainly created a sense of awareness among the crowd. At least for that one day.

Save Thea Campaign: Does It Shock Us Enough?

India is a country that still cannot see marriage and more generally love as a matter of mutual choice. So, for example while arranged marriages are celebrated to the point of them being ideal and against the profane or anti-culture practice of love marriages, the other choice about sexuality and the choice of life partners by LGBT community remains a crime and unnatural in the eyes of law.

Commemorating International Day Of The Girl Child

As many as 64 percent adolescent girls dropout of school before completing the eighth grade. Multiple reasons have been cited for this fallout, including economic pressure, absence of separate toilets in some government schools, security issues, etc. Also, there is a wide gap between literacy rate in men (82.14 percent) and women (65.46 percent). Women fall behind in education, and are also subject to social biases.

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