Displacement: Living Without Rights

Following the recent case of riot that broke out in Muzaffarnagar, there has been an increase in number of the already displaced inhabitants of the town. Muzaffarnagar is a small town in northern part of Uttar Pradesh that has been an abode to a series of violence for the past one year.

Metro Travel: Ordinary Journeys Make Way For Extraordinary Happenings

Metro has been infamous for a host of jokes, accidents, fights, confessions and thievery. But how often have we seen or heard something that has forced us to stop and think? Most people will come up blank when asked this question. There’s a reason for that though, we’re all so engrossed in conversations with people or smartphones that we fail to notice our surroundings.

Acid Attacks: Scarred For Life

Every few days we hear news reports of acid being thrown at a girl in some or the other part of the country. They are increasingly being used as a weapon, in most cases by men against women.

Should Women Be Made To Wear Helmets?

I have always wondered why women are exempted from wearing helmets while riding on bikes. We are so used to certain scenes in our lives that it hardly strikes us to question what we always witness in India — a family on a bike, with only the father wearing the helmet.

Water ATMs: India’s Solution To Clean Water?

In India, having a tap to turn on for clean water is a luxury. It’s not an unusual scene in India’s urban slums or neighbourhoods to see women and children line up with empty buckets waiting for the tanker truck to arrive. Even in rural areas women would walk a few kilometres to draw fresh water from wells. Often shortage of water leads to minor scuffles and the day’s schedule of many homes are wasted in waiting for arrival of tanker trucks.

Her Mother Is A Sex Worker

If one of your parents is a murderer, does that make you a murderer too?

For children of sex workers, what haunts them most apart from life’s hardship, is the society’s perception of them—“if their mother is a sex worker, they will also grow up to become one”.

The Suicide Notes That Mirror Our Society

In an unfortunate circumstance, two teenage girls in Rohtak committed suicide after constantly being eve-teased and harassed by boys in […]

Jan Dhan Yojana: Revolutionary Reform Towards Financial Inclusion

The non-banking population of India is vast,with most of them residing in rural areas. These are economically weaker sections of the society who do not have access to financial services and are unaware of the available facilities in the country. Usually they are forced to borrow from moneylenders or from relatives and friends. Moreover, with no access to insurance services they are unable to protect their available financial resources when unforeseen circumstances arise.

Kerala To Become An alcohol-Free State

The largest alcohol consuming state, Kerala is on the path to become a dry state. The state’s Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy announced today that the unanimous decision to ban alcohol in the state was made by the United Democratic Front government.

James Foley Beheading: Is Regulation the Answer?

The circulation of the video of the beheading of an American journalist James Foley by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on social media has shown how big an unregulated space the social media is.

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