She Taxi: For A Safer Ride

But, it’s not as good as it sounds, at least not for women. We are aware of the safety issues for which these services are questioned time and again. The recent Uber cab rape incident, as disgusting as it sounds, has left women wondering if at all there is any safe option to travel alone if one doesn’t have a personal wagon. Presently, we only have these not-so-safe taxi services, but it seems that soon there’ll be a better option available.

December 16 And The Yet-To-Arrive Change

It has been a couple of years since the young and the old had joined hands in Delhi to claim their city; they had marched to the Rashtrapati Bhawan demanding safer places and effective leadership from their political leaders.

Sydney’s #i’llridewithyou Shows World’s Solidarity

After the religion of the gunman was revealed, the Muslim community in Australia became wary of a possible anti-Muslim backlash by the public. #Illridewithyou started trending worldwide with a Facebook post by a woman who said that a Muslim woman sitting next to her on a train in Sydney had quietly taken off her religious headscarf.

Shelter Homes: An All-Time Relief To The Homeless?

Last year itself, as many as 107 people died due to the cold waves in northern India. According to previous year’s reports over 10,000 people in the national capital are exposed to this intense cold weather.

Yoga Day And The Indian Stereotype

The answers to questions like these, my friends, will act as your litmus test to prove or disprove your Indian nationality. And what if you, like me, are just too lazy, or for others enjoy walks and jogs more than the ancient and traditional art of Yoga? May be you are not that much of an Indian then. Of course, this might as well be an exaggeration and believe me, I would rather wish it is just that- an exaggeration light-years removed from reality. But given the fact that Indians abroad are frequently faced with questions like- So, how is India? How does it feel to be Indian? – it is still within the realm of belief or reality that such questions be included in the occidental bucket list.

Why Shehnaz’s Letter Makes A Poignant Point

Women fight their battles against harassment and sexual assault every single day. Shehnaz’s letter urges the men of our country to realise this, step up their act and join the women against this battle. The letter highlights the issue that it is not her or any woman’s shame if she is sexually assaulted; it is the entire nation’s shame. Shehnaz brings up an important point that these influential men should lead the fight against rape because their appeal is global.

Workspaces And The Missing Gender Lens

So, it was in 2012 when I was headed towards Mumbai for an interview at the Tata Institute of Social […]

Uber Driver Shiv Kumar: A Background

In yet another horrific incident in the capital, a working girl was raped by the trusted cab service, Uber driver, Shiv Kumar. The case has raised several debates that have brought into the circle question against the cab driver, the cab service firm, the government officials, etc; who is to be held responsible, what is the way forward in ensuring women security, should such cab services be banned in the country? However, what’s terrifyingly shocking about in the whole case is that Shiv Kumar had a long list of criminal records and complaints against his name and yet, Uber remained negligent.

Marriageable Age 15 For Muslim Girls: Gujarat High Court?

Muslims have been arguing for a long time that the Child Marriage law of 2006 that prohibits the nuptial union of minors is not in compliance with the personal law of Islam that allows a man to marry a young girl who has just attained her puberty. The verdict passed by the Gujarat High Court has, however, sparked off a new debate in India. Although the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has received the decision with utmost zeal and positivity, the Muslim youth residing in India feel rather cornered. “At 17 you complete school; at 18 you get voting rights. In case of marriage, irrespective of the religion, the law of the land should prevail. A minor is a minor at 15,” says 26-year-old Islamic Studies student, Sadia Khan.

Uber Cab Rape: Can Background Checks Be The Solution?

According to this line of thought, negligence on part of the recruiting firm in the process of identification of the employee leads to problems in ascertaining the nature of a person and after a crime has been committed, it creates hurdles in tracing the criminal. In short, the authenticity of the documents presented by the firm or office is unreliable and often ends up being a fake one.

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