Women Of Mettle In Bollywood Today

What is refreshing to see is the response of women, who were subjected to discriminatory practices and violence in some or the other form. Media’s biggest contention is that these glam girls are themselves involved in the objectifying processes, which the “innocent”, “fair” and “progressive media” is only reflecting. Consequently, arguments such as promotion gimmicks are given. In fact, such cases even turn some of these women aiming for nothing more than professional and career excellence into psychological patients, who have a distorted image of themselves and keep ranting over it.

Yet Another Case of Child Sexual Assault: When Will this End?

India is on the front pages of international newspaper every now and then with regard to rape and molestation. Even Modi’s exclusive interview with the CNN International journalist, Fareed Zakaria put special emphasis on violence against women in the country, to which the Prime Minister replied by saying that this is a problem that the entire Indian society needs to come together and fight. Well, that is the thing: Time and again, we have focused on pleading to the entire society to come together and fight the problem of violence against women in the country, but to no avail.

The Dream Of A Swacch Bharat

The grim situation had been captured in an advertisement on television depicting the Bollywood star, Aamir Khan. It highlights how a mother allows her child to pee in a public place instead of the toilet. This is then scorned by a foreigner. The ad is a subtle attempt to bring home the message to all the mothers of India to reflect on their misdemeanor and it’s implication on the image of India.

Emma Watson Launches The #HeForShe Campaign

Identifying involvement of only women in the feminist movement as the reason for its failure, Watson humbly requests all men to join the movement for gender equality. She argues, and it’s true, that gender inequality is as much a concern for men as it is for women. “Wedon’t often talk about men being imprisoned by gender stereotypes but I can see that that they are and that when they are free, things will change for women as a natural consequence.”

Chained Within Beauty That Is Skin Deep

In the past, it was mostly a prerequisite for girls to be fair, be it simply for self-confidence or for finding a job or a suitable groom. As a result, cosmetic companies, taking complete advantage of this shallow understanding of beauty, launched a plethora of products like Fair n Lovely, Garnier Fairness Cream, Olay White Beauty, etc. It wasn’t too difficult for these companies to blindfold the consumers by coaxing them with the promise of “two times fairer in just a month” which could actually be measured with a “fairness meter”. How ridiculous does that sound?

6 Students Made To Leave School: Flawed Education System

It is not only the school; even parents in the country are “academic-centric”. They always want children to perform well on the sheet. Nothing, according to them, substitutes high grades. When children seek to pursue their passion, be it in sports, music, art, etc, parents rebuke any attempt of the child to become the best at what he or she loves. Especially parents in the 80s and 90s only focused on children’s academics. There used to be extreme pressure on children to do well in academics so that they can grow up to be “doctors and engineers”; to have a dream below that was nothing short of a sin.

Euthansia: The Debate Continues

Euthanasia is an illegal act across the world except for a few countries as they claim that no human has the right to take another humans life with or without the patients consent. People against euthanasia say that death is a way of escape for some people and should be give intensive therapy to change their mind set. But as it seems, the people deciding the law probably do not realize the physical and emotional torture the patient has to go through for which there can be no cure. No medical law states that death should be prolonged for it is absolutely inhumane and painful for the patient as well as his relatives.

Yes, Slavery Exists Even Today

A report by the Al Jazeera accounts that “there is at least one country where it (Slavery) is alleged still to exist: Yemen.” But how far is that true? While, the Oxford dictionary describes a slave as a “person who is the legal property of another and is obliged to work for them,” the problem with such definitions is that a single word like “legal” limits the entire idea behind it.

Child Brides: The Evil They Forcefully Carry

Kalki Koechlin says it right in the film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: Young girls are married off at an age when they are supposed to be playing video games.

Why don’t we double our celebrations?

I begin by posing a simple question: Why do we celebrate something or someone? While the question might seem stupid and naïve, it is nevertheless important since it gives an opportunity to engage with the probable motives, intention and the very rationale behind celebrations.

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