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#RaGaPhirBhaga: Think Rahul, Think!

Every politician needs time to contemplate, rethink, analyze and plan- be it his/her strategies, plans or at times even ideology. But, Congress’ heir-apparent has been doing this for far too long now and more often than not. Agreed that his party is going through its worst phase and is...

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Why Lyricism Isn’t Dead In Hindi Music

To be an enthusiast or even have a healthy interest in lyricists like Gulzar, Javed Akhtar and Piyush Misra is like entering a metaphysical world packed with metaphors that are unparalleled. Sampooran Singh Kalra also known as Gulzar has a knack of painting detailed and dramatic pictures with his...

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Modi’s Digital India: What Is It All About?

Digital isn’t the word you’d often associate or put alongside India. We’re more familiar with using words like “traditional India”, “cultural India”, or “ancient India”, etc. India had its first brush with “information technology” and “digital” in the 80s under Rajiv Gandhi’s leadership and then in the early 90s....

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When Social Media Goes Outside The Usual Gender Spectrum

According to an entry on the official Pinterest blog, “Pinterest is all about helping people discover and save creative ideas. And everyone—lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, ally, straight—is included in that mission … So if descriptors like “male” or “female” don’t quite work for you, you now have an...

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36-24-36: Debunking The Social Construct Of Beauty

Recently, there have been a number of celebrities including Megan Trainor and Jennifer Lawrence supporting the cause of body positivity. But it is often seen that in the attempt to acknowledge the fact that you can be beautiful while being overweight, people tend to shame those who are rather...

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Reservations: To Be Or Not To Be?

The debate on reservations in India is never ending. The latest chapter is the riots that have been triggered in Ahmedabad with the Patel community demanding an OBC status. Several killed, hundreds injured. This again brings into question the necessity and relevance of reservations.

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College Degrees: Reasonably Overrated?

According to the Wall Street journal- “India Graduates Millions, But Too Few Are Fit to Hire”. Our education system may be a very controversial and expansive topic, however as of now, a debate on the legitimacy of college degrees has been arising. What are college degrees anyway? They are...

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Jasleen Kaur Case: To Arrest Or Not To Arrest?

For the past one week, news and social media both have been swamped with the recent case of ‘eve-teasing’. The case went viral when the girl, Jasleen Kaur posted a picture of Sarvjeet Singh on Facebook along with his bike number accusing him of making obscene remarks and vulgar...

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Condoms: For Men And Women Alike

This is the 21st century. We are all aware and active. Culturally, socially, politically and most importantly, sexually. Sex has been a taboo, it might still be, but youngsters today do not hesitate in talking about sex, nor do they hesitate in indulging in sexual activities. Sex is good,...

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Bloggers In Bangladesh: The New Infidels

Blogging is the most recent way which writers, desperate to get their work and thoughts out, have used. Whether it is writing flowery creative pieces, ‘how-to’ tutorials or opinionated posts, bloggers post anything to everything. However, this year in Bangladesh, blogging has taken a rather bloody turn.

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Just Another Day: India’s 69th Independence Day

As I has just turned the Cambridge dictionary to learn the inherent meaning of “independence”, one thing caught my attention- the dictionary says, apart from the political aspect of independence i.e. a country being free from the governance of another country, the word has another aspect that is predominantly...

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7 Reasons Why Indian Education Deserves An F-

Many a time we come across suicides of students who couldn’t cope with the overburdening academic syllabus and the societal, family and school pressure of getting good marks. Why does it take the life of a poor student for people to realise that their coercion wasn't humanly tolerable and...

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An Open Letter To The Modern Indian Feminist

You are ever ready to promote the feminist agenda. Whether the issue is equal wages, over-sexualizing women in media or the oppressive gender roles that have been assigned to you. We can see you at the rallies and hear your opinion at every dinner table conversation when the topic...

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Steal, Borrow, Buy: Babies Up For Grabs

In today’s time of two-minutes Maggi jiffy, everyone needs everything: quick and instant.And that also includes, sadly, the process of child deliverance. Women who couldn't conceive before can now became mothers overnight after a brief stay in hospital. Childless couples returned home with their 'natural children' meeting their...

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Is Meninism Just Feminism Gone Wrong?

Lying in bed, one day a thought struck me- Why not ‘Meninism’? Curious, I decided to turn to google. Of the hundred-thousand results I got, a twitter page caught my attention. Called ‘ManForMeninism’- a parody of feminism, this page deliberated misconceptions people seem to have about feminists. With a...

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All You Must Know About Friendship Day

The transformation from paper-written pen friends to online-social network chats is not hundred-years-old. But one thing never changed- youngster’s beeline for gift-shops to buy choicest soft-toys, greetings cards and wrist bands. A materialistic display of abstract love – friendship. And this is possible because of Friendship Day!

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ISIS Continues To Vanquish, Through Social Media

The American Media Institute recently received an ISIS recruitment document outlining their future plans. Amongst other plans that were revealed, the document stated that ISIS has been planning an attack on India in the hopes of starting an Armageddon like war and confrontation with the United States that would...

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Living In The City: Life In A Single Yellow Metro

A metro station is like an obstinately static badass spider queen that refuses to leave her lair. She magically weaves around webs of tunnels, million miles longer than one can imagine. Notwithstanding the human difficulties, she is swayed here, there, everywhere, and it’s your damned duty to find the...

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Friendzone- Does It Really Exist?

Friendzone: Yeah, that’s the area most of us simply walk into. No, it isn’t a city, state or a country; it isn’t a café, pub or a restaurant either. It’s just an invisible space in our minds- yours and mine. Needed or not needed? Well, certainly NOT needed.

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Fighting The War Against Ebola In Liberia

On September 5, 2014, the WHO officially declared that the outbreak was over in Nigeria and Senegal and on May 9, 2015, Liberia was also declared free of the outbreak. However, on June 28, 2015, a 17-year-old male died in Liberia. Since then, 6 such cases have...

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PEGIDA: Rebirth Of The Nazi Propaganda?

Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the Occident (PEGIDA) or the “Monday demonstrators” as they are called, is gaining momentum every passing day with more and more supporters pouring into Dresden and other German cities to express their discontent against god knows what issues.

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Racial Difference Versus Racial Preference

All said and done, racism still exists. And a universal way to show this is to say that a particular race is not attractive. This fact was corroborated by a research done in November, 2013 where data was collected from a popular Facebook dating app, “Are you interested?” The...

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The Curious Case Of Corrective Rapes

The word “corrective measure” was first coined in South Africa after instances where victims had been raped due to their sexual orientations came into limelight. Since then, numerous such cases have been reported all around the world where corrective rapes are practiced with the consent of the family members.

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Can The World Ever Become One Culture?

Mass media as a whole is seen as one of the main propagators of globalization. Today a significant amount of the global population watches the same T.V shows and movies, reads the same books and magazines listens to the same music and is influenced by the same advertisements. Therefore,...

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The ‘Kismat Konnection’ Of Shahid And Mira

Tinsel town’s prince charming, Shahid Kapoor, found her princess in the Delhi based Mira Rajput. The two tied the knot in Delhi in a quiet ceremony on 7th July, and headed to Mumbai soon after. 12th July witnessed probably the grandest wedding function of the year. Their reception was...

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