6 Students Made To Leave School: Flawed Education System

It is not only the school; even parents in the country are “academic-centric”. They always want children to perform well on the sheet. Nothing, according to them, substitutes high grades. When children seek to pursue their passion, be it in sports, music, art, etc, parents rebuke any attempt of the child to become the best at what he or she loves. Especially parents in the 80s and 90s only focused on children’s academics. There used to be extreme pressure on children to do well in academics so that they can grow up to be “doctors and engineers”; to have a dream below that was nothing short of a sin.

Euthansia: The Debate Continues

Euthanasia is an illegal act across the world except for a few countries as they claim that no human has the right to take another humans life with or without the patients consent. People against euthanasia say that death is a way of escape for some people and should be give intensive therapy to change their mind set. But as it seems, the people deciding the law probably do not realize the physical and emotional torture the patient has to go through for which there can be no cure. No medical law states that death should be prolonged for it is absolutely inhumane and painful for the patient as well as his relatives.

Yes, Slavery Exists Even Today

A report by the Al Jazeera accounts that “there is at least one country where it (Slavery) is alleged still to exist: Yemen.” But how far is that true? While, the Oxford dictionary describes a slave as a “person who is the legal property of another and is obliged to work for them,” the problem with such definitions is that a single word like “legal” limits the entire idea behind it.

Child Brides: The Evil They Forcefully Carry

Kalki Koechlin says it right in the film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: Young girls are married off at an age when they are supposed to be playing video games.

Why don’t we double our celebrations?

I begin by posing a simple question: Why do we celebrate something or someone? While the question might seem stupid and naïve, it is nevertheless important since it gives an opportunity to engage with the probable motives, intention and the very rationale behind celebrations.

India’s Two Child Policy Backfires

India’s population stands at a whopping figure of 1.27 billion, being the most populated country after China. As a result, living conditions in the country are deteriorating hastily.

Breaking Stereotypes That Chain The Indian Mindset

Even as India celebrates its 68th year of independence, social evils and stereotypes manacle its progress. We are strangled by the chains of oblivion that surround us, broken by the shards of society’s superstitions.

The Help: Walls Have Ears

Well, I have noticed this many a times, how people converse freely and without any hesitation about things which well, should not be talked about in such a public setting. I was once in a metro, and I heard this woman talk to an apparent stranger. She was talking about an account of her company and the amount she was talking about, they were a large amount. She was talking quite loudly in the otherwise, quiet metro. I was so amazed that she would talk about such monetary issues of her company so loudly and without a care as to who was listening; someone with not so good intentions could have heard and done something which could compromise her company or for that matter, even her.

Nude Pictures of Celebrities Leaked: Evil Side Of The Web

Dependence on the web is entrenched in our daily lives; it is a common affair to ask someone to whatsapp you a picture they have, or to sit in one city and demand progress reports from your junior in another town. No trip is successful without updating a Facebook status about it. From giving you directions (Google Maps being our saviour), and keeping you company while you are bored (games, ebooks, and going through Facebook newsfeed), to being your guide in a new city (Justdial and Zomato), to even providing you internships (LetsIntern.com, Twenty19 etc), the internet is your guide, mentor and friend, all at just a click.

What Women Can Do in Man’s World

About a month ago, a Turkish politician made a comment saying that women should not laugh in public. What’s worse is that the comment was passed by a politician, a figure that leads and represents the country. But these kinds of comments should not come as a surprise to anyone, because they are made every now and then. They only come to form a tale, after hearing which we shake our heads in disapproval until another similar comment is passed by another public figure.

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