Manipuri Man Murdered: Racial Discrimination?

We hear of cases of racial discrimination against those coming from the northeastern part of the countrytime and again. Last year in April, the death of Loitam Richard from Manipur called for a nation-wide protest against discrimination towards Indians from the northeast. Richard was a student of Architecture in Bangalore and was beaten to death by his hostel mates. Social media was used to raise awareness on the issue and gather people for a protest march. This was followed by the case of NidoTaniam, the son of a Congress Legislators from Aruncahal Pradesh. Nido, after being humiliated by a shopkeeper, was beaten to death with iron rods.

Bolivia Legalises Child Labour As An Answer To Poverty

Children living in poor conditions all over the world, face physical and mental abuse. India is known to have the largest number of child labours in the world. In cottonseed production, children in India work for about 14-16 hours a day, most of them for an insignificant amount of wage.

Unchaining The Religious Mind: The Case Of A Nine Year Old Rape Victim

Srishti was a cousin of a close friend. She was visiting Sneha (my friend) for the summers. I asked Sneha why Srishti no longer looked like herself and the story that Sneha told me that day has stayed with me all these years.

India With Third Highest Number Of HIV Infected People

Since the first HIV case was reported in India in 1986, the government has attempted to tackle the disease head on through awareness, blood safety, and surveillance and later through information dissemination and communication.

Uniform Civil Code Debate Sparks Off Again

But the flaws in traditional civil laws cut across religions as well as the numerous tribes across India. Even the majoritarian Hindu civil code that was formulated at the time of independence for the purpose of moderating communal energies stands as regressive as the Muslim one in light of present Indian thought.

India Under Cyber Surveillance

The Information and Broad Casting (I&B) Ministry of India has taken up the charge to inform the PMO and Cabinet Secretariat regarding the latest trends on an eight hourly basis. A team of twenty professionals will prepare reports after content and trends analysis on important issues such as rail fare hikes and people’s reaction on the issues.

Braille To Be Inscribed On Currency Notes For The Blind

Braille presses will help the visually impaired but there use is still limited as the imprint on the notes will wear out with continuous exchange and usage as the Indian currency is not made of plastic.

Should Juvenile Accused Of Rape Be Tried As Adults?

Stained as examples Nirbhaya’s case or Badaun rape case show crime against women is increasing day by day in India. It appears that the new government is toughening up on laws to assure that no rape accused is spared whosoever he may be.

Baba Ramdev’s Aide Meets With Hafiz Saeed

Hafiz Saeed is believed to be the mastermind behind the 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, rooting from his ties with the terror group Laskar-e-Taiba. He is among the most wanted criminals in India, and is still operating Jamaat-ud-Dawah from Lahore. Vaidik is supposed to have met with Saeed while he was touring the Pakistani city, being invited by a peace research institute.

The Great Indian Hypocrisy

This is a proof of how much Indians respect their sport stars. They would slam down anyone who would even think of not recognizing and respecting their sport heroes. Cricket might not be at all famous in Russia or even the United States for that matter, but that does not give her the right to not recognize the Indian God of cricket, the only sport India deeply cares about.

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