International Women’s Day

Saturday was the 39th International Women’s Day and right from the morning the wishes came pouring in from every possible source; the girls in the paying guest accommodations were all smiles, hugging and wishing each other Happy Women’s Day in high pitched voices. My Facebook newsfeed was flooded with overwhelming gratitude to women kind, and even tiring, long forwarded Whatsapp messages brimmed with feminism.

Satyamev Jayate: The Roadmap of Rape

In any regular household, Sundays are usually meant for finishing household chores left incomplete during the week, but something about this Sunday was different. This was the scene in my house—my father, who is so obsessed with cleanliness that he spends all his Sundays cleaning every nook and cranny in the house, was sitting in front of the television. And my mother, who on any other Sunday would be busy making some delicious dish for the three of us to feast on, was also sitting in front of the idiot box.

Racism: Is There An End To This Prejudice?

It is nothing but sad that the capital, which is a center for premier education and opportunity in the country and thus attracts people of different religions, cultures and traditions from all over the world, is yet again in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

Women Are Their Own Worst Enemies

It is rather difficult to decide what is more worrying—the increasing instances of sexual assault or the increasing need to rationalize those instances? It is useless to deny that in a deeply patriarchal structure of the Indian society, more than half the population of men believes that women (read the victims) incite men to rape. A few weeks after the Delhi gang rape, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat famously pointed out that more women get raped in India than in Bharat.

My in-laws Sent Me To Be An IAS

When I entered her room I was taken by a pleasant surprise. The usual sad and dull walls of our PG room today spoke of firm determination; they were covered in life sized, intricate maps of India and the world. Every inch of space that they spared was occupied by colorful post its as a constant reminder of the day’s targets and above her study table hung a humble poster which read Target CSAT-2014.

The Purpose Of Education

I joined Teach For India because I was inspired by the mission and wanted to serve. I struggled a lot in my first year. I was incredibly lucky though, to be supported by the people around me, and in my second year, I managed to turn a lot of it around. My kids started to really achieve some remarkable things. As my Fellowship ended, I was faced with a few questions. One was what to do next. I loved teaching, and I wanted to get better. I got an opportunity to start a school with 3.2.1, so I took it. I am proud to still be teaching at 3.2.1.

The Law Of Prejudice

Browsing through the news channels, I came across a really shocking headline—“Tribal Indians in India order gang rape.” Outrageous! Disgusting! Awful!—these were the first words that came to my mind, even before I knew about the entire incident. But frankly speaking I have no words to express my anger over what happened.

Slut Shame

Now that the Aam Aadmi Party has braved the confidence vote and come to power and Modi has been exonerated by the Ahmadabad court, the world is mostly at peace and is still reveling in the New Year spirit. Or maybe it’s the calm before the storm, but whatever it is I decided to let it be for a while. So, leaning back in my swivel chair, swinging with the mood, I lazily browsed through the internet, hoping for something striking to pop up which will shake me from my mild slumber. And in a while it did.

The Rise of Women, 2013

Today is January 2, 2014 and thus the much eventful 2013 has officially become a part of history. The media has very lightly labeled the year gone by as the year of change since it witnessed the ushering in of quite a few changes; the Aam Admi Party (AAP) forming government in Delhi, NaMo’s rise, sidelining of Congress, Sachin’s farewell, a much needed anti rape law, and regressive Supreme Court judgment on Section 377, are a few among many others.

Al-Shabaab Attacks In Nairobi

On Tuesday, police troops in Nairobi announced that the rescue operation at the Westgate mall was over. The battle between the al-Shabaab militants and Kenya’s military force, which started on September 21, went on for four consecutive days. And as the officials recovered more and more dead bodies, the death toll increased. And that’s not all; many Kenyan soldiers also lost their lives during this battle.

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