Changelooms: Young Leaders Arrive In Delhi To Drive The Wheels of Change

Does it predict anarchy with a don’t-give-a-damn attitude, or is it going to be brimming with enthusiasm for changing the world with a matchless and youthful spirit? It reminds me of one question that I keep hearing whenever an issue of grave importance or value is being discussed-“Where are the youth of today?”

When Curiosity Becomes Addiction: Challenges And Solutions

The Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) has released a new report on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demand to fight drug abuse or substance abuse. Substance abuse refers to the harmful use of psychoactive substances including alcohol and illicit drugs. The use of psychoactive drugs develops into a strong desire to consume more drugs. The report titled “Mental Health Care of Children” is a compilation of data collected through surveys and thorough studies on mental health problems.

What Does Raif Badawi Stand For?

The 31-year-old Raif Badawi has been at the centre of international attention for quite some time now. Hailing from Saudi Arabia, an autocratic kingdom, this man had dared to break away from the chorus of the masses to speak his mind. As a result, Raif has been held guilty for setting up a website called the Free Saudi Liberals Forum in 2008, an online space that spoke of secularism and questioned Saudi Arabia’s extremely rigid religious establishment. Having been charged with “disobedience towards Islam”, he was first arrested by the Saudi authorities in 2012. The state has since then been awfully inhuman towards Raif by sentencing him to serve 10 years in prison along with 1000 lashes and a hefty fine.

Of Fathers, Murderers and Rapists

In an even more chilling tale of hatred towards the girl-child, a father of a 10-year-old tried to bury his daughter alive, as a result of his contempt for the child, simply for being a girl.

Schools In India: Much To Learn And Unlearn

There is an increasing realisation, and media has its own share of appreciation, that these benign, harmless, and all-too-noble education institutions are indeed reeking with some real problems; and denial is only going to escalate these in the long run. Speaking about the impact it has on young minds, I remember this one time when I was challenged by my very friendly classmate- a boy- to see if I was strong enough to catch the football kicked by the all-too-strong boy that he was.

Slaves Know They Don’t Have Freedom; We Don’t

Now we are living in a new millennium where 97 percent of the children aged 12 to 18 would prefer to play videogames on laptops, Play Stations or Gameboys than to spend time outdoors. Go to a live event and, you’ll see the unparalleled glee of people recording proceedings of the event on their smartphones and clicking selfies.

Asaram: A “Spiritual Revolutionist” With The License To Rape, Threaten And Kill?

Asaram’s supporters have been accused of interfering with the legal procedures and trying to influence the case from the very start. In 2013, 13 people were arrested for attacking a television crew. The matter has only grown worse since then, with at least three witnesses having been attacked in a year. Further, many others, including the father of the minor from Jodhpur, are said to have received death threats and pressured to change their statements in court. The most recent incident took place on January 11 when Akhil Gupta, a witness in the Surat rape case, was shot dead in Muzzafarnagar.

India’s Ailing Children

Out of the total proportion, 12 percent are children between 4 to 16 years suffering from psychiatric disorders in India. The most common form of mental disorder prevalent amongst children are- depression, alcohol abuse, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. Reports have also highlighted behavioural characteristics such as irritability, insomnia, eating disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder that are not taken as serious cases of disorder can contribute to the manifestation of more serious forms of disorder later.

Lessons From PK: Religion and Drugs: Are They The Same?

It hardly came as a surprise when a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed against PK as soon as it released. Let’s keep aside the box office numbers and focus on the film’s content. It’s a bold film with substance.

Custodial Torture: The Dark Side Of The “Custodians” Of Law

Thousands of kilometres apart in the 21st century is our very own India, where the truth of custodial torture still makes one question the claim of justice and authority made by the legal and bureaucratic structures. Even before the crime was committed in a solitary street in Dallas, India had witnessed its own reality of crime by the very custodians of justice. It was 1978 when a minor was gang raped by three police constables while she had gone to them to register an FIR in Mathura. What followed was a series of much needed legal reforms that penalised custodial rapes and dealt with the resolving the consent issue in favour of the survivor.

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