Oh Spit! Here, There And Everywhere

How do we define freedom? The power to act, speak or think as one wants. It has long been established, since 1947, that our country India, is a free country. However, have we found freedom in loving whoever we want? Have we got freedom to pursue our choice of...

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Is The Art Of Theatre On Decline? 

Theatre is a collaborative form of fine art that uses live performers, essentially actors, to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience, in a specific place, often comprising of a stage. The performers communicate the experience to the audience by the combination of...

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Ripping It Open: The Denim Dilemma In India

Before writing on something that is evidently contemptible and voiced alike by many, I came across a list of incidents that were distressingly similar to one another. These stories were finely patched together by shame that were forced into their foundations, because as a society, we love toying with...

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Why Virgin Shaming Should Stop In India

We are in the middle of a cultural transition, which is always welcome as long as it is progressive. While the majority of India still proscribes sex, the sentient and diligent lot is talking about it. They are breaking their delusional bubbles and becoming more acceptant of it. Which...

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Jat Protests: The Blame After The Storm

Following violent protest in Jat dominated districts in North India between 18th – 23th February, the Haryana government appointed Prakash Singh, a retired IPS officer to head a commission to probe the sequence of events which led to the wide spread violence, damage to public property and even loss...

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How Much Is Too Much?

If a sexual act between two or more persons is not based on consensus, it is called rape. The concept of rape is not vague, grotesque or contorted; it is sharp, stark and clear. Rape is a condemnable and criminal act that is subjected to judicial trials and punishments.

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How Effective Will The Landmark Decision Be?

The Delhi government, on Friday (April 15), rolled out its decision to ban chewable tobacco products in the national capital for one year. According to news reports, the government’s Department of Food Safety issued a notification to ban the sale, purchase and storage of all forms of chewable tobacco,...

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Dear Actors, Let’s Start Ageing!

Shah Rukh Khan is a delight to watch. He is gorgeous, ridiculously intelligent and an absolute charmer. And I am going to write the most clichéd-but-honest thing here: I grew up watching his films. In my foundational years, the Baadshah of Bollywood defined romance for me. My friends and...

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Sabarimala: The Furore That Shouldn’t

Ever since I learnt about shameless misogyny in the name of religion, the first temple that caught my fancy, for the wrong reasons (of course), was Sabarimala. Nestled in the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district, this temple only allows male devotees to come and offer prayers. For...

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Quote Unquote| Euthanasia: To Do Or Not To Do?

Let us begin our argument by defining what euthanasia is. The concept, per se, is incoherent as there are layers and loopholes. So according to a general understanding, euthanasia is the act of “termination of a very sick person’s life in order to relieve them of their suffering(s)”. In...

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You Are What You Wear, Mind You!

The judgemental remark on her character left the girl deeply uncomfortable. According to her classmates, the determined student went on to discuss the matter with the professor. “Upon approaching the teacher and raising objections regarding his statement, the student, to our dismay, was once again rebuked by the professor...

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Boko Haram1

Boko Haram: The Tragedy And Its Aftermath

In the latest attacks, Boko Haram militants have attacked Dalori village and 2 refugee camps near the original Boko Haram stronghold city of Maidguri in North-East Nigeria. Housing over 20,000 people, at least 86 children were burnt alive. The attack continued for 4 hours and even continued after the...

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Breaking News: Anushka Sharma Memes Are Not Funny!

Ever since cricketer Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma acknowledged their relationship, the public light followed them everywhere. They were the “power couple” that became the paparazzi-favourite; a couple people loved to hate and were envious of. When the handsome young hunk of the Indian Cricket Team –...

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