India or Pakistan

India Or Pakistan: Fans Need An Answer

We have all been under the impression that the game of cricket, just like music, has no boundaries. But alas, we have been proven wrong once again. A Virat Kohli fan, who is also his lookalike, has been convicted by a Pakistan Court for hoisting the Indian flag on...

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Bar Dancers

The Fight For Liberation: Dancers Want Ban Revoked

Some of them were sole breadwinners of their families and dancing in a bar was livelihood. After their profession was termed “illegal”, these women had to resort to other means of making money. Without much qualification and a decent educational background, they engaged as domestic maids and agricultural labourers....

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Jat unrest

In Clouds Of Smoke, Haryana Boils Up Again

Jat unrest The Jat community of Haryana is once again demanding reservation in government jobs and educational institutions. This comes after Supreme Court had invalidated their reservation in the central list of Other Backwards Classes in March 2015. The politically heavyweight community of Haryana is now demanding quota at the state...

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Sufism Creative

Sufism: Of The Chishti Order, God And Music

Their songs have enamoured us for countless generations, their teachings have been received with wonder. Saints have been immortalised, with kings and emperors bowing in respect and entire cities built in their honour. Their practices have both been persecuted and immortalised, and their renown has continued to grow. Sufism,...

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The Rise And Fall Of Big Oil

A movement of a single digit on the graph is enough to send the global economy into a tail spin. Wars have been fought (and continue to be fought) over what has now famously been called liquid gold. Crude oil, the basis of modern day world economy, has proven...

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Devotion To God: Mini Skirts Be Damned

When December of 2015 was coming to an end, the Madras Temple Entry Authorization Act of 1947 was ordered to be re-enforced according to the Madras High Court. This instruction suggests that female devotees won’t be allowed inside temples in the Tamil Nadu region if they don’t stick to...

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10 Good Things

10 Amazing Things That India Saw In 2015

From the Maggie ban to its approval, also the formation of AAP government in Delhi, India saw many exciting things in 2015. Whether it was politics, sports or cinema, India witnessed some groundbreaking events that took the country by storm. Although many things went wrong, there were a couple...

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