Take That Much Needed Monsoon Break

For those living in an around Mumbai, hills of the Western Ghats have much to offer too. Enclosed by thick forests, Amboli is an unexplored but idyllic place to relax. This magnificent hill station has splendid waterfalls that pour out during monsoon. One can unwind among the misty forests or pack a picnic at Nagatta Falls. Sightseeing at the Bauxite Mines is a must in Amboli. You can also go fishing at Hiranya Keshi.

A Spiritual Family Trip

Last weekend, my sister was home from her in-laws’ place and it was the perfect opportunity to make a short trip. Since it was holiday season (5 days holidays due to Sankranti) we couldn’t manage to get train reservation for any near-by holiday destination. So, without wasting any time, we packed our bags and immediately headed for Aler in our car.

The Trip To Heaven And Back

Well, there comes a time in a year when all cupboards, shelves, study tables need be cleaned and dusted lest one should face the wrath of one’s mother. And as I was cleaning my room I came across one particular cupboard that took me down memory lane as all my photo albums came streaming out of it.

My Maiden Trek

As the final year of college approaches the countdown begins. Your entire college life flashes in front of you—the opportunities you missed, the chances you didn’t take and you fear wasting the little time that is left. You desperately want to make each and every moment count. The enormity of the situation looms more heavily on you if you are a girl, born in a conservative Indian middle class family. Because for us fun always comes with so many conditions applied that it is not even funny.

Tour de Kashmir

Paddling my way through the crowded roads of Delhi always inspires me to head to the mountains for some alone […]

Travel: Why Should You…Well! You Must

Want a reason to travel?I personally find that question very funny. The Lord created this world and he made it so beautiful, only for me to map it.“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls” said the French Cuban Author Anais Nin.

Kerala On Its Deathbed

Every travelogue on Kerala is the same with the same adjectives to describe the “amazing backwaters”, “serene houseboats” and “delicious fare of traditional food”.

Journey To Nagaland

It was 5 a.m. when Anthony and I stepped out of Dimapur station on the morning of the 28th of November. No sooner were we out, than we were hounded by cabbies who wanted to ferry us to Kohima right away. But we had nowhere to go.We had spoken to a member of the Rotaract Club of Dimapur for the sponsorship of our saplings but we were supposed to call another number at ten in the morning.

Kosovo: The Art of Living In A War

Despite its recent noteworthiness, Kosovo has always been around and has been marked by a long succession of wars. The Kosovo war, famously remembered for allowing Kosovo to become an independent country was marked with heinous war crimes and a ten year long occupation by the United Nations and its NATO forces suppressing the Serbian forces. I was fortunate or unfortunate depending on the point of view, to be there during the war. Kosovo, despite the war and turmoil, is a very beautiful and picturesque place full of snow-capped mountains, flowing streams and lush green, grassy fields. Of course, back then, to even visit the place you had to be either the president of a country or have a UN stamped passport. But now, post-war, the newly formed country of Kosovo has been promoting tourism to the country.

The Single Female Traveller

It all began on my first journey to the mountains. Now if you’re someone who’s fairly street smart and believes in the good of most men, then you’re likely to be told off by every person who sits next to you on the bus or the train. I’ve had a range of old aunties, young college kids, sometimes even women my age who’d go out of their way to warn me about all the men and all the misfortune that’s waiting to devour unsuspecting little me. Not to mention, everything untoward that may happen to me from dysentery to being swallowed by a bear – it only gets better each time.

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