CATing it Out

What’s the one thing you don’t want to hear when you are in 3rd year? “You are appearing for CAT?? Well so am I!! Wonderful isn’t it! We can help each other out! But I hardly study you know” Here I would take the pain to explain why this simple sentence is in reality, an irony. To begin with it isn’t so wonderful that the whole world is giving CAT because that reduces your chances of getting in, so technically if you really want to help me, I request you not to appear, secondly what exactly is the wonderful part of it eludes me, as far as I know the only great thing that happened to me was the shattering of my belief that I had what they call – common sense and last but not the least, trust me on this one, those who “hardly study” can be quite a pain in the neck, their problems are endless, homework complete and every answer at the blink of an eye.

CAT was introduced to decipher the best from the ordinary. Now you see all kinds of institutes claiming direct entry into the IIMs’, of course through their most effective methods to crack the CAT. Really I wonder what wrong have the poor cats done because it’s astounding the number of people who are cracking, belling, decoding, demystifying, understanding and interpreting CAT. I wouldn’t be surprised if there develops an aversion towards the poor creature, but that is beside the point. So these institutes of course generously decrease your bank balance, increase your sitting capacity and for some truly open the gates to IIM.

Coming to those who have cleared CAT, we the aptitude lacking can categorically and systematically group. Top in the list are Those – who – must – not – be – named, common characteristics include a) clearing CAT without coaching, b) graduation from iit, c) packing their bags for iim – A. Reason not to name them – do you really want your parents comparing you with them?

Then come the Avoidables’, common characteristics a) iim- A (Ahmedabad\Avoid), b) some pompous, others geeky, a few normal (exceptions are always there) and c) might leave you with a headache and low self esteem, hence they are best left avoided.

Another interesting category is of the Aspirants, characteristics a) excited tone while discussing math problems, b) hounding teachers, c) always on time. Well one has to be nice to them, can be helpful. And before I am reminded “Grapes are sour” I shall also explain, in detail, the aptitude lacking ones, they are a) either restless or barely managing to stay awake in class, b) at a loss of words when asked a question, c) take maximum water breaks d) constantly maintain their confused looks, and e) first ones to run out of the class room, not very complex creatures you see. I hope there is some level of clarity now in the mind of the reader (maybe a CAT aspirant!)

Every year lakhs and lakhs of people give CAT and this time the added bonus of computer based test. As if life wasn’t painful enough for the exam takers. Amidst all this confusion what came out was that the results got delayed and some get to give the exam again. I’m sure a lot of test givers must have skipped a heart beat when their server decided to go on a hike. I assume the benefit of a computer based test is just that even if there is a problem it wouldn’t affect the entire batch of test givers, only the selected few. But this year has been historic as far as problems are concerned. Lets give our best to the test takers and hope that Prometric gets it right the next time around.

Roshni Bandesha