CBFC Brings Out Its Encore Surprise, And It Is Scary!


The Central Board of Film Certification aka the Censor Board has decided it will ridicule itself till the end of time. Just when we thought it was finally seeing sense, the CBFC rolled out this piece of bewildering news: our beloved Jungle Book will release in India with a U/A certificate. Meaning, the movie that has been made for children, will be watched under parental supervision.

It too, bruh?

A movie gets a U/A certificate when its content is slightly violent or sensual, or there is something that is unsuitable for children under the age of 12, and needs parental guidance. But Disney’s The Jungle Book – that is an adaption of Rudyard Kipling’s book by the same name – is a film that has been designed for the kids. The fact that the Jon Favreau-directed film has been certified as U/A has pulled in a lot of criticism.

From Bollywood celebrities to Indian audiences, everybody has been mocking the board’s move. But in his defence, CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani has said, “Please don’t go by the reputation of the book. See the film and then decide on the suitability of the content for kids. The 3D effects are so scary that the animals seem to jump right at the audience”.


But that’s what a 3D experience is all about right, logic?

We have seen the trailer and we understand that the film has been brilliantly shot using CGI and other special effects. What we do not understand – and would like to know from the Board is – why would they always assume the role of a baby sitter, every time we would get rapturous about a Hollywood film?

By giving this film a U/A certificate, you are not only taking away the film’s thrill, but also dissuading impressionable parents from taking their children to the theatres. Why would you do that?

You know what is really scary, CBFC? The fact that you allow films like Mastizaade and Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 to release. Now, sleazy films like these should not only be censored, but promptly banned. Period.

We know children are vulnerable and may get scared easily, but The Jungle Book is a story that they would love to watch. What is so scary about a wildling boy, clad in red undies, jumping with the chimps, running with the wolves, dancing with the bears and sliding with the snakes? Clearly, you need to streamline your thinking. You censor films meant for adults and you wrongly certify a film meant for children.

It seems the Board has lost the plot this time too. Please wake up CBFC; wake up and start understanding films. We are tired of your tomfooleries.

Prerna Mittra

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