CBSE : Breaking Futures?

CBSE – Checking Blunders Seeks Existence. No, this is not a syntax error, not an abbreviation error. But for today’s kids, it is completely justified to give CBSE a new name for none other than but a very common slip-up that happens every year and takes up the lives of many young minds.

Before the examination, students suspend pleasure oriented activities. They do not go to the playground. They also cancel their outdoor schedules and forget about going for the latest movies. They get completely busy with their textbooks while sipping a cup of tea or coffee. They go on revising while lying on their beds. Some perch on the trees while some sit at the remote corners of the room. They discuss about questions, dream about answers and what not!

The examination fear reaches its highest level on the night before the examination. They get a disturbed sleep and thousands of weird doubts and confusions reach their minds. We take up so much pain to clear that one examination and try out every possible way to get through it easily. There is no doubt that one works extremely hard. But this is what WE do to achieve the goal. This is the effort from our side.

But, what about the effort on part of the examiners? What about the checking?

We really do not know what kind of an examiner checks our answer sheets, his mood at that time, whether he us having that part of knowledge, presence of mind, his language , spellings etc. We possess none of this knowledge and yet we blindly trust the examiner and his ways. Not done!

Just think about a hypothetical situation where a child who has been brought up by his parents, taken care of throughout his life without a single discoloration coming up his way, and is nourished for the reason that, one day, he will fulfill their dreams and will live up to their expectations. But then, suddenly some stranger comes and takes him away without their knowledge as to who he is and what is he going to do with the child. Won’t they be struck up, mystified and become helpless?

Yes, they surely will be. Same is the case with the answer sheets. A stranger takes away our marks and is given the power to decide our future and we students are just like those helpless parents.

Moreover, we cannot deny the bitter facts that a teacher is just paid Rs.8 and Rs.11 for checking the scripts of class X and XII students, respectively, that too within a span of minimum eleven minutes. A year of hard work is judged by just eleven minutes. Bad enough to make one cry. A teacher is asked to check around 20-25 papers within three hours. And this is not all, every year we see students committing suicide and CBSE counseling. Is some kind of a joke going on? Of course not.

If the student gets less percentage in the board examination he/she is pressurized, taunted and underestimated from every side, adding up to the situation and making it even worse. He/she has to go through every kind of humiliation whether it be from parents, relatives or friends. Now, how do they expect one to react to the ‘blunder’ they create…they are seemingly left with no choice but ‘suicide’. Whenever we read in newspapers about a student who has committed suicide, it is always written he was intelligent and that the parents had no clue what went wrong.

I don’t mean to utterly blame CBSE but there is no point handling the situation by providing counseling for every stressed our student. Some might require it, but not all. To actually solve the situation, the entire issue has to be solved by looking into the way the system works. And anyway, CBSE is not a board of counseling but for modifying the educational system and taking steps that are logical. Defeating stress is something we have always pondered upon but that is the only cause being take into consideration. What about the other problems?

Already, there have been numerous ways invented to get over with stress. Now it is time to look for the root causes. Stress is the result, not the root cause. If we want to destroy the virus, attacking its roots first is logically more sensible. I hereby feel that a change as the times change is very important in every system. Like reforming the syllabus is done every year, similarly other changes are also necessary. I hope we see a ray of hope in the coming months, followed by reforms which are concrete and not short term.

Shelly Mahajan

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