Ceasefire Violation

In yet another violation of ceasefire at the border, fifteen Pakistani soldiers went on to cross the Line of Control and opened fire at the Indian jawaans. One Indian jawaan and four Pakistani soldiers lost their lives in the round of firing. Fifteen soldiers from Pakistan crossed the LOC in the Nowgaon sector of the Kupwara district on Monday.  
This ceasefire violation by the Pakistan soldiers is not the first of its kind – several violations have been reported in the past few days. However, in this most recent exchange of bullets from the armies, one Indian soldier lost his life and there were about three to four casualties from the Pakistan army.


It was on Monday evening, that the group of Pakistani soldiers were moving from an observation post. They went on to cross the Line of Control and demanded that the Indian soldiers vacate their observation post. By now, the Pakistan soldiers were inside the Indian territory and had opened fire at the Indian soldiers. The Indian soldiers retaliated soon enough, in the aftermath of which an Indian jawan Sepoy Mahesh belonging to the 22 Rajput Battalion also lost his life. And the body of one Pakistan soldier lies on the Indian soil.


This is not the first time that the Pakistani soldiers have breached the ceasefire and moved into the Indian territory. There have been incursions by Pakistani soldiers on numerous occasions. Even in the past one month, there have been at least six instances when Pakistan soldiers have crossed the border. On July 11, the Pakistan soldiers had opened fire in the Kishna ghati area of Pooch but the Indian soldiers had not retaliated.


On July 17, there were as many as three violations from the Pakistan army. In the first of the Line of Control violation on that day, Pakistan soldiers had fired two rounds of bullets in the air from the Chakwali district. On the same day, there was also firing at the Pona post in Mendhar, in which an Indian soldier suffered grave injuries. Furthermore, on the third instance on that day, the Pakistan soldiers went on to fire forty rounds on Peer Post in Rajouri. And just three days back, there was a major ceasefire violation when the Pakistan soldiers had started firing in the morning at the Kishnaghati sector of Jammu and Kashmir. This round of firing was totally uncalled for and the Indian Director – General of Military Operations had lodged a protest with his Pakistan counterpart. However, the Pakistan army had retaliated by saying that it was the Indian army that opened fire first.


The string of ceasefire violations have become too frequent for comfort and cases of army infiltration as well crossing of the Line of Control have been reported several times in the past few days. If the serial bomb blasts in Ahmedabad and Bangalore were not enough to keep the Indian Government busy, these ceasefire violations by the Pakistan soldiers will also have to be looked on very seriously by the Indian Army. The Indian soldiers have often not retaliated when there is firing from the other side of the border, but such rounds of firing have become very common and are now a cause of concern for the Indian Army. The Army representatives from both the sides of the border will have to discuss these violations at the earliest in order to maintain peace and calm.


Shishir Shrivastava

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