Celebrating Reading: How Are You Doing It?

I was just scanning through my Twitter account and saw #CelebratingReading trending as a promotional technique by Amazon Kindle India. It was only when I opened the conversation page for this trending hashtag that I realized how much I really miss reading; miss truly immersing in a book until the characters come alive; or getting completely soaked into the pages until I became a part of the fiction too.

As a child or a high-school student, or even as a college student, we are always waiting to grow up, waiting to start earning. But when the time finally comes, it is only then that we realise how much we are leaving behind; all the little things that bring smiles to our faces and give meaning to life. One of these little things, at least for me, has been reading, or more specifically having the time to read. I miss sitting by the window on a rainy day with nothing but an interesting book, a cuppa’ coffee and just enough time that allows me to feel like I have infinity at hand.

Now with the advancement in technology, we have an easier solution to reading. E-copies of almost every book are available online; all we need is a smartphone, a tab, phablet or a kindle. However, for me reading a book has always been about feeling the pages; the smell of paper is just as important to me as is the content of the book. But there are million others who love having an electronic gadget that enables them to read just anywhere.

Twitterati are all contributing to #CelebratingReading trend by sharing their idea of reading. Let’s find out how they are celebrating reading:

Certainly seems like reading has become easier for people after gadgets like the kindle has made it to their lives.

The only quote that comes to my mind while watching Kindle advertisements is the one by Jorge Luis Borges– “I have always imagined paradise to be a kind of library.” What better than to be able to carry your paradise any and everywhere?

Pallavi Sharma

Image Source [https://twitter.com/KindleIndia]