Cell Phone Radiation: Concealed, Omnipresent and Harmful


Did you know that our phone radiations are not only harmful for us but also harmful for the people living with us? Before buying a phone the things people consider are the camera, the screen size all the other good features that makes life easier! But have you ever checked the radiation level of the phone you are buying?  The Radiation level is the most important point that is needed to be considered while buying a phone.

One needs to consider the SAR level in phones. SAR (specific absorption rate) is the measure of the rate of RF (radio frequency) energy absorption by the body.  High level of SAR affects our brain. It is therefore advised that one should buy a phone with a lesser SAR level.

Phone radiation is the reason why it is recommended to keep your phone away while sleeping. SAR is the indication of the amount of radiation that is absorbed in the head while using the cell phone.

If you want to know the SAR value of your phone then all you need to do is to just dial *#07#. The SAR value of your phone should be less than 1.6 watt/kg. If it’s more than that, it is advised that you switch to a phone which has lesser amount of SAR.

SAR level also affects the people around us. Even if you keep your phone on flight mode, the sim card keeps catching the signals. So when your phone is on the flight mode it is better to not keep it near your head while sleeping.

As experienced by people, the SAR value of Samsung phones and Microsoft phones is comparatively less than other devices. Even the Google phones have lesser SAR value. But according to the reviews on the official site of Sony, the phones of Sony have higher SAR value. According to a review, Sony Xperia U’s SAR value is more than the permissible limit.

You must have experienced a headache when you talk on phone for a longer time. It is because of the radiation that your brain absorbs while you are talking on phone. So, the next time you go out phone-shopping, there’s one more feature you’ve got to be careful of – the phone’s SAR level!

Udeta Ghosh

Image Source: The Viewspaper