Chak De Women Cabbies!

taxi-3.jpgFancy a ride with a woman cabbie at the wheel? Well fancies do turn into reality. Priyadarshini Taxi Services have given this fancy a concrete shape. Frying pans to tennis rackets, war fronts to space, Indian woman has made a long journey in their revolution to earn their independence and to prove their potentials. But, this time they have stepped in to a new field as cabbie drivers.

Priyadarshini cab service is an exclusive cab service and first of its kind in Mumbai. It has taken up an initiative to promote employment among Indian women and make them self- dependent. The Company intended to instill more self-confidence among the Indian women and make them economically independent and bring them at par with the male folk.

The selection procedure was a rigorous one. Twenty-six English-speaking women have been appointed as cabbies by this company among 139 candidates after a series of interviews. Once, they were selected they were also trained in self-defense. This has not only made them fearless but they have been imbibed with immense confidence to tackle the harassments, which often a cabbie faces on the road.

These women would soon set a new trend and set the roads with fire decking up in pink shirts and scarves. In this dot com age, India still loves to nurture their taboos. Their society is awfully prejudiced and women are still considered to be a mere household symbol. Though, attempts are being made to provide education to all Indian girls extensively, but at the end of the day one still craves to see a woman in the kitchen. Indian society still has a firm conviction that women should have their world within the four walls of their house. They fail to digest the fact that Indian women can turn out to be strong counterparts to the male folk.

This new project taken up by the Indian women would be another apt answer to the prejudiced Indian society. Since the age of Ramayana and Mahabharata women had to prove themselves, “Agni–Pariksha”. Modern Indian women following the footsteps of Sita and Draupadi have taken up the resolution to prove themselves and wipe out the disgrace as being the weaker section of the society. Being cabbies would be another firm effort in dissolving those old beliefs.

The Union Tourism Minister, Renuka Chaudhary has stated that this project will bring a new thrust to the Indian women employment scenario. She was proud to inform that these twenty-six women are not only skilled drivers but self-reliant women who have got good training in self-defense.

Oozing with confidence and excitement these cabbies are craving to rear the Mumbai roads. They will be soon visible on Mumbai roads and they will start at 8.00 am in the morning and wrap up by 10.00 pm in the night. The cabs have been sponsored by TATA Motors along with an attempt to uplift the Indian women.

These cabbies will be a source of inspiration to other women folk who are still trapped within the prejudices of the Indian society and yet yearn to break free and fly high. Every Indian woman will soon dance on one beat “Fly Away”!

Sridatta Gupta