Challenging second term for the INC

Indian National Congress has been central to the public life of India for almost 125 years now. It is the party which thrived under the leadership of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi and tirelessly worked towards achieving independence from our colonial masters, the British. It is the party which made possible the drafting of our constitution under the guidance of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. It is the party which took India towards a path of development, under the leadership of our first Prime Minister, Pandit Nehru, after the British rule when the country’s economy was in tatters. It is the party which made possible Bank nationalization, green revolution and white revolution under the strong leadership of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. It is the party which took the country through prudent liberalization and IT reforms in the eighties and even bolder reforms in the nineties. So, when a party with such repute is elected for a second term in a row it certainly has a lot of challenges and competition to outdo its past performance and give an even more splendid one.


Indian Natioal Congress in its previous term certainly made certain major accomplishments like incorporating transparency in the government via The Right to Information Act, which has been a historic legislation facilitating the citizens to demand accountability and hold public officials responsible at all levels. Also, the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act has been enacted to provide 100 days of legally-guaranteed employment to each rural household seeking employment in public works. The government is also responsible for the launch of the much-talked about Bharat Nirman programme, which aims at providing basic amenities and connectivity to all villages in India. The launch of the National Rural Health Mission for providing primary healthcare, the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan for providing primary education and,the Nuke Deal have been some of the most path-breaking achievements.


Though the Congress can boast of its progressive past record, but the path ahead is more complex. In the era of the worst economic slowdown in the past 50 years, though the Indian economy has shown resilience to the said crisis, there are still considerable measures to be taken to survive these times of recession. In the backdrop of economic crisis, terrorism and widespread poverty, the congress government aims to ensure steady development of the economy, strengthening of the security and ensuring livelihood to the poor. Some of the most creative approaches to cure these problems can be seen in the party’s manifesto, as it promises to enact a Right to Food Law and aims to provide Broadband facility in villages.


Someone has rightly said that Indians are the best planners, but development will come about only if these plans are implemented timely without any delay. With the Commonwealth games just round the corner the government sure needs to gear up and get its act together by meeting all the deadlines and not delaying them. A flicker of young blood can be seen in the cabinet this time, hope it will help in involving the youth of India, which has quite a reputation for shying away from the political issues of the country. But the times are surely changing and the youth is certainly waking up to the causes and issues in the society and it was the first time the youth actually came out and voted in large numbers and helped in electing the right government, which can help India to successfully tread on the path of development and as said by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi people know what is best for them.


Akriti Chaubey

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