Change In Lifestyle

Following sports for over 2 decades all across sports and abilities ; having travelled widely and extensively, having collaborated and still collaborating with various sports in various capacities from volunteering to organizing to branding it is surprising, which leaves me bewildered with a question striking more often than not, which is “ why can’t we employ the expertise of various branding gurus India has offered to the world supported by the managers of great acumen with an impeccable record supported by the young graduates in the country, which houses top management schools boasting of global renowned and recognized intellectual bank?”

The primary issue is “interference” (operational & logistical) followed by the attitude of “reference selection” list of issues-causes are endless as different sports have different “causes”.

Having worked in half a dozen of World Events, European Event and National events in various capacities in IN and GB; I find India lacks the base of information bank on sports. The absence of proper counselling-mentoring-consulting-follow up with recent example being BCCI’s – Anil Kumble incident.

A nation which is witnessing a massive growth and a policy decision making paralysis in current scenario goes on to show if professionals aren’t allowed their due and respect it; one is left with irreparable damage; as a matter of fact if an organisation lacks professionalism mismanagement is a by product of it for instance CWG 2010 and YCWG in Pune are examples.

Where by no sports federations have volunteering programs in place; leave alone the way volunteers selection were carried out why can’t the federation and organizers have a program in place to begin with for National Game; to make matters worse and sadden for sports lovers in the country where there is NO permanent calendar for it.

Won’t be surprised to see how many are aware of SAARC Cycling Championship 2001 jointly hosted New Delhi and Gurgaon and World Military Games WMG, which was conducted in India in 2007 back in the Southern town of “Hyderabad” to those who wish to say India is not ready I would say India is ready to host world class events; though you need to stop and rethink have you given the right influx at an individual level?

The promises made in 2001 to Indian cyclist in front of the participating nations, (as spectators for track events were the teams themselves) the then Indian Team got fuelled to perform better and the teams willingness to perform were accelerated. Can’t reflect upon if the government has been able to fulfil the promise they made then!

A 7th grader then and a cyclist enthusiast volunteering in the event found numerous capsules of inspirations from the participating SAARC cyclist one which needs a mention especially is the North East  Veteran Cyclist Ramashori Devi, she started learning at a tender age 3 and from then never looked back though here international contribution is immense but then the unilateral sporting nation we are one needs to think-rethink aren’t we to be blamed and ask yourself  ”have I done anything to make the future of Indian sports better”.

Talking about Shillong Lajong; a club supporting a sport out of love and the genuineness is present for all of us too see from 2003 until today I am proud to have witnessed the growth and be a part of vibrant love story it has given us; to me it has! The problem is organisational too where the lack of information leaves sponsors high and dry look at the archives of Indian sports the so called defunct Hockey Premier League or the current postponement of World Hockey League and the hosting of national games “hopefully” it is conducted this year too not unlike last year after a gap of 4 years. India as the talent fuelled by the willingness to do it the question is Attitude “Together Everyone Achieves More -TEAM”.

It’s not that selective growth is happening or it’s not preferential; it’s a organisational decision paralysis, which is the cause of the problem though the right of Private-Public influx is needed and interference.
Proposals like NDTV-Nirmal Lifestyle’s Marks for Sports might be an ignition to the change but then policy making in an already political decision doomed government the wait is for next 5 years.
It’s time for us to take it upon us; there can’t be anything worse than the young Gen hiding behind the wall of denial and blame. At least I have taken the step; join in if you wish!
“Sports isn’t carrier because it is lifestyle”

© Dhananjay Sharma currently pursuing research n impact of “Policy Changes and its impact on Indian Retail sector suggesting Strategies for organic growth”    working with LOCOG- London 2012 and working with Birmingham City Council’s Sports & Event  and Freelance Retail Consultant-Auditor Operations  worked  in various capacities in the past as coach, mentor, volunteer and associate qualified as Basketball official and trainee Marshal at Silverstone and freelance photographer

Dhananjay Sharma