Change is Hope

‘Just talking is progress in India’ and this is the circumstance prevailing over past few decades. India thrives on cynical thoughts and the leaders of this country are corrupted. Fake promises, vacuous ideas, betrayal, several impotent bills, which are passed every year, these form the basis of our existence. System and laws are hypocritical .It’s high time to realize that we have reached the nadir of despair. It is time for alarms to hit our eardrums, to bring the “CHANGE” and it has already started.

As said by George Bernard Shaw:
“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change
their minds cannot change anything”.

On April 5, 2011, 74 year old social activist – Anna Hazare started the hunger strike to eradicate debauch leaders and civilians from our country. He demanded for the Lokpal Bill to be introduced. Thousands of common men supported him, initiatives for rallies and candlelight marches were taken. There were protests in every nook and corner of the country, but the government refused to pass the bill. On August 16, 2011 Hazare warned the government about his second fast protest.

Crowd was louder this time and government was threatened. As a result they arrested Hazare, but the dauntless personality started his hunger strike. This time people’s faith was betrayed again, their tolerance level was broken and their silence was challenged. The umbrage, desire and aggression among the youth could be easily maculated not only in India but also among Indians living abroad. People of all age groups united for a cause.

A difference is created between republicans and the leaders. The clamor could be heard inside every individual. By evening Hazare was given bail and every Indian stood beside him at Ram Lila Maidan. It is unbelievable to see that an individual’s thought can bring the country together. It is facsimile of the Gandhian Era again.

Though it seems that everything is progressing towards the right direction, a few questions arise in the mind – How the spark has suddenly gone wild? Will the movement be a real success? Will this protest bring the CHANGE?

Reforms have always been the opportune moment to pause and think. Even in the past, reforms have changed the facts and figures of India to a great extent. After a long time India is in a state of clamor. The anti corruption bill has created a situation of quandary for our government.

They know that, passing the bill will surely vacillate the deep rot roots of the system. But ignorance is crowding the streets of India with every passing day. The governance is hallucinated and bewildered. Though the results are still unknown, the hope and trust is what we are thriving on right now.

Finally, the government has agreed for an all – call meet with Hazare and his team. Few points of the bill have been rejected, but ‘Where there is a Will there is a Way’. India is a rich country, which has not spoken yet. The economy is still in progress. There’s a lot in the country, which consists of geeks, intelligence and intellectuals. So, let us become the voice, let us bring the CHANGE. KUDOS TO ANNA HAZARE.

Risa Nair