“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“If you tremble with indigestion at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine” – CHE GUEVARA

Most of you have read the article”Grounded Flight” and another article on the same subject “Clipped Wings”. All of you believe that what has happened to Priya and all the other thousands of students is wrong. All of you believe that there is a need for change. But change does not happen just like that. It takes a planned effort by all individuals so that the five fingers of the hand can be made into a fist.

Whether the Supreme Court is right or wrong in derecognizing universities is not the question here. The fact of the matter is that during this whole exercise there have been a number of students who have been affected. It is now time to look ahead and see what can be done for them. Can another college give them admission? Can companies still hire them? Can the colleges that don’t have recognition be forced to explicitly disclose the same in their prospectus? We are sure that each one of you will have other ideas as well. Then let’s use them and help these students.

However what you want is not easy. It takes more than just anger to bring change. It takes controlled aggression with razor sharp focus.

How do you bring about change?

  • Believe
  • Plan
  • Be committed
  • Study past experiences to judge results
  • Innovate
  • Build a force – Numbers mean strength

The Viewspaper wants to help you bring about change. The point is will you allow it to help you.

So how do we go about it? We tell you how.

STEP 1 – Spread the word. Build numbers. Ask more and more people to read Priya’s article. Tell your colleagues, your friends, your batch mates, tell everyone. The more fingers you will have the more fists you will be able to create.

STEP 2 – Write emails to every single person you know who can help. Lawyers, professionals, teachers etc. Ask all of them be a part of the force.

STEP 3 – Write a mail to the following mail ids and cc in THE VIEWSPAPER (We will publish your mails)

· Ministry of Human Resource Development – [email protected]

· Prime Ministers Office –

· Supreme Court of India – [email protected]

· Mr. Arjun Singh – [email protected]

· President of India – [email protected]

· APJ Abdul Kalam – [email protected]

We believe that the youth have a voice. Lots of people don’t. Let us show the world that we do. That we care. That we constantly try to bring about change.

What we have suggested above are the first steps of a long run. There are a lot more steps to come.

We are asking you to feel. To ACT!

Come let us take these first steps. Lets Bring Change!!!!!