Charas, Gaanja and the SMOKY Side of A STUDENT

“Roll another joint”, this is one of my friends saying to another friend of his, apparently this sentence or these words are very common in the life of a college student.

When we talk about the life of a college student then we also talk about weed, marijuana and other fantasy drugs that a student consumes daily. A student does not have to look around for it
for long, the availability of these dried leaves or grass as known popularly is facile.

“STUFF” is the usual slang term for gaanja/weed and is smoked in a cigarette, rolling paper, bong, pipe and nowadays in hookah. The consumption of stuff has increased exponentially in the past few years because of easy availability in college campuses and the surrounding areas of the campuses. The main carriers of stuff are auto drivers, rickshaw pullers and servant staff of the colleges. Moreover the price of gaanja is very less, one can buy 10 joints for just 50 bucks. These two factors (carriers and price) and the third factor which is one of the most important, the FRIEND CIRLCE, help a student to indulge in the consumption of stuff.

What propels a student to consume stuff? Yes, this is a question which has a lot of answers to it but let me tell you a few.

The major reason for this is ‘let’s try out something new attitude’ as now we are in college and ‘freedom’ also connects with it if a student lives in hostel or away from home. These two reasons when combine, it results in inception of yet another stuff smoker who believes that doing this would be another achievement in his life and he can brag about it in front of his friends.
Another reason for consumption of charas/gaanja/drugs is ‘show off attitude’ of a particular class of students who believe that consuming stuff would make them COOL, but that’s definitely not the case. This ‘show off attitude’ makes them vulnerable to more and more consumption to save their so called pride.

Friend Circle, as mentioned in above plays a prime role in a student’s life. Be it academics, sports or some unacceptable activities which includes consumption of those dried leaves and grass. In my college life I have seen some students who did not consume stuff when they were in 1st year but started consuming it afterwards and the only reason I hear from them is, “For how long you will stop yourself when your roommate and all your friends smoke it”.

One more drug/stuff known as hash, is also consumed by students. The students consume it by the method of eating, they put it in their sandwich, cookies or bread and consume it. The effect usually starts late and it lasts for long. Cocaine, heroin and brown sugar are also gaining popularity in this stuff market and I think it won’t take much time that students will start using these costly drugs and make their lives hell.

As we all know that smoking leaves an irreparable damage in an individual and it definitely kills. Smoking marijuana/consuming drugs increase the heartbeat and reduce the blood pressure. It also causes extreme amount of hallucinations, loss of coordination, chest infection, lung infection and increased coughing.

Strong will and self control can only save you from indulging in smoking Charas, Gaanja and other stuff. Stay controlled, Stay healthy.

Abhijit Bhomia