Chicken Soup for Marriages…

Hmm… this is a topic which is an inevitable part of discussion and a topic of concern in the groups of old people in the contemporary Indian society and for youth like me…it’s just another topic for group discussion in a recruitment or MBA selection process. Some of them, in a GD, take their verdicts seriously as if they are speaking their heart out, while others are smart enough to just let it sway its way…

But really it’s worth giving a thought that really why do people want to leave their bachelorhood and get into the same old cycle of life which our ancestors have been following. Fine with many of them – carrying life further, need someone for support, love of life, family evolution, and many more reasons. Thus this leads to situations termed clearly by the elders and understood hardly by the youngsters – Arranged marriage and love marriage. Now here the needle pricks while sewing. The human feelings of attraction, love and care tussle with others’ responsibilities; and the youth of today sometimes fight, sometimes compromise and many a times optimize situations and carriy on with their  life. Cool….

So one day I was just pondering on his topic…that what is proper…a love marriage or an arranged one? Well that is really a linear programming problem…with an objective of leading a happy life with lot many constraints to be taken into consideration. Moreover, I was really astonished to find some couples in my neighborhood and I wondered that really; do people, at the age of 20- 21, in spite of their peaks in the career, find time for love affairs? I really find some of these kind of people courageous, that they cannot afford to spend a penny on a good book to read but can afford to pay the bills at the most expensive and luxurious hotels and coffee shops. On this, I happen to hear very funny as well as many personalized answers – Mind your own business, career keeps on building but relationships don’t, love happens only once in life, and much more.

Then I tried to engineer the problem. I went to the grass root level where the problem starts. While reading this part many of them would regard me a mad person and they are free to do so.

Why do a male and a female marry each other? The answer is simple – The human race needs to be evolved and the act cannot be done by neglecting the civilized culture of humans, and so, obviously laws were made to protect the divinity of the act. Thus as a solution, a male chooses a female or vice versa, and they marry each other so as to be a binding and responsible part of the society and legally tied to each other for the act. This law of nature is followed by each and every living being on earth. This is also a simple explanation why homosexual marriages are controversial. Many other things like passing on the culture, traditions, etc follow suit. But people from the west have found an alternative to this process – Love and sex before marriage – Live in relationships. But still their foundation stands on the flexible roots of desire which may collapse anytime. Moreover I feel – Love is that emotional void which remains in life in spite of the desired goals one achieves. It is that feeling which makes a man feel alone in a crowd. It is an emotion which one longs to share with a special, unbiased one, who in turn would return the same. And the most important thing which I feel, differentiates a true, close friendship between opposite sex is the divine act which one wants to preserve for that special one.

Pushkar Ghatole