Chicken Soup for the Girl’s Soul

Did you share your experiences ranging from buying and wearing your first brazier bra, onset of menstruation, or the first adrenalin rushes and crushes first kiss, first date, and first break-up? Sibling rivalry, bullies at high school, nervous outbursts? Nerving your conscience on looking at a handsome boy, eying your friend’s partner, first night out, first smoke, and everything girlish in nature that happened and happens to every girl for the first time?

Chicken Soup for the Girl’s Soul pours out bowls of tasty and unbelievably real but empiricism that happens to all, but is not shared by the toll. Chicken Soup offers crumbs of thoughts, experiences and beliefs of the life of girls, that every girl and woman must read, during which will undoubtedly ring the bell in your head, reminding you, ‘ exactly! This also happened to me too!’

Chicken soup for the girl’s soul: real stories by real girls about real stuff-By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Patty Hansen, Irene Dunlap is the most amazing joyride that every girl will cherish and blush while reading. Even the most shy and introvert girls will discover something similar to what they have or had experienced in their teenage.

Written exactly how any girl feels at many instances in her lifetime, when changes make a whirlpool out of her life, and she’s always perplexed about what is happening and what shall happen next, fantasizing, hoping, and expecting, is what chicken soup has to offer the girls.

From the straight up girl stuff to the girl power, friendship, family matters, boyfriends, sister-sister, pressure’s on, crushing hard, changes-changes and more changes and free to be me, the book is simply a voyage that will take every girl to her teenage days, and will compel her to realize and answer to herself, that ‘yes’ this happened to me when I was a teenager.

The book might actually help the teenagers solve their problems as to how to handle menstruation, physical changes, enjoy and take pride in what a woman is, moving on after a break up, enlighten them about their bodily parts and their importance, sometimes bringing solutions to their queries which they might hesitate to discuss with their mothers and best friends. And utmost, it makes one realize that somewhere somehow every girl has a similar past life and teenage.

The tempting and dreamy Valentine’s Day, watching classmates with their boyfriends, wondering about your beauty, single status, mental trauma, over consciousness about your appearance, comparisons with other beauties at school, is all what the soup is about.

This book is segregated into 10 sections that include six to nine stories catering to the same theme. Each story is written in a metaphorical way known as narrative. Written from the first person’s point of view, the stories describe life-changing events by girls who’ve experienced the events in reality.

Evocative writing gives the reader the feeling of experiencing an event first-hand. Most of the events in these stories would have occurred with all girls at one point or another. The book prepares a person better for such situations.
Authors Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Patty Hansen, Irene Dunlap, have done a wonderful job by exploring a preteen girl’s world envisioning her mind and heart, sharing their experiences, satisfying a girl’s soul indeed. The cover of the book says it all with girls lying down alternately on their couch symbolizing the teenage life. The 345 pages are worth a girl’s life.

‘Learn to Laugh at your troubles, and you will never run out of things to laugh’, is what the Chicken Soup for the girl’s soul is all about.

Shefali Saxena