Children of a Greater God

exam.jpgDoes your brother, who is writing his tenth board exams these days, has one kidney and no mind? Is his mental level even worse than yours? Was it Moon or lightning, which struck him when he came in tenth? Well if your answer might be in the negative for all the questions I posed above, then why he is getting all that treatment which you only dreamt about in your Board classes?

Has ever the honorable speaker of Lok Sabha expressed his sympathy on the torture that the young fellows go thorough in their Board classes? When you were in your tenth or twelfth, did Lok Sabha ever have any debate over how easy your syllabus should be made and had the entire house unanimously agreeing to a far easy syllabus? No!

Then, why now? In fact it’s not only the honorable Parliament who is being so benevolent with these chaps, the CBSE, too, is party to the injustice done to you. While CBSE has reduced the length of the paper by going in for internal assessment and MCQ format, it has also made the questions more concept-based. Thus, your sibling will only spend time on understanding the concepts and will not cram answers of all possible questions from a particular topic.

Unbelievable as it may sound but firms of Tamil Nadu gave a gift, which you only wished of in your board years. Thus, they are going powerless for a day every week so that there could be uninterrupted power supply in the state in peak hours of 6 AM to 10 PM during the Board exams.

Remember how you juggled between different books on the same subject a day before the exams and just when you got the answer to be crammed power went away? It may not happen anymore. A State suggests some populist measure (read vote-catching) other states are quick to follow suit.

Although, I am not criticizing these benevolent beings for caring so much, but what pinches me is the fact that it was never done during my Board years. May be the generations to come will see easier formats and syllabi but are these children not of the same God? Then, why it happens that while a batch gives exams based on a particular syllabus, the syllabus for the very next batch is changed, yet again? What these people need to see is that our education system needs a complete overhaul and that overhaul should be done keeping in mind, at least ten years down the line. This way they will make the education system stable and will prevent discrepancies from creeping in. Also, the NCERT will benefit the most as every year the books that are meant to be there in April will come on time, rather than get to the market only in October.

Same goes for the government too which on one hand gives stern warning to KVs to maintain the 100% result record (KVs see major transfers of teachers if results rendered are not up to mark) and on the other, does absolutely nothing for a power arrangement so that kids can get uninterrupted power supply. Thus, in a nutshell, people at the helm of our education system should understand the needs of our system and do planning with a prospective approach rather experimenting with every batch, as they are no guinea pigs.

As for the injustice done to us, our universities can make up by waiving off the attendance clause and only that will do (note how benevolent are we).

Monica Verma

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