Chinese Woes: To Bluff Some More?


It has long been known if not acknowledged that Pakistan protects, nurtures and supports the terrorists on their land. They have always refuted such claims, and have always turned the table right towards India who seems to be the only one ferociously asking Pakistan to curb terrorism that happens on its lands.

Post the Uri attack, many have come forth and have branded Pakistan as a terror country and have asked the country to deal with it so as to safeguard the neighbouring nations and also to attain the goal of global peace. After the surgical strikes happened, India has indulged in full blow of Pakistan and has condemned its actions for the first time in public space. From boycotting Pakistan at all diplomatic fronts to reviewing their Most Favored Nation status, India is finally acting up on its nerves and giving a strong answer to Pakistan’s ‘terrorism-nurturing’ activity.

Pakistan, on the other hand, has defended its position and after much protest at PoK over terrorist camps, (bursting the bubble of Pakistan’s not-so-ruined reputation), Pakistan has finally called out the Army Chief over the incapability to tackle terrorism which has led to sour international diplomatic relations between Pakistan and the other nations. Nawaz Sharif has played a clever game by putting the blame on Raheel Sharif and has bought the internal conflicts to the forefront exposing its vulnerabilities while excusing himself from the whole ‘mothership of terrorism’ image.

Though Nawaz has a weak and limited hand, he sure has the public support which was pretty evident at the recent BRICS Summit in Goa.

The Summit was attended by Brazil, China, Russia and South Africa and was hosted by India. Though the attendees clearly condemned terror, China remains the only one to not condemn Pakistan for its inactivity towards tackling terrorism from within the state. China’s statement that the international community needs to recognise Pakistan’s “great sacrifices” and that it was opposed to “linking terrorism to any one country or religion”, has again portrayed China’s bluff.

China with great constancy has upheld its ‘all-whether’ friendship with Pakistan and has always come to its defence when the opposite was required. Yes, both the countries India and Pakistan, have suffered at the hands of terrorism, however not acting towards terror camps or Hafiz Saeed who runs anti-India campaigns in the nation definitely calls for some stern action.

China has also blocked India’s calls for the United Nations to designate Masood Azhar, Pakistan-based leader of Jaish-e-Mohammed group, as a terrorist. Isn’t it ironical to condemn terrorism yet support the nation which houses many terror organisations?

Had China been concerned for violations of Human Rights, the story would have been different. However, China is busy looking out for its ambitious China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This is an ambitious $51 billion project that will pass through a restive Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir (PoK), which definitely gets impacted by sour ties between India and Pakistan and hence is a huge blow to their project.

Also, China has been noncommittal on India’s membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, a club of nuclear-trading nations, while strengthening the nuclear deals with Pakistan.

China is caught between its geopolitical interest in Pakistan and its desperate dependence on the Indian market for its exports. China has been playing a duplicitous role in India-Pakistan tension, and its high time its’ called out for the same.

Terror should be condemned, whether it comes from within or from your apparent best-friend. Terrorism shouldn’t be excused for or defended against and it should always be acted upon. Always.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper