Chiranjeevi Reviewd

It is a known fact that Politics and Acting are two of the most lucrative professions in India, but if you are a star of the stature of Chiranjeevi and are making a foray into politics then you can rest assured that it will certainly be the dawn of a new era.

Konidela Siva Shankara Vara Prasad or our very own Chiranjeevi has donned several roles in his successful film career, but here in the temple town of Tirupati, he set out to launch his new epoch in public life. With a crowd of the strength of almost a million people, Chiranjeevi announced his arrival into politics with the unveiling of his new party the Prajarajyam or the People’s rule. Chiranjeevi follows in the footsteps of several major actors who have gone on to have a very fruitful political career as well.

Just a week after making the announcement of entering politics, Chiranjeevi did not waste too much time in forming his party. At the rally held at the huge 120 acre Avilala tank, he unveiled the flag of his party- green and white with a Sun in the centre.

Born to a poor constable in a village in Andhra Pradesh’s west Godavri district, Chiranjeevi went on to complete his graduation in commerce in Ongole. Helping his father plough his 5 acre farm gave him an insight into the problems faced by farmers In 1977, he headed to a film institute in Chennai to take up acting as a full fledged career. Inspite of the initial struggles and even having to work as a villain in order to establish himself in the industry, Chiranjeevi did not give up and he finally emerged as the poster boy of the Telugu Film Industry. He is revered by his fans and in his home state has an unmatched following.

Chiranjeevi has not been averse to social work in his glittering film career. He set up the Chiranjeevi charitable trust as well as the Chiranjeevi eye and blood banks to cater especially to the poor who could not afford to pay for their treatment. His philanthropic work also earned him the Padma Bhushan award.

In his speech made at the gathering in Tirupati, Chiranjeevi recounted the early struggle he underwent in order to be where he is today. With less than Rs.100 per month, he survived in Chennai while learning to act in the film institute. Citing his inspiration to be Mother Teresa, Chiranjeevi went on to add that his mother taught him all about life and he does not believe in the barriers of caste, class or religion. He also emphasized on the power of the youth and promised to be not just a leader but the servant of the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Chiranjeevi certainly went on to make an explosive beginning in the murky world of Indian politics where reputations can be made or unmade in a few days. His foray into politics at this stage will let him concentrate on next year’s assembly elections. Film actors getting into politics are a common thing in India, but having the mettle to sustain and go on to become successful politicians is a rare achievement. Chiranjeevi would be hoping he can emulate NT Ramarao who had a similar entry into the world of politics.

Though Chiranjeevi’s party holds promise as it is looking at the power of the youth while also looking at modernization, it is still to be seen whether Chiranjeevi’s innings in politics will be as star studded as his innings in the Telugu Film industry or whether he will silently fade away like many other film star politicians before him have.

Shishir Shrivastava

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