It’s been said since ages that the choices we make for ourselves define who we truly are. I agree. But the real question is: are we really making those choices by ourselves? Now this is quite a difficult question to answer.

When we are stuck in the middle of so-called competitions posed by the society ruled by conventional minds, how often do we know what we really want to do? Our only competition is with our neighbours, classmates, colleagues, etc. But are we encouraged to compete with ourselves?


The moment a little kid starts school he is made to compete with his classmates. The comparisons start at such an early age. He is left with no options except to prove his mettle in comparison to his nearest competitor, but not with the talent he possesses. The usual question is, ‘Do they think I’m good?’ and not, ‘Am I good?’

Every year hundreds and thousands of young men and women pass out of engineering colleges. But how many of them really wanted to be engineers in the first place? Its either because of the set trend that they chose engineering, or perhaps because of the fallacy that only engineers lead a better life (or worse)  owing to a false prestige. It’s a decision made unconsciously – not because they love it, but because most of the folks have made the same decision. And it’s funny when someone asks, ‘Which branch has a better scope?’

It makes me wonder. Since the day we are born, we are made to think in only one direction. Work hard to get good percentage in plus two, which will land you in a good college; work hard to get good percentage in college, work hard to get a good job, work hard to get a promotion, work hard to get a salary hike, work hard to get a good wife, work hard to make your children work hard, work hard to get them into good colleges, work hard to die peacefully. So basically we only live to die. Is that it? Monday blues on Mondays and TGIFs on Fridays! Aren’t we supposed to do something that doesn’t require hard work but lots of love and smart work? Aren’t we supposed to do something where Monday blues and TGIFs do not exist? But every day of the week is pure fun

I am led to believe that our purpose in life shouldn’t be to earn a lot of wealth, name and fame, but to create a difference – in the work we have lovingly chosen to do. The former are of course important and we will earn them eventually, however, it’s understood that they are merely the results of the difference we create.

Having said that, a valuable difference can be brought about only when we make our own choices, guided by our unalloyed, unblemished passion. After all, making our own choices is nothing but freedom. And we are free?

Karthik K

Dreamer, writer, or to be specific, storyteller (not professional yet, but someday…), blogger, avid reader, thinker (mostly about stories I wish to write); from an engineering background, with a passion for literature.