Christmas: The Only Internationally Celebrated Religious Holiday


People all over the world are ready to celebrate Christmas with great gusto. It is perhaps the only festival, which is celebrated round the globe on the same day. Here are some important facts about this truly international festival that you might want to know:

Meaning of Christmas:

Most of us take little interest in finding out the real meaning of Christmas.  We are happy to know that it is a festival of lights, celebrations, greetings, wish fulfillment and happiness. However, there is nothing wrong in digging in a little deep and finding out its real meaning. The real meaning of Christmas is not about God taking birth in the form of baby Jesus, but that the child of Christmas is God.

Why on December 25:

Most people think that Christmas is celebrated on December 25 because Jesus Christ was born on this day.  So, it might come as a surprise to most, but the real information about Jesus’ birth is unknown to all. Even most scholars are not sure about when Jesus Christ was born.  Why then do people celebrate Christmas on December 25?

Well, the decision to celebrate Christmas on December 25 was taken by some church bishops in Rome sometime during the fourth century. There was an important reason behind taking this decision. Centuries before accepting one true good and worshiping him, many small cultural groupings in the Roman Empire used to worship the Sun. People held feasts around the winter season acknowledging their dependence on the Sun’s yearly course. They used to build bonfires and dance around them for giving strength to the sun and bringing it back to life. When they would notice that the days were becoming longer steadily, they would rejoice with great enthusiasm. In order to Christianize these popular pagan celebrations, church leaders in Rome decided to celebrate Christmas during the winter season. For most part, their efforts missed the boat, and people continued to celebrate in old ways. However, gradually they did succeed, and what we see today is nothing but the consummation of a bizarre marriage of Christian elements and the popular pagan celebrations of ancient times.

These two questions are asked more than any other question about Christmas. Instead of falling in the trap of these questions and the probable reasons behind them, we should try to celebrate this festival in the best possible way. This day is important for people of all ages. While the kids wait for Santa to bring gifts for them, for the older people, it is yet another opportune occasion to come together and make merry. . The last is the group of youngsters, who await this festival for a very special reason. The Secret Santa game that is played in the month of December ends on this day, and finally all of them come to know who their real Santa is. Many confessions are made, many secrets are revealed, and many proposals are put forth. Christmas is meant to be celebrated this way, so regardless, of why it is celebrated on this particular day, focus on what is good in it and try to enjoy it as much as possible. Here’s hoping that you find your dream Secret Santa soon!

Bhupendra Sharma

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