Cleaning the Poop

Warning : The article promises to contain some revolting imagery, some stereotypes and some expectations which will definitely not be fulfilled.

When, once in a blue moon, I get up early morning and go for a walk, it is really the freshest feeling in the world. The clean air…soft chirping of the birds…sweet smell of the blooming flowers…its exhilarating! At that moment, the world is at my feet. But then, I take a few more steps and I realize something else is also at my feet – dog poop.

Most dog owners proudly claim that their dog is “potty trained”. So, their dog, instead of messing up the house, goes outside and dirties the roads, the parks, the cars. Yup, the dog sure is well trained. Agreed that human toilets are not suited for the doggy to do its business (with the fear a small dog might even find itself getting flushed). But making them defecate on the streets is not an Einstein idea either. For one, it is gross. And secondly, it is unhealthy. The excreta of the dog is infested with harmful bacteria which can cause several infections. It is no laughing matter, but we really could have a serious break out triggered by dog poop.

Since we cannot tell a dog to kindly not shit, it is best we look into some more viable solutions. The best and the most intelligent solution is called Scooping It Up. Let your dog crap and then you scoop it with a dust pan. Once you are home, flush it or dispose it into the dustbin. Very simple really. I would recommend this for all those who wish to climb up the corporate ladder. Once you have learnt to clean the poop, taking and giving any kind of shit is not so tough anymore. But of course, while cleaning the poop, take care of one thing – don’t dispose it in a plastic bag as they are not biodegradable. Some companies offer “100% degradable dog waste bags”. Find them and buy them!!!

And for those who do not find this to their liking, the intelligent world offers a few more options. One of them is called a doggy toilet. “These are special buckets with holes in the bottom you place into the ground on a bed of stones and then add an enzyme to which will break down the poop. When the bucket is full, you simply pour water into it and the broken down materials will flush away. There’s no risk to your plants, you can have the bucket hidden away in your garden.”

Or if you suddenly find yourself extremely rich, you could hire the Poop Butler! A special service where you pay and have someone else clean up your dog’s shit. Fantastic! Satisfaction Guaranteed! This service is not yet available in India, but I would recommend that you nevertheless visit this site ( and get some laughs.

But coming back to reality, it is actually extremely revolting to see that all that dog poop lying around. We as educated citizens must have a bit more conscience and awareness so as to not insult our surroundings. If we can have clean homes, we can jolly well have clean roads too. A “civilization” which is happy to have dog shit on its streets cannot be called so, can it?

Dog Defecation Disposal is something which warrants immediate attention. If we let the shit remain on the street, rain water will eventually wash it into the drains. However, this is a major pollutant itself. Dog shit contributes a lot to polluting the water. And the worms in the shit can cause several problems like ear infection, head ache, vomiting etc.

Hence I would urge all dog owners to kindly scoop it, the next time onwards. Otherwise beware, the next time you go for a date with The Hottie, you might just find yourself being stuck with dog poop on your feet.

Shravya Jain

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